spiny assassin bug
As thus seen under magnification they are very beautiful, the structures of the cap and the collar-like extension of the chorion, which extends outwards from the new laid egg, appearing like delicate lace. Note the spiny legs, and the relatively blunt tubercles on the front of the body, just behind the head. Classification. It often waits vertically, head down, on flowers. Nymphs (check these from bugguide) get spinier as they get older. Phillip Readio, in Collected Papers, Vol 1 (1922) says that “It is probable that it will accept any small insect that is not particularly repulsive.”. It is a native genus with 11 species in North America according to BugGuide. The fact that nymphs are capable of making sound argues against the latter theory. When two Spined assassin bugs face off against each other, posturing and feinting escalate, resulting in retreat by one of the combatants, and according to researcher Johnathan Schmidt, “the original resident on the perch retreated in 70% of the encounters.” He continues, “The combinations of posturing, striking, and stridulation (more about stridulation in a second) that occurred during encounters may have provided each bug with information concerning the identity and relative fitness of its opponent. Readio, on the other hand, notes that “The writer’s experience indicates that some species not only will not attack human beings, but cannot be made to bite by any amount of tormenting. In studying cannibalism in the Spined assassin bug, researchers Taylor and Schmidt contemplated the “decision-making process” that goes into a predator’s choice of prey. Note the spiny legs, and the relatively blunt tubercles on the front of the body, just behind the head. Here again the insect is found superbly fitted for its habit, for on the thorax it bears four sharp, stout spines, than which no structure, perhaps, would better serve for retaining the litter with which it covers itself. Learn more about the spiny assassin bug and other members of the assassin bug family on their family page. It hangs out in sunny grasslands and agricultural fields, where it feeds on the adults, larvae/nymphs, and eggs of a wide variety of insects – crop pests and “good bugs” alike these. Spiny Assassin Bug. The purpose of them may be to fend off predators. Adults are only about ½ inch long. Does the Assassin Bug Make a Good Pet. These creatures should always be kept hands-off to prevent painful bites. Just as herbivores may weigh the risk of foraging vs going hungry when there’s a predator around, so predators also make “cost-benefit analyses” about their prey. Researchers list as a predator’s “costs” the time and energy involved in the chase, the risk of injury to the predator, and the risk of the predator itself becoming prey, and they note that the predator’s relative hunger may affect its decision-making. In hatching, the insect tilts the cap [of the egg] off and emerges slowly, requiring about two minutes for the operation. The abdominal area is expanded, flat, and displays a pale spot on the rear margin of every segment. The pale green assassin bug (Zelus luridus) is green. Spined Assassin Bugs are covered in pointy spines or spikes. Today’s bug is the Spined assassin bug (Sinea diadema), whose scientific name, according to bugguide.net, comes from the Hebrew for “thorn bush” or “burning bush” (Sinea), and “crown” (diadema) – an allusion to its “spiky head.” It has a bunch of common names – Spined assassin Bug, Crowned assassin Bug, Common brown assassin bug, and Spiny assassin bug (not to be confused with another (slightly less spiny) Spiny assassin bug, Sinea spinipes, a different species). Unlike other assassin bugs that are often bicolored, Sinea diadema is dark brown or a dull red. Salutations, BugFans, We have visited the Assassin bug family Reduviidae before, in the form of Masked hunters, Ambush bugs, and the lovely little Zelus.. Today’s bug is the Spined assassin bug (Sinea diadema), whose scientific name, according to bugguide.net, comes from the Hebrew for thorn bush or burning bush (Sinea), and “crown” (diadema) – an allusion to its “spiky head.”


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