star citizen ship upgrade calculator
All ship upgrades are permanent. Feedback and sugggestions appreciated on Discord. If the ship you wish to change to is of the same or less value than your current ship, you will not be able to downgrade. In this case, the upgrade will only change the ship to the Sabre and nothing else in the pledge will be altered or added. You can now buy this item anew (at its previous/original price) using your store credits. If you have upgraded to a ship that is not currently usable within the game, or it's "not flight ready" as we call it, you will be assigned one or more loaner ships to ensure that you may enjoy the Universe while the selected ship is in production. Our Warbond Upgrades offer not only the ability to change your ship, but to upgrade the insurance within it. You'll be able to keep your insurance, physical items, or exclusive items such as clothing or flair. Explaining RSI’s Ship Upgrades. To identify game packages you can simply got to our Star Citizen store page and filter for game packages: You can also identify game packages when checking out the content screenshot:Packages including the Star Citizen game always state "Star Citizen Digital Download", To play the Squadron 42 Single Player campaign, you need the "Squadron 42 Digital Download". Important! At least 1 game package is required to play Star-Citizen. Variations exist, as RSI offers packages with one or more ships, as well as packages with optional content, such as physical goods or the (recommended) Squadron 42 Single Player Campaign. Promotional packages and items with a purchase cost of 0$ cannot be bought back if exchanged for Store Credits. Star Citizen tools for DPS, damage, power and cooling simulations including an up to date ships and components database . SETTINGS Cards drag and drop Group ships by manufacturer Group … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Pledges that have been locked cannot be upgraded or altered further by players. STAR CITIZEN SHIP VIEWER & FUN STUFFS.

This token is basically the ship you melted, without any of its upgrades. Standby in few rare cases, LTI upgrades were available. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as …

Purchasing an upgrade to your given ship pledge will only upgrade the ship to the noted upgrade target, such as upgrading an Aurora MR to a Sabre. The cost of the upgrade is typically the price difference between the two. Let’s look at an example: Rule 1: Disregard the package name – it is often misleading or confusing; always look at the actual content! Off You are not guaranteed to be able to use the Buy Back option to strip ship upgrades to re-obtain the original. We offer two types of Upgrades, or CCU's used to change the base ship within a pledge. Web application for planning and comparing loadouts of Star Citizen ships with detailed component breakdown and summary statistics. You can search or browse.

Find the ship you want on the right. Both Ship Upgrades (old name) and CCU’s (Cross-Chassis-Conversions, typically the only name used nowadays) allow you ship upgrades of one type into another.

Star Citizen tools for DPS, damage, power and cooling simulations including an up to date ships and components database #DPS Calculator LIVE data 3.11.0-LIVE.6314272 account_box settings SETTINGS These packages contain multiple Standalone Ships, typically at a reduced price; however, such packages may not contain the game itself, so the ships therein are only useable if you already own a game package on your account. This is warned of during the upgrade process. Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. If you choose to upgrade a ship or game package containing LTI, also the newly upgraded ship will retain LTI, RSI repetitively states, that insurance in game will be relatively cheap, so LTI is not designed to offer a major gameplay advantage. FleetView. Click. Ship upgrades, which were formerly known as Cross Chassis Upgrades (CCUs), allow you to change the ship in your pledge to a ship of higher value. This means that the ship you are upgrading to will retain the original insurance your package had, regardless of any other insurance available for the same ship had it been pledged for outright. ShipForge.

No. You get back the full value though. Size {{component.size}} {{component.type}}, {{label}} If you don't own Star Citizen yet, you need at least one game package on your account. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Loading game data... Game Data Version 3.9.0-LIVE-5125346. IAE Insurance is sometimes available on upgrades. Upgrades prior to Cross-Chassis Upgrades (CCUs) being introduced by RSI don’t mention the source, but always require the base variant. The highest level insurance will override all other plans, with the lower level ones set to be removed at a later date. When sending a ship to another person, the RSI delivery email always lists the package name, but not the ship(s) inside. Not all ships can be bought back: Packages containing physical items cannot be bought back after being exchanged for Store Credits. You may upgrade your ship multiple times using multiple upgrades; doing so the rules mentioned above do not change. All content on this site not authored by its host or users are property of their respective owners. Using a CCU to change to a ship that includes additional items like these will attribute them to your account as it would if acquired directly from the pledge store, and upgrading away from the ship will likewise remove them. Loadout will be saved in browser local storage and won't be available elsewhere.

Additionally, you can only buy back one item every three months as it requires a token, that will be restored by RSI automatically at set dates once every three months.


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