sto best starship traits 2020

What is the multiplicative of cat2? Increased rating of Superweapon Ingenuity. good luck with it. The tool will take that into consideration and recommend things like Spore-Infused Anomalies. What C-store Fed cruiser would be able to outclass the Vengeance ?

Starship traits are unlockable by advancing through the Starship Mastery tiers of different Tier 6 starships, by advancing through a Captain Specialization, opening a Trait Pack, playing a mission or doing Delta/Temporal recruit tasks. Starship trait: Hivebearer: When launching a hangar pet or when hangar pet dies: Spawns a Hur’q Swarmer for 30 seconds (max 8 Swarmers at a time). Doing the federations work there! (Reputation: Discovery Legends – Rank 1 @Tier 4, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Chrono-Capacitor Array You don’t need an energy weapon fitted. Workshop, began production of the Vulture which had originally been built solely by its Xi Char developers. wiki say *+2/4/6/8/10% (depending on the rank) Damage Bonus*… so at level 5 pets get +30% damage bonus or just 10%? And I can’t join Discord on my phone because it’s government issued. Some Romulan boffs come with two space traits, operative and subtrrfuge. +175% Critical Severity vs foes below 20% health. Manoeuvrable ships can be flown with Dualbeam banks in the front slots and omnibeams + kinetic cutting beam in the aft slots.

If you want to know, what every skill does, you can take a look into this spreadsheet. This is not a compete list just what I personally use and consider top tier pets. thats pay to win high end build .. wtf ? Summons S31 ship after using 10 ensign abilities. +4.9% Bonus All Damage (based on Auxiliary Power Level), Receive 3.1% of your outgoing damage as a Hull heal to you, (Triggers up to 5 times per second, capped at 150 per healing), +2.8% Critical Chance based on Hull Capacity (Max +7.5 at 200,000 Hull Capacity), +9.4% Bridge Officer Ability Recharge Speed, +9.4% Bonus Energy Weapon and Projectile Damage against Controlled targets, Receive 6.25% of your outgoing damage as healing to you.

Does the gamma space set work on hanger pets? It suits you better as an overall bonus at the end game build setup. Vicious (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) For every 6 seconds in combat (Stacks up to 5 times) +1.5% All Damage Bonus +6% Critical Severity; Hive Mind (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) Gain +2% Damage Bonus for each teammate within 20m; Bonus is doubled if teammate also has Hive Mind; Adrenal Release (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) On some ships and with the right combinations hangar pets can add a reasonable amount to your overall DPS. Great job!!! While this trait is slotted Reverse Shield Polarity will absorb incoming damage and convert it into a kinetic blast upon expiration. Can you have three points in Coordination protocols with only 23 or 24 points in tac and give up focus frenzy to put points else where? Alternatively if you prefer less pet DPS and more tanky pets look at the mixing in 1 or 3 parts of the Lukari Restoration Initiative Regenerative Shield Array set. Attack Pattern Beta or any Temporal Operative BOff Ability: The following Starship Traits were originally only available faction-specific through a C-Store Starship. are used (I tested on a 2 hangar ship without any special traits for pets)? It was tried. We build very differently on console, specifically tac builds. It is looking like the Iconian 3 part set will be a noticeable boost for Carrier pets. While this trait is slotted, activating Emergency Power to Shields will also apply a massive boost to Damage Resistance and Shield Hardness. +Damage, Temp HP when using Beam: Overload or Lance Abilities. Works well with Relocate Mines and other powers. Or has that changed? There’s currently some debate going on about whether running two weapon skills (e.g. I’ve been a long-time lurker on this site, and have been playing STO on console for several years now. After achieving level 5 in your Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser T6's Starship Mastery, you will unlock the Down But Not Out starship trait. You should get deflector, engines, core and shields from the iconian reputation.

Dominion Coordination though stacks with Scrambled Fighters for a total of 155% damage boost to Lost Souls.

Thank you again from a noob who found this list very helpful!

Lastly, we allow you to tune or weight the tool's results differently based on your preference. In case you need a bite more defense, you could try the Trait “Ablative Shell” (Infinity Lock Box / Exchange). Am I missing something about squadrons? Is there some mechanic that makes them better when traits etc. You may only generate 1 stack every 2 seconds. On the other hand, let's say it's also an Energy DPS build. and the dps required for elite maps depend on the map. It lets me know I’m heading in the right direction. It’s a bit of a specialty build but if you fancy something different it works. Then you can keep SAD running at a 100% uptime which more then makes up for the 33% damage lost from losing Dominion Coordination. I guess it was one of the random boff rewards you got. Tacticals should use “A Good Day to Die” (Lockbox / Exchange) to get a 50% GDF all the time. Using a Science, an Engineering, and a Tactical Bridge Officer Ability within 5 seconds of each other repairs hull. I did try 155 Aux which wasn’t enough to get the recharge fast enough for 3 stacks with Scramble Fighters. That’s pretty much all that would improve my play style and I’m not sure it’s even worth it because what else is there to achieve? I tend to get 35k ish, 50k at a push. This method has a number of advantages; you are not limited to Escort Mode, the hangar pets are self-healing by 50% hull every few seconds, there is a 5 second damage immune for pets with a 15 second lockout. In order to apply this token, you must be at a Ship Selector available in most social zones, generally near the Ship and Shuttle Requisitions vendor. While this starship trait is slotted, activating Jam Targeting Sensors or Evade Target Lock will create a Photonic Decoy at your target's location. The 25% health Regen to self and hangar pets is not that useful. As you can see the most important power is the weapons power, than auxiliary, than shield and the least important one is the engine power. How are you getting near 100k out of them? Most Romulan Boffs with superior operative have subterfuge too. I think he was saying in game mission reward.

Engineering ability’s grant you 10% hull healing to yourselves for 15 second. Why? This bonus stacks up to 20 times. Starship traits can be changed in every social zone. Stalkers Squadrons and To’Duj Squadrons can push 100k for two hangar bays and even break past 300k dps with the right group. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. Is the Temporal Defense rep gear superior to Iconian now? When that foe gets out of range or is defeated, you will acquire a new marked foe as your new secret mission. (from the Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser in C-Store). (from the Tactical Escort T6 in C-Store), Redirecting Arrays If you mean personal traits there is a link in this guide to another guide of us, where you can find more information about traits – also cheaper ones:, what i mean is , that most skills u mentioned, are skills u can get with : lobi,dilithium, epic load of credits, or even zen …..for a new player , lets say me , all this stuff u mentioned is definatly NOT affordable.a basic guide, should have “normal stuff, traits, items,skills, in it , where new players can lean on.and not high end , end game items, they will get after months of playing ….this guide dosent cover any questions like : what is better to use, what is more usefull , stuff like : when a ship has 5 for weapon slots, fill them all with energy weapons, or use a torpedo, or for the rear weapons .. what to use a 360 beam array, turrets and so on … a basic guide ….i dont want to smack down your work, ofc not, but this is not a basic guide …for me i can say, iam a returning player after 2 years , and nothing of this guide covered any question i had, nor even is he any helpfull since i cant afford any of this mentionet items of this guide ….and i guess, there are more players like me arround who have the same problem …the link u provided for the skills and traits, did u even read it yourself ? Tactical and science consoles are needed for damage. I know they are expensive and no one needs them to be successfull in STO. Surely long time players have reached this point long before me, what keeps them around? I didn’t see this mentioned in your basic guide here, but it is mentioned in your DPS Boat 1 guide.


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