star wars galaxy map kamino
Affiliation Population The assassin Obi-Wan had trailed was Jango Fett, whose genetic material had been used to create the clones. [11] The Essential Atlas, Kamino is shown with some land, instead of being covered totally by water. Kaminoans rode flying cetaceans called aiwhas. Societal information Suns

In 32 BBY, Sifo-Dyas placed an order with the Kaminoans for a Clone Army without the knowledge or approval of the Jedi Council. All rights reserved. The almond-shaped eyes were able to see color only in the ultraviolet spectrum. Is this a mounting issue for me or is there an addon that I need?

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One year later, in October 1999, Del Rey began their nineteen-novel course of the New Jedi Order series with Vector Prime. After storming Tipoca City and retrieving the container, the 501st brought their progenitor's blood sample to a landing platform an Imperial shuttle awaited them. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although the Rebels' had neither the resources or the manpower to liberate and hold onto the planet, the victory on Kamino marked the Rebellion as a legitimate threat to the Galactic Empire. System It is only visible to you. Its savage storms and powerful lightning bursts could be seen vaguely through its relatively thick atmosphere. Unfortunately, after refocusing the story on Anakin Skywalker, Lucas opted to sacrifice certain extraneous plot points related to Attack of the Clones, including Kamino's mystery. The next major breakthrough with galactic maps came with the release of The Essential Atlas in August of 2009. TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Just like the rest of the clones that came before him, however, the latest clone was also haunted by the imprinted memories and emotions of his dead progenitor. As a result of resourceful adaptation, the Kaminoans survived the Great Flood of their planet's continents.

These deadly weapons were favored by bounty hunter Jango Fett.


[9], The entire battle was virtually lost to the Anti-troopers from the start.

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Temperate[1] Seeking to secure the vital cloning facilities that were responsible for providing the Empire with the clones that helped to secure Emperor Palpatine's rise to ultimate power, Imperial control was firmly established upon Kamino through force of arms. Despite being protected by a numerous elite ARC troopers, the rebel clones failed to prevent the 501st from killing the undeveloped clones within the facility.[9]. However, the surface of Kamino was not always subject to constant rain, as such was in a Separatist attack to gain a DNA sample of Jango Fett. The stormy water world of Kamino was located in the Wild Space region beyond the Outer Rim. also the circle above the carbonite is a missing texture.

Boba Fett, also a clone of the long-dead Jango Fett, was hired to serve as the 501st's mission commander during the re-taking of Kamino, due to his extensive knowledge of the inner layout and workings of Tipoca City. Interesting to note is that while Tatooine and Geonosis have always been mapped in the galactic south-east (although orientation was lacking until the Atlas), Padmé highlights an area in the top of her map. The Outer Rim was fleshed out more in issue #56, and the penultimate issue #139 included a map of the Clone Wars (as seen in the 2D cartoon, comics, and novels at that time). The Galaxy Far, Far Away: Welcome to the most comprehensive map of the Star Wars galaxy, featuring planets from the movies, TV shows, and EU. 1 billion Although technically part of Wild Space region in the galaxy, it is sometimes referred to as an extra-galactic planet due to its system being located between the main galaxy and the Rishi Maze dwarf galaxy. A map packed with Star Wars Gamer #5 added more detail and little planet icons for each world. Several variations on the galactic map were included in the book, such as maps detailing the eras of exploration (10), galactic population (11) and various military campaigns (12).

Fett fought with Obi-Wan when the Jedi tried to capture him for questioning, then fled to Geonosis. Weiss's second film, Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 2: The Chosen One, Part II,

III - Mustafar. This item requires all of the following other items, NPCs not spawning with weapons for some reason.

Grid coordinates Replies. Primary terrain If you like the map, please consider donating to help cover the cost of running… [9], Around the same time, however, the Empire discovered Kamino's clandestine operation and responded by sending an elite detachment of the 501st Legion to Kamino in order to destroy the Kaminoan rebellion and restore Imperial rule to its cloning centers. Star Wars Galaxy Map. This article needs appropriate citations. Obi-Wan pondered this mystery as he toured the Kaminoan facilities: Sifo-Dyas had been dead for years, and the Jedi Council had never authorized construction of a clone army. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site.

100%[5] With the release of Inside the Worlds of Episode I in October 2000, the galactic map fell back into the concentric circles shown in Behind the Magic, now including the new worlds from the novelization of Episode I, as well as all planets mentioned in the book itself. She had disappeared after the First Battle of Kamino. [Source].

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Please see the. Is it possible for the Carbonite chamber to be adjusted for use on NPCs? Tipoca City Moons He decided to hunt down Taun We, who had defected more recently.

Although one clone managed to escape from Kamino after failing to purge himself of the imprinted emotions that he gained from Marek, Vader recalled Boba Fett to Kamino and tasked the bounty hunter with luring the rogue clone back to his homeworld. The map that came with Star Wars: Galaxies in June 2003 was highly inaccurate as well, and was more of a network of planets overlaid on an image of a galaxy (16).

Kaminoan[1] This is the infamous water/ocean planet Kamino (Birthplace of the clones) from Star Wars Episode II.-Huge rolling ice waves all over planet.

From there, the shuttle took Fett's DNA off planet to safety while the 501st fought on against their rebel brethren.

Remove this message when finished. Clash on Kamino. The planet had three moons orbiting the planet itself, including Korasa.

Tipoca City (capital)[5]Timira City[7]Derem City (destroyed)[1] Population Kamino

Deep within the Timira City Cloning Facility, Vader personally oversaw the secret project, determined to possess once more an assassin of Marek's caliber. S-15[2] Obi-Wan learned that the Kaminoans were known for creating clones – and all they cared about was whether one could pay for their services. Capital VIII - Ahch-To. 19,270 km[1] Kamino was located just south of the Rishi Maze, and was governed by the Ruling Council, headed by the Prime Minister.


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