statics problems and solutions chapter 2
D... 2.2-9: Resolve F1 into components along the u and v axes and determine the... 2.2-10: Resolve F2 into components along the u and v axes and determine the... 2.2-11: The force acting on the gear tooth is F = 20 lb. I ought to be stated here that the position of the line of action of the resultant force produced by a parallel-force system is determined by using the principle of moments, as stated above. The forces F1 and F2 in Figure 2.6(a) and 2.6(b) are replaced by a single force P without changing the external effects on the body that they acted on. b. FR= 28002 + 5002 - 2(800)(500) cos 95°=979.66 lb=980 lb Ans. DEFINITION OF EQUIVALENT FORCE SYSTEMS, 2.16. If and , determine the magnitude of the 60° 95.19° 60° 155° Ans. Trigonometry.

Express this for... 2.2-99: Determine the magnitude and coordinate direction angles of the resu... 2.2-100: The guy wires are used to support the telephone pole. 1 0 obj FORMULATION OF A MOMENT USING VECTORS, 2.15.

All other forces are applied through direct contacts. u=30°. If their lines of action ... 2.2-23: Two forces act on the screw eye. The same motion is obtained whether the trolley is pulled from the front or or pushed from the back with the same effort acting one the same line of action. This consideration enables us to handle an applied force as a sliding vector because the external effects of a force depend on its magnitude, sense, and line of action only. The process of adding of two parallel forces F1 and F2 is carried out according to the order shown in Figure 2.10(b). The internal effects are studied in disciplines of study specific to them, for example Mechanics Of Materials (also known as Strength Of Materials). �6��2 d���--��aV�IdZ.#Mٙ�P����� �,�sWN�ԩ%��G`� M�z��i�Py�����/���s����Rk��|�ãR&cf���Hq;}Ֆ4,��לLW�#� t> ... 2.2-48: If F1 = 600 N and f = 30, determine the magnitude of the resultant ... 2.2-49: If the magnitude of the resultant force acting on the eyebolt is 60... 2.2-50: Determine the magnitude of F1 and its direction u so that the resul... 2.2-51: Determine the magnitude and direction measured counterclockwise fro... 2.2-52: Determine the magnitude of force F so that the resultant FR of the ... 2.2-53: Determine the magnitude of force F so that the resultant force of t... 2.2-54: Three forces act on the bracket. There are a number of methods that can be used to resolve a force. In the SI system, it is measured in the unit newton (N). (a) Y = X 3 and f X (x) = 42x 5 (1 − x), 0 x 1 (b) Y = 4X + 3 and f X (x) = 7e −7x, 0 x ∞ (c) Y = X 2 and f X (x) = 30x 2 (1 − x) 2, 0 x 1 (See Example A.0.2 in Appendix A.)

( Log Out /  Chapter 2 includes 139 full step-by-step solutions. Fdirected along the axes of and. Applying the law of sines to Fig.b, and using this result, yields, If the magnitude of the resultant force is to be 500 N, Resolve the force F 2 into components acting along the u %PDF-1.7 if a sketch is made, the sine rule or cosine rule is used to get the unknowns. The position of the point of application of the force does not influence the effects involved in the analyses of mechanics. endobj

exist. Change ), Chapter 5: Distributed Forces I – Properties of Figures, Chapter 6: Distributed Fores II – Actions Of Distributed Forces. (F 2 )u=6.00 kN endobj Chapter: Problem: FS show all steps. The effect of a distributed force depends on the nature of distribution of the force. H�tSMO�0��W��"5͇���4�u� i��!N�����}ܸa���z�{~��� �U�`��l���x%C ��O�9i,����=�N� _o�t#6Q(��ƨ@C< %����0~oU�0hi=X�F��!���nLu{�]��#��%>�$�� �9t���d� << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 19006 /Length1 53261 >> Expre... 2.2-103: If the force in each cable tied to the bin is 70 lb, determine the ... 2.2-104: If the resultant of the four forces is FR = 5 -360k6 lb, determine ... 2.2-105: The pipe is supported at its ends by a cord AB . The same applies to the trolley in Figure 2.5(b).

Since 139 problems in chapter 2 have been answered, more than 77216 students have viewed full step-by-step solutions from this chapter. To facilitate the study, this chapter is divided into three parts that cover three areas, namely forces, moments, and equivalent force systems. 7 0 obj If the dimension of the area of application of a force cannot be neglected, we obtain a distributed force which acts either a line, an area, or a volume.

Chapter 2 includes 139 full step-by-step solutions. Engineering and Tech - Textbook Survival Guide, Key Engineering and Tech Terms and definitions covered in this textbook. 2.1. At the end of this part, the concept of distributed forces was introduced and it is stressed that a distributed force can be replaced by a single resultant force that acts through the centroid of the original given force. Force systems that can be replaced by one of the equivalent force systems and the method to carry out the replacement have been described. EQUIVALENT FORCE SYSTEM 2: COMBINATION OF A RESULTANT FORCE AND A COUPLE. 1: 2: ... Post navigation. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 endobj Statics, as well as whole study of mechanics, is the study about the actions of forces and force systems on bodies and the effects of these actions. Parallelogram Law. H�Ԕy\U�����A���½��C�֤6Z�Ƹ#��- (b) by sketching the polygon of forces and then calculating the values required using geometrical calculations. 0 0 349 391 ] >> %���� ReportLab Generated PDF document If the magnitude of its component in the x direction is Fx, in the y direction Fy, an in the z direction Fz, then F is expressed as. If the force of each ca... 2.2-95: At a given instant, the position of a plane at A and a train at B a... 2.2-96: The man pulls on the rope at C with a force of 70 lb which causes t... 2.2-97: The man pulls on the rope at C with a force of 70 lb which causes t... 2.2-98: The load at A creates a force of 60 lb in wire AB.


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