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no hate to him, i just don't like his acting. 5 Actresses That Would Be Perfect With Astro S Cha Eunwoo In True Beauty Kpopmap Kpop Kdrama And Trend Stories Coverage, ← Blushing True Beauty Suho And Jugyeong Her older sister and younger siblings only got the good sides of her parents: they have good looks and are smart. Age His latest drama was "Rookie Historian Goo HaeRyung". YG removed her from the actors/actresses page. A lot of fans campaigned for their biases to get the role, including EXO’s Suho. ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo is reportedly offered the role of Suho in the immensely popular webtoon, “True Beauty” by Yaongyi. ? Baby (by Selena Lee) Can we have Kim Jaehyun from N.flying play as Aiden ?

True Beauty Suho Prince Of Prince Reveal. Honestly I think Ji soo would be a great Seojoon, for my opinion kim jaewook or kim young dae suits well as han seojoon. (Trigger warning, please skip if these topics tend to affect you). It's happening!!! 2119 (Pre-timeskip) 5 Actresses That Would Be Perfect With Astro S Cha Eunwoo In True Beauty Kpopmap Kpop Kdrama And Trend Stories Coverage, Version 0.5 in development (90% complete). 13.4k Followers, 46 Following, 87 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from TRUE BEAUTY (@suho_lee1201) It tells the growth story of a girl that turns into a goddess thanks to makeup skills. The duality of Lee Jaewook. I wish that Jisoo unnie would've been given a chance but this actress looks like she will fill the role well, idk about y'all but cha eunwoo isn't that great of an actor, sure his face is out of this world but maybe they should have someone who can act better. 5 kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor. i personally think Moon Gayoung would fit (not entirely) more than Jisoo definitely. He is straightforward and usually gets to the point in a conversation, skipping small talk. Y/n P.O.V "Suho," I called his name, trying to get his attention. Im Joo Kyung is a high schooler who is upbeat and positive about most things – except for her appearance! Relatives Lee jaewook from extraordinary you as seojun, Really I am fan of webtoon True beauty I never miss any episodes. Eye color Well it doesn't matter to me anyway, hope the main cast will be successful, YESSSS OMG i see it the resembelence is uncanny. They are very cute together and they both see each other for who they are without putting up any facades. You can post your opinions, art work and predictions. My hearteuu~~, Eunwoo is a rookie in acting I agree that but he gives his best in performing all the activities..And CHA EUNWOO is perfect for the role for me, Stop saying nonsense and respect the cast, ⚠️ATTENTION: BTS’ KIM SEOKJIN AND BLACKPINK’S KIM JISOO SHOULD HAVE THE LEAD ROLES⚠️, They both have busy schedules. Cha Eun-woo is the newest member of the variety show “All the Butlers.” He earned the title face genius since his drama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”  Suho is drawn beautifully by its creator. and made into ‘comfort women’ for Japanese soldiers without their will. Suho, on the other hand only wanted loving friends. He’s liked at first but ends up committing suicide due to the mean comments and pressure. But I fall for the actors/ress by their acting. They doesn't give Blackpink a freedom . After his family moved to Korea from Japan, Suho transferred into a local middle school and was constantly bullied by his classmates for being half-Japanese. I think you guys need to realize that Jisoo from BlackPink isn't even allowed to act and she wants to focus on BlackPink and music. Jugyeong is the center of the story. But I wish it was jisoo of black pink as the female lead, The characters are not not that beauty.. The webtoon written by Yaongyi started back on Apr. Would love your thoughts, please comment. (for example Felix or I.N as Aiden/ Hyunjin as yang jewon/ I.N as yoon seyeon), Hwang Hyunjin is the perfect actor for the role of Han Seojun.

Maybe it's like a common Kdrama duration. Will peope around the world have access to this drama, cause otherwise I'll cry, STAY HOME AND STARTING WORK AT HOME EASILY... MORE AND MORE EARNING DAILY BY JUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS, I am a student and i work daily on this site and earn money..HERE> jisoo is the most suitable for the role of jugyeong lim so so way damn much huhu, bts v will be perfect for suho,kwon hyun bin as seojoon and redvelvet irene as lim jugyeong, Lee Jae-Wook would be PERFECT for seojoon, exactly what i thought!!!!

He envies Seojun's ability to comfortably socialize with people, especially Jugyeong. His father having affairs after the death of his mom seemed to anger him a lot, seeing how much of a broken family he had. More >.

Well I think Blackpink's Rosie will suit the role of selly or selena...At first glance I remembered her. Nationality Lee SuHo is a very handsome and perfect high school student. True beauty explores this through Suho’s friend who’s an idol trainee. That night, Seyeon phoned Suho, who did not answer and committed suicide. Im Joo Kyung is a high schooler who is upbeat and positive about most things – except for her appearance! The tabloids started accusing Jooheon of allegedly dating his co-star, which he denied. Her mom is not pretty but she is smart, her dad is not smart but he is even more handsome than Tom Cruise. Suho lee is a halfu according to Japanese terms since he’s Japanese and korean. Remember his role at 'Extraordinary You'?

Don't worry!

Digital comics on WEBTOON, EVERY WEDNESDAY. Moon GaYoung was cast as the lead female role. Top 5 Ranking Prince Of Prince 1 Suho True Beauty Story Facebook, You can post your opinions, art work and predictions. It is extremely awful and toxic. After Seyeon's suicide, Suho became cold and expressionless, isolating himself from others and refusing to form new friendships. hes like the perfect fit for me.

how we moved to japan randomly like?? Eunwoo, fighting! But trust me , Moon ga young is also a very good actress and she can do it as Jugyeong . His past self still exists behind the hard shell that he has moulded to protect himself from further harm or getting hurt. she's beautiful and talented..and she rarely gets the main character in her dramas:( She deserves more spotlight✨. I am curious to who will be seojun! But I wish it was jisoo as the female lead. And I want Song Kang to be 'SeoJun', like Kim so Hyun and Song kang have great chemistry and as for Cha Eun Woo, he would pretty much get along with anyone. 화이팅! His older sister is a famous makeup artist named Selena Lee, whom he occasionally cooks for. There is a huge difference before and after makeup. If she isn’t a good actress how did she get a lead role in ‘Snowdrop’?


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