solo skiff speed

Not trying to dissuade anyone from buying one, they definitely have their place, just don't forget to wear your safety equipment and respect the watercraft. After seeing hipshot's solo skiff, and spending countless hours of researching I'm saving up the lunch money to get one. The Torqeedo seems to be an awesome alternative especially for the guys the want to head out with electric but want a lil more speed getting out.

I get to motor almost anywhere I like and then stand up, paddle or pole and sight fish in extremely skinny water.

Newer entry-level models have a modified Shallow Vee hull that rides softer and knocks down spray better and their keel tracks better in corners.

I hope I am not derailing this but my buddy got one of these and I tried it. First Light, because of the location of the transom adding 20 lbs. For buyers looking to get one as inexpensively as possible, Carolina Skiff’s dealers will even sell a kit, which is a barebones hull that allows buyers to add only the features they want.

I don't know how the 4hp or the 5hp will perform but the 5 hp and the 6 hp are the same gross weight so I just went with the 6. then he got a Solo. Also just need to be careful if there's any type of chop or following sea. Some care needs to be taken when turning it hard over for the first time, because its ability to hook up and carve a tight turn is surprising. Ths Solo Skiff is very safe and practically unsinkable when used as directed. I was planning on putting a 6 hp on the back, only because I have one sitting in my garage. Powered with a 40 hp Mercury FourStroke, it’s priced at $13,995, with a trailer. Crusty has the same hp motor on his Solo Skiff. ©2020 Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc., All Rights Reserved. With a 200-pound passenger and the outboard in the raised position, it only draws three inches of water.

Now that sets my mine at ease.

In recent years, this genre has exploded and the boards have evolved to handle many more missions. With a harbor freight predator motor and sps longtail kit I can get a mud motor for duck season for under $600!

Went and picked his little skiff up from where he met the EMS guys yesterday.

But the beauty of a skiff is it makes ca viable option for a second boat … one that’s easy to own and allows the owner to get away with maybe one or two friends or family members. to the outboard would have about the same effect as adding 20 pounds to the operator. But after watching them in action, I started to understand (sort of) what they are for. Got up to 28 mph on it. Pretty cool. The Solo Skiff will plane with a 160 pound passenger and a 2.5 Hp Motor. Not a lot of distance from the narrow standing platform to the prop if you fall off and your leg goes under the boat. When I bought my Solo the Park'N Pole was recommended as an alternative to the Stiffy; it comes in four foot sections and it floats.

Welcome to the addiction Prof! Put any type of end on it that you like. It was a simple technicality. Trimmed … Most of the boats in this category are far too expensive to be called affordable. What about if your in waste deep water? Solo Skiffs hull is a 1/2”+ thick dual layer rotomolded poly construction that makes the hull incredibly strong.. A fishing kayak that goes 15+ MPH, yet still paddles well, floats in 3” (loaded), easily launched from a truck, and is swamp proof ! I’ve been running this for about 6 months now. The approximate speed will vary but around 8-9 mph. Crossing anything with skinny water is a PIA. Solo Skiff is a one piece seamlessly molded powered fishing kayak.

It was awesome. Essentially, Gheenoe is a flat-backed 13- to 16-foot long canoe that will accept a small outboard, up to 40 hp, and can reach 35 mph with a 25 hp motor. With that said I have the hobie H bar and attempted standing up at speed but with the flat hull you just can't do it without almost spilling out every time you hit a bump.

J-models such as the J16 CC are durable, functional and affordable. Because of its shape, it can be moved around by tilting the 6-foot-diameter, 123-pound hull on its side and rolling it. So what is a skiff anyway? Even a used Egret, Hell’s Bay, Chittum Skiff, or Lake and Bay can cost $65K or more.

This gives me about a six mile range on a third of a gallon of gas.

Cool little skiffs but still need to respect them just like any other boat.

One of the fastest growing watersports is standup paddleboarding (SUP), and it started with boards that were designed for riders to paddle around, get a little exercise and check out the scenery. Whaler still channels the original design in its newer 130 Super Sport, which has a 14-degree deadrise, to give it a smoother ride in the chop than with flatter-bottomed boats. Using a new material called polyurethane foam, Fisher constructed a hull that consisted of a fiberglass/foam sandwich that would float even when sawed in half.

No cavitation with the 6 hp.

In 1956, Boston Whaler made skiff history when it introduced its 13. I added a 2" lift which means it still needs like 12-14 plus the prop blows out. Speeds all …

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Its deck layout includes fore and aft casting platforms that can accommodate pedestal seating. Take BoatingWorld to on your digital device and get the best of boating information and videos. I purchased the solo back in May 2016 and sold it 4 months later. I'm itching to get out and fish but have been too busy lately.

Old fugger with a bad heart, who just wants to fish. It's just too much weight.

GZIP: On, I bought the solo skiff, and do the test run for top speed, without gear 17.2 mph and fully loaded 15mph.

For inshore, it's a really awesome fishing platform.

Because of their light weight, most Jon boats don’t need a traditional boat ramp, just back up the trailer to the lake or pick it up and carry it. Love it hoping Dauphin Island opens up by end of month. This 13-footer still can accommodate a payload of 933 pounds and has an amazing swamped capacity of 1,600 pounds. The 14-foot Bōte Rover, a standup board with some serious fishing chops. For me the biggest drawback is it won't hold enough fuel to make it to Bimini.

Boat tests, DIY, gear accessories, Expert tips, contests, engine maintenance, watersports, fishing and more! Had about a 3/4 mile run to get to the ramp and let me tell you they're tippy, I run a tippy skiff but these things are on a whole other level. I purchased the solo back in May 2016 and sold it 4 months later. Never used more than a gallon in a week. The Solo Skiff fits a lot of storage in a small boat. Buddy of mine fell off his yesterday and was wearing his kill switch, but the prop was able to get a good piece of his leg before it shut down.

Check the ratings between the 5hp and 6 hp tohatsu.

Solo Skiff is a one piece seamlessly molded powered fishing kayak. The heavier rotomolded hulls will do 12-13 with a 5. My Solo Skiff runs at about ten mph at three quarter throttle.

About 60 days a year and here are some of my observations: Trust me TEEN YAKER you need to come to Port Mansfield one day with high winds and cross the ICC you will be amazed with the big waves created with the wind and the current. You just need to adjust to conditions and not over power the boat. I helped Tom get it changed. I used one to explore the Ocklawaha River, in central Florida, in places where conventional boats couldn’t go because of downed trees blocking the waterway. Carolina Skiff is the major player in the skiff world and has probably built more boat hulls than any other boat company. You might be able to attach the landing gear like FH has and load/unload safely on land, then just roll it in the water. My first thought was that it would be great if your pesky brother-in-law wanted to go fishing.

This variant is one of the more “seaworthy” models in this roundup, even though its own literature notes it is designed for inshore waters. The other major ingredient is that it be inexpensive enough to allow almost anyone to get out on the water — important because most people reading this magazine already have a family boat eating into their boating budget. It comes with a four-gallon cