south park: phone destroyer unholy cards
Lightning Bolt is great for clearing out enemies with high health, but won't be that good until it's about Level 4. Struggling to come out on top in PvP?


Card Information Mystical's best cards utilize all sorts of healing and support abilities to bolster your team's endurance and outlast the opponent.

Close. Unholy Combustion is a Mystical spell card in South Park: Phone Destroyer. If you're having trouble holding your own, then maybe it's time to take a look at the cards in your deck. Best Fantasy Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer Fantasy's best cards utilize control abilities and hampering debuffs to restrict their enemies and orchestrate the tide of battle. Spell Description Destroying Phones. Archived (Help) Unholy Cards. Unholy Combustion is a Mystical spell card in South Park: Phone Destroyer. There are other fairly decent Neutral cards, too, even if they're not as great as the above two. "Scalp 'em!" Alternatively, the Adventure spells are all really decent, too, if not the most amazing. To learn more about cards in general, be sure to check out our Cards Guide. Energy Cost video - Taking a colorful room and making everything disappear, The Unfinished Swan Video - "Exploring a story book world", Space Marshals 3, the latest instalment in the popular action-stealth series, is available now for iOS and Android, Far Away is an upcoming mystery novel that's heading for iOS, Android and PC next year. Getting countered by every other play? 04/19/18 Base health increased from 70 to 120.

09/07/17 Rarity changed to Epic. Let's jump in! Phone Destroyer's neutral card set doesn't have as many cards as other themes since its cards are meant to act as filler to go with whatever other two themes you pick. What do you think of our card picks? DogPoo is also a really hard-hitting fighter if you choose to use him. South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. ManBearPig, for example, is a really great tank, but since it's a Legendary, it's so hard to upgrade that it's pretty impractical in high ranks. While the above listed may be Mythical's best cards, there are still some pretty decent alternatives out there. Type

Sci-Fi's best cards specialize in poisons and debuffs to slowly whittle away at their opponent's life force and strategically win the battle. Here we have a complete list of every card you'll be collecting in South Park: Phone Destroyer, so you can eye what you want for your deck next. Like any other card game, there are some cards in Phone Destroyer that are far better than others. 23.0k. (Note: The game has been rebalanced since these screenshots were taken.). Sound off in the comments below! Before we crack on with the list though, take note of our card images. 5 South Park: Phone Destroyer Best Fantasy Cards.

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