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Please bring this to EU!! Still cool. @Deathgaze I don't know where you got that from... Atlus gave DSO to Ghostlight, who then proceeded to translate it.Their sloppy programming is at fault here - and they either didn't test it at all, or only used a testing toolkit (which doesn't work quite the same as a 3DS and thus might override some bugs).But at least they're busy making a patch for it, so there's still hope. The first two versions of Soul Hackers were never released overseas, but the Nintendo 3DS version was localized into English. For Shin Megami Tensei or Persona fans, this is a no brainer — Soul Hackers is a fantastic entry in the series and you won't be disappointed. This is a first-person dungeon crawler at heart, and while it's a much more story-driven experience than most games in the genre, you'll still spend plenty of time traversing tiled maps, fighting random battles, and finding your way to powerful bosses. The perfect DevilSummoner SoulHackers Spooky Animated GIF for your conversation. Soul Hackers is regarded as one of the easier Shin Megami Tensei games, but it's still difficult, and these optional hacks are welcome additions that help make the game more accessible to new players drawn in by the cyberpunk style. Jalopy, MyGamer Visual Cast Awesome Blast! Those guys should've put on their glasses before posting the score... @CanisWolfred Looks like it has been fixed already. @DoctorRoXo Wow, that's... not good! Originally announced for release in on September 13, 2013, it was later pushed back a week to September 20. He is a member of the hacker group known as the Spookies. Sakurai purchased the trailer using a loan, but has still not finished paying it off. [16] A supplementary disc titled Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - Akuma Zensho 2 on December 23 of the same year. If that was the case, Ghostlight wouldn't have been neccessary for games like Agarest, Aedis Eclipse or Fate/EXTRA, which only had english text in PAL versions. Find out tonight at 11. [29] In Europe, the game was published by NIS America. The opening's theme song, "#X", was written by Yamai and incorporated the themes and motifs of Soul Hackers. Programs include useful features like the ability to save anywhere in dungeons (largely mitigating any frustration from puzzle backtracking) or to regain HP as you walk, modules to translate unintelligible demon ramblings or improve conversational skills with certain types of monsters, and several totally superficial extras like a Jack Frost menu skin and a clock that shows the system time. Combat in Soul Hackers is turn-based and uses several standard conventions: melee and ranged weapons, magical attacks and support spells, and an elemental system of strengths and weaknesses. One day, a member of a hacker group called Spookies comes across a gun-shaped computer called a "GUMP" with a Demon Summoning program installed on it.

Pkease. I haven't even finished Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked yet so I most likely won't be getting this. Conversations are engaging 'battles' in their own right, and ending a demon encounter on a cordial note, either with a new recruit or an exchange of items and best wishes, is just as satisfying as coming out on top in a protracted exchange of blows and spells. Original writers Masumi Suzuki and Yusuke Gonda returned to write new material. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. Their initial version of Amani City was much smaller than the version in the final game. It will be easy to find a copy on amazon. Games from the main series Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor, etc. The main protagonist, a member of a hacker group called the Spookies, gains access to the closed beta for Paradigm X, an online game designed to connect the citizens of Amami. [44] In the following two weeks in Media Create's top fifteen games chart, the game moved down to #9 and then #17, selling 12,589 and 5,910 units respectively, creating total sales of 87,865. Soul Hackers takes place in the fictional Amami City, a technologically-advanced Japanese metropolis. Soul Hackers is a role-playing video game.

[9][31][32] The 3DS version was the first time the game was released outside Japan.

@Koapa That's not even close to the first one. [27][28] Soul Hackers was one of ten original Megami Tensei titles to be rated "M for Mature" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. I've never played any SMT game apart from the Persona spin-offs. @zeonox Exactly, s/he's just for summoning other demons, including some very cool ones that you can't get otherwise! @Erikdayo Thanks! Each step you take in a dungeon costs Magnetite, and the more powerful the demons in your party, the more Magnetite you spend. Wild demons enjoy getting their claws dirty by dealing physical damage, while Sly demons prefer magical attacks. [10] Future Persona character designer Shigenori Soejima was responsible for sub-character designs, item graphics, and designing the main character's dialogue portraits. [39], Riendau liked the setting and presentation, calling it reminiscent of science fiction anime from the late 1990s. This looks great! I hope physical copies won't be too hard to find a few months from now; I would buy this immediately if my 3DS backlog wasn't so bloated right now.

The Far Cry franchise has been at the forefront of the gaming scene since the initial instalment in [...], A thought on Re-releases, Remasters, and the Retro, Sony PlayStation Classic lineup has some problems, 10 Games to Keep on your Radar for the 2018 Holiday Season, Mygamer Visual Cast Awesome Blast! There are over 300 unique demons to recruit: monsters, apparitions, heroes and villains of myth and folklore, as well as deities from around the globe. [13], The main protagonist was not a trained Summoner as opposed to the first Devil Summoner, but his use of the GUMP symbolised the passing of responsibilities related to the Kuzunoha line. More JRPG Please.

