sun conjunct north node synastry

As you let go of power and influence, as you take a more hidden role you will begin to excel and your evolution in this lifetime takes place involving people and situation that are influenced by the house where the north Node sits, it will also be coloured by your personal connections associated with the sign the north Node sits in as well.

He will expose you and have strong inspiration and experience coming from the group perspective and the importance of working in unison together as a team, or about friendship, being part of a group. It gradually changed my thought process, relationship and the way I see life. Sex has never been pleasurable due my upbringing and insecurities. I'm 23 now and recently got into astrology and looked up my synastry with them both. Like others have said, it's hard to find much info on the nodes.. to which I'm much appreciative!! I won't be able to comment more than what I wrote above or other than general aspect definitions. What does it mean and how does it manifest in synastry? it could be that in the past the Sun person was someone that inspired the South Node person or helped them in areas of confidence, inspiring them to express themselves for freely. Yes Aida, it is fortunate because the north node is your life path, when your own natal planets make aspects to it. Hi blkroseprincess:) Thank you for your question, the whole chart would need to be considered to see the bigger picture because the house placements, and aspects to the planets help depict and shape the answer. What does this mean? This would mean that the both of you would feel a powerful connection based on a "strong feeling" of purpose and fate. The South Node connections are Karmic both good and bad, depending on the Karma with the person. I had this unexplainable fear and angry towards him like I've never felt for anyone. Usually South Node connections are extremely comfortable, but not always it depends on whether the connection was a positive one or not. Thanks for visiting! This particular aspect was unique among them, but I quickly discovered that, at least in my sample, nodal connections tended to be stronger and to occur with multiple planets and angles in long-lasting relationships of all kinds—with notable exceptions in a couple of very close relationships, and for those I kept digging until I found them in the Davison composite chart in both cases (but not in the midpoint composite).But ah, yes—you and Thoreau are so right.

I'm guessing we were lovers and he screwed me over big time, it doesn't help the my moon is opposite my NN and I always felt like I was stuck emotionally in the past and meeting the first guy was like ripping of an old band aid I never knew I had. and i have my Mars and Psyche in Gemini conjunct his North Node. Hello, I have read your articles on north node synastry and south node synastry, both of which I enjoyed. Hi there, Iam wondering about vertex square North node in synastry. Each uplifts the other. When the Sun transits an inner planet, it may trigger a dormant aspect between that inner planet and a slower moving outer planet. BUT..then again, you need to see how the Sun is aspected as well, it it is poorly aspected it could have been a negative influence where there was jealousy or suppression of the others confidence. Other aspects to the Moon and within the synastry would describe further but there will be a dedication to one another's well being and it should be quite passionate and mutually sensitive to each other's feelings as well as potential to intuit what one another is feeling. He can benefit from something you do normally, or naturally perhaps on a emotional level as I wrote for blkroseprincess. I have had this connection in Synastry, wherein my North Node was conjunct his Venus. I've been looking for information on north node squares vs conjunctions, and came across your post. The North Node in synastry is hugely important because it shows where our soul needs to go to evolve.

It could be, such as if his Virgo is in the 12th house putting your Virgo planets in his 12th house but also, South Node connections and honestly there are numerous other combinations outside of these that could contribute to this. You both felt a powerful pull to one another as if you are aware that this person has a lot to show you. South Node Connections feel very similar to Saturn Conjunctions, that feel fated, and from the past. Wow, that's why i knew i met this person before.

Indeed, this is a very serious union! The sex was out of this world between us. Indeed, since North Node aspects represent the “future,” perhaps the sexual exchange between the couple is too “new,” and will thus require a lot of work to ensure mutual satisfaction. There is a strong bond between you. Without getting too much more detailed here, asteroids (especially Karma, Psyche/Eros, Nessus/Dejanira, and name asteroids) have really helped shed light on the particulars, with a few strong Chiron contacts from which I gather that we have between us some significant old wounds to heal, and that I'm currently being called to repay karmic debt—perhaps literally, as on the face of it we have a business relationship in which I do indeed pay him.


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