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If you need to determine a spoke length please check out our Spoke Calculator Dismiss, Use the Search Field to find products. Pros: A great functioning calculator that lives on your hard drive. We stock the Mission brand spokes mainly so choose these as they are the best for the price. I have and android phone and there are several apps for measuring spoke length available in the Google Play store. Here is some information about our spoke length calculator. CALCULATE Result : Spoke length: mm: Caution ! The kit consisted of a ruler, a pair of rods, and a pre-programed scientific calculator for measuring the parts and running the calculations. I put the measurements into an online spoke calculator (on wheelpro.co.uk) and it estimated 295mm and 293mm for the right and left side respectively. However, if you enter that measurement into this tool you get some pretty funky spoke lengths. It has always worked so far.

Enter values manually, or add rimsto your bench to select them here. Thank you for your online spoke calculator list. By The inspire your blog I Recently start a blog.…, Loved my bike even though I ordered on Mothers day and received it in late July. I will keep looking, but I have two questions: 1) How precise do the spoke lengths … No database of pre-measured hubs and rims, (I prefer not to use other peoples measurements to determine correct spoke length, but there may be cases where you need to order spokes when you don’t have the physical rim or hub on hand. What this field actually requires you to input in order to make an accurate calculation is the distance from the outer locknut to the center of the flange. All the spokes we sell are offered in 1mm increments and are sold as singles. I am really glad to get your blog post. Kink BMX Sticker Pack (+$8.99) The database, while potentially useful hasn’t seen an update in quite some time as far as I can tell. Thanks, Keep sharing. Other spoke calculators account for the stretching and seating of spokes and shrinkage of the rim in a tensioned wheel -- about 1 millimeter of spoke length in a typical wheel. Yes, there’s an app for that. $3500 (+$55.00) $2500 (+$32.00) Discount Codes. The app already requires you to enter the OLD (Over Locknut Distance) and uses that alongside the distance from the locknut to flange to then calculate the center to flange measurement. The ability to save the wheel afterwords is a great feature. It has pre-measured data for all DT hubs and rims, as well as spokes and nipples.

$6500 (+$95.00) Enter values manually, or add hubsto your bench to select them here. (back ordered!!!). Should Mountain Bikes Share The Trails With Motorcycles? A calculation is only as good as the data used to calculate it, so do your homework and remember to measure twice. I contacted the web developer to point out this one problem with the app and he returned my email a day later to say that I had a good point and he will correct it ASAP. Once you have found some success with one spoke calculator, spend some time with it, get to know your tool and continue paying attention to any variances and adapt your approach accordingly. $2000 (+$24.99) Our wheel builder has over 30 years bike shop wheel building experience and can do custom bmx or other types of wheels in any size. Your assumption on d can only be the ERD in the circumstances. It’s people that speak the language of these diagrams above that make all these fantastic toys we play with possible. $1000 (+$14.99) Add Free Stickers

The Park Black or Green Colored spoke wrench will fit the best with the nipples we use. 28T. 25T.

$14.99. 0. It is by no means the most user friendly spoke calculator I’m going to suggest, but works great and many professionals will swear by it. We do recommend that you tighten each nipple 1/2 or 1 turn should you spokes loosen up after some riding. Your email address will not be published. This caclulator should not currently be used to calculate spoke lengths for straight pull hubs.

$4500 (+$75.00) Add quantity two if you are building two wheels for example. $200 (+$3.99) $1500 (+$18.99) The version I’m using to write this post was uploaded on September 27, 2013 so hopefully by the time you read this article, the correction has been made and the app is perfectly user friendly. Over the years I have had experience with a good number of different spoke length calculators, and have found most to give good results. Auto will flip your rim to the strongest orientation. At the first bike shop I worked in, we used the Wheelsmith spoke calculator. Australia's Fastest BMX Store! Looking for some new custom build wheels? What does this mean for bike mechanics?

The Cricket – A Cure for “Bike Separation Anxiety”.

The obtained lengths are given according to the measurement you've input. The formula I use for three cross, 32 spoke wheels with 12mm nipples is (ERD/2) – 9mm. ), http://www.bikeschool.com/tools/spoke-length-calculator. I know that there are some smart people out there that we’re lucky to have around. ... We're working on a brand new spoke calculator. These spoke calculators listed below are the best ones that I use or have used in the past to build great wheels, none of them will lead you astray, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with and then get to know it. As with any skill, experience counts big time when it comes to wheel building, and it pays to be consistent in your method. The online spoke calculator provided by the United Bicycle Institute in Oregon has been my personal favourite spoke calculator for at least five years now. Wheeler is a perfectly basic spoke calculator app that has data fields allowing you to calculate both sides of the wheel at once, and also has the feature to save a wheel after you’ve measured it for future reference. There is also a version named SpocalcExpress that does away with the database leaving you with just a simple set of fields to generate spoke length one side at a time. Bike Lock, Keyed 12mm Type #39566 (+$24.99) specify the number of spokes andcross pattern to calculate spoke length, A positive value will move left nipples to the left or right nipples to the right.


ACS Cassette with Envy 24 Rear 3X is 234mm or 240mm 4 cross Spocalc has a pretty good sized database of hubs and rims that you can change or add to yourself.

The beauty of the spocalc program is it makes a great offline alternative if you ever find yourself, (gasp!)

Here is some information about our spoke length calculator. Math never was my strongest avenue of expression in this world so I probably won’t stress to long over equations like this. Now I can find 295mm spokes but, so far, I haven't been able to find a 293.

The main advantage of this spoke calculator comes if you are building a wheel using DT Swiss’s excellent components. Freespoke is a powerful bicycle spoke length calculator with a large database of rim and hub dimensions and detailed visual renderings. Doug MacmMakin. Note: Your wheels will be delivered tight and true.

It is written using Microsoft Excel 5.0, and is freely downloadable. No Stickers will not be found on eBay or Amazon. The reason calculator no 5 ‘Nature’s Calculator’ doesn’t make sense is that variables a and d have not been explicitly defined in the drawing. Cart 0. Profile Elite Disc Hub on Spank Tweet Rims 26, Phil Wood BMX Wheels built with Chrome Sun Rhyno Lites 20" SOLD OUT, Bombshell Pump Expert Pedals Alloy Platform BMX, Bombshell Pump Pro Pedals Alloy Platform BMX Pedals Black, Staats Mini BMX Bike Complete BMX Race Bike, MKS BM-7 Pedals BM7 Old School Style Retro 80's repo. I haven’t tried any spoke calculators on the iPhone, but this app seems like it is just the thing: Spoke Length Calculator – Apple iTunes Store. The complete package was expensive, costing $300-$400, and was not exactly intuitive to use, but it was a necessity at the time, and was able to get the job done well until the day the program on the calculator got corrupted or erased somehow and nobody seemed to know how to fix it! Mountain Biker, Trail Builder and Bike Tech, Awesome Pice of Content, I am Regular Reader your Blog. This spoke calculator by Damon Rinard differs from the other two spoke calculators mentioned previously in this post. (Negative values do the opposite.). – Bike Rack Failure. Pick out the hubs, rims, spokes and nipples you desire and we can do the wheel building for you. World Cup Champion Dreams Come True – Video, Riding with the Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer. there is a spoke calculator where you put in all your hub measurements, hoop size, cross pattern youwant and it will do all the math for you.. figuring out some of the hub measurements can be tricky though.. ive build a dozen or so wheel sets mostly in cross 4 pattern, 194 pretty muchs works on any low flange 36 hole laced to a 20" hoop.. This spoke calculator makes the most sense if you are building up a DT Swiss hub or rim and using their spokes already.

Easy Pay with Credit Card. It can be accessed for free with or without signing in, but if you build a lot of wheels and use this calculator often then I highly suggest taking the short time to register and sign in for some added features. reading the diagram, a is the angle from centre to flange hole circle produced by running a line parallel with the horizontal hub axis at half the flange hole circle radius and measuring the angle at where this intersects the flange hole circle. I think it is still to difficult for normal riders. The site allows you to enter all the data for a complete wheel set before calculating, and if you are a registered user you can save your measurements for future quick reference, and can email or print the results. It’s Okay to Use WD-40 on Your Bike Chain… Seriously. Thanks for the business since 1981.

If your brain is capable of handling it, some more details regarding the math involved in determining the spoke length of a wheel can be found here. Every fill-in-the-blanks spoke calculator I’ve shown you is based on the application of these concepts, so it might be respectful to look at them for just a little while and contemplate the effort put in by gifted people, (the smart mathematicians who figure out these equations, and the clever computer programmers who wrap them up in the software code,) so that us more mechanically inclined individuals can feel like we are actually good at something too.

Colony Stem Bolt Kit.

Race Bikes.

Effective Rim Diameter (mm) Flange Hole Circle (mm) Flange Spacing (mm) The DT Swiss online spoke calculator is very popular with wheel builders, and I don’t have a hard time seeing why. Cons: Interface is a little clunky, and not the most intuitive, which may make it a little tougher for the first time wheel builder to get a feel for.

For an asymmetric wheel such as a front wheel with disc brake or a rear wheel with chain derailleur, the value of d is different for the left and right sides.

But it make sense to try anyway. $400 (+$5.99) $100 (+$1.50) Pick out the hubs,  rims, spokes and nipples you desire and we can do the wheel building for you. Fortunately we are living in the computer age now and free spoke calculators are plentiful. It means that if you have a smartphone you’re actually carrying a spoke calculator right in your pocket! BMX 20″ Inner Tube (+$5.99), None (only affects asymmetrical rims). BMX Buyer's Guide. Does the equation and diagram above mean anything to you? Disclaimer: Use at own risk. Pros: A fast, accurate, simple and lightweight spoke calculator app for your android phone.

Independent left & right values. From $89.99. $8500 (+$115.00)

Spocalc includes a large database of hubs and rims that can be adjusted and added to by the user.


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