The project as a whole was exhausting for him. [2] Charter and Wallace also liked the story, but disagreed about the Spookies: Charter called them timeless characters, praising Hitomi and Nemissa as good enough to carry the whole story; and Wallace called the dialogue between Hitomi and Nemissa well written, and liked the story's focus on the importance of family.

62.8k members in the Megaten community. [14][15], Soul Hackers released for the Sega Saturn on November 13, 1997. This sounds better than I expected, and I expected a lot out of it. Ghostlight is in fact the ones who made the errors, as they messed up the coding of the product when localizing it for PAL regions... @slidecage Yeah, but that's only of use if you can read Japanese...! Meguro composed around fifty pieces for the game, and was given less creative freedom than his work on Maken X. The localization was done by Atlus USA: the main staff were made up of project leader Sammy Matsushima, editors Mike Meeker and Clayton Chan, and QA lead Rob Stone. While in there, the protagonist encounters supernatural forces, then must work with the Spookies to investigate attacks …

Does (it) just mainly pimp out other demons to you? @zeonox No problem! Each member has their own strong subject and area of expertise, forming a cohesive unit of varied personalities who compliment one another. Players are able to fuse several of their allied demons into one single demon; the resulting demon inherits abilities from the demons that were used to produce it.

[4] Among other recurring characters are the demon Nemissa, who possesses Hitomi,[8] and Kinap, who teaches the player character to enter the souls of people who have recently died. Soul Hackers takes place in the fictional Amami City, a technologically-advanced Japanese metropolis. After the second battle against Moowis, the group works together to track him down to the Leon Automotive Company. Soul Hackers takes place in Amami City, a city fully connected through a colossal electronic network. The chances of Atlus doing anything are as non-existent as ever. Players navigate dungeons in a first person view, in which they solve puzzles and fight enemy demons in turn-based battles.

This sounds like it would lead to tense, rationed exploring, but in reality it's seldom a concern. Chatting up would-be assailants isn't the only way to build your team - you can also fuse two or three demons together to create newer, more powerful ones. O.OAn Atlus review before the game came out!!! In a pinch, you can also temporarily alter a demon's personality with different types of liquor from the sake shop. [41], Upon its release, Soul Hackers sold 160,850 units in its first week. If that was all there was to it, combat would be interesting enough — but as a newly-minted devil summoner, you'll be able to pad out your six-soul party with the very same demons you're fighting against, and that's where the system really shines. I wish I would have known about this before I DLed Unchained Blades at it's launch! We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The main focus of Soul Hackers is on Nemissa, the demon construct who takes over the main character’s girlfriend, Hitomi. While using his skills to hack his way into getting a beta invite for the new virtual world Paradigm X, he makes contact with a mysterious being named Kinap. The Pet Shop is a shop found in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. These programs take up either one or two of your GUMP's five memory blocks each, and picking out a perfect combination is a fun way to tailor the game to your play style. We don't even have a release date for EOIV yet.But can't complain too much, just been notified that my Fire Emblem Awakening pre-order has been sent. I wasn't interested before but now I'm getting it. Damn, I was just playing my Saturn the other day. The character of Kinap was incorporated due to Kaneko's interpretation of the representation of Native Americans in North American movies, where they seemed both spiritual and upright.

While attempts were made to localize the PlayStation version, it was apparently prevented from coming overseas due to Sony of America's content approval policy.

They also gave Nemissa a more extroverted tone and a ghostly reverberation when compared to the reserved, normal-sounding Hitomi. Amami City's soundscape of swirling electronic rock and Paradigm X's bright, welcoming theme are perfect accompaniments, while the infectiously upbeat pharmacy jingle and cascading koto-crescendo of the sake shop will stay with you long after you've made your purchases. Good thing my Pre-order should ship later today.

The disc release contained a postcard entry for a draw from one of 1000 copies of an extra dungeon. And after the hideous release of Overclocked by Ghostlight, that would be the best for everyone (except, well, Ghostlight). Really hope this comes to EU and AUS. 14 votes, 12 comments. Danielle Riendau at Polygon, Joe Czop at RPGFan and Kimberley Wallace at Game Informer all liked how challenging the battles are:[1][2][40] Riendau said that boss battles require careful experimentation and tactical analysis, and that the finishing battles always feels rewarding due to their difficulty;[1] and Wallace said that larger battles give an adrenaline rush and make her think and study her party each turn. So, early previews made it sound like Nemichi could join you in battle. Finally, each demon has a unique relationship to the lunar cycle that determines when they're at their strongest and weakest, so keeping an eye on the moon phase tracker when picking your team is always a good idea.

Where else could you send Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the cross-cultural cyclical snake Uroboros, and an adorable, sentient jack-o'-lantern into battle against Irish hero Cú Chulainn, Greek hellhound Cerberus, and Grendel of Beowulf fame?

They're fun to figure out, but can entail an awful lot of backtracking, and dying near the end of a puzzle sequence is an especially frustrating way to lose a half-hour of progress. I was originally going to preorder but wanted to work off some of my backlog first.

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