star wars despecialized audio tracks
The latter example further displays the collaborative nature of the Despecialized Editions, with Harmy enlisting the approved usage of another fan project: a recreation of the original theatrical mixes. I don't understand....720p on a DVD9? Sind die Nebengeräusche zu extrem – ist es fast unmöglich, bestimmte Audiosignale anständig herauszufiltern. While the merits of these versions have been and continue to be endlessly debated by fans, the original versions are, at the time of this writing, MIA, in either original print form or on high definition (or acceptable standard definition, for that matter) video.

Each MKV file is quite massive, weighing in at an average of over 30 GBs, with bitrates approaching an average of 20 MBPS. These are edits which do not seek to create a wholly new version of the film, but rather to restore a previously unavailable version, using a number of different home video sources. Danke für die anschauliche Erklärung! Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit mir auf.

The first versions of the edits, available in MKV form, concentrated on two major fronts: correcting the massive alterations to the color timings of the films, and of course, reversing the editorial and visual effects changes that Lucas has made over three successive variations of the Special Editions. Hallo! Also the DVDs that have the original versions as bonus discs were released in 2006, not 2007. The shear amount of dedication. While most fan edits can usually be distilled down to the editor’s subjective goal for a film, there is a rapidly-growing facet of the community that involves the creation of reconstructions. Picture comparisons of how each shot was de-specialized, Harmy introduces the Despecialized Edition of Star Wars and its sources, Awesome article and interview with Harmy on the Despecialized Editions by GAF's very own mandiller. However, another fan has graciously and with NJVC’s support made them available again. TRACKS: 24 CATEGORY: MOVIES RIGHTS: PERSONAL VIEWS: 1,061,497. star wars han solo yoda darth vader skywalker. This is a cut which is very close to the theatrical version of TESB except for some of the cleaned up VFX. Doch in Deutschland stand man vor einem Problem. Ich mache mir nicht all zu viel Hoffnung, dass sich das bei den Blu Rays ändern wird. This is really cool, looks to be very well done. Witzig: Mir war genau das just am Freitag aufgefallen, und ich dachte schon, die Hochtonkalotte des Center-Speakers wäre defekt. This will probably get attacked by Lucasfilm though.

It seems like he's working on new versions of A New Hope and Empire, so I'm in no rush to check them out. All in all, this is a great time to be a Star Wars fan. If you are going through the official channels, visit this Harmy-approved guide, which will walk you through the different methods of obtaining the digital files, whether in the full MKV versions or lower-quality AVCHD files. When it becomes necessary to restore a shot that was only in the original version, fan-produced upscales of the 2006 DVDs are utilized, with elements taken from two noteworthy film preservations, Team Negative 1’s Silver Screen Edition and the 16mm Puggo Grande Edition. – Man muss genau hinhören – aber tatsächlich: in der aktuelleren Version wird gelispelt. an OriginalTrilogy Forum member known as Poita. Bringing back the broken perspective of the detention center hallway seems like a strange choice. Disney absolutely owns the rights to Star Wars (1977) like they do the other five films. In addition to the highest number of new visual effects, Star Wars suffered a heavily-skewed color palette, to the point that flesh tones begin to take on incredibly rosy complexions.


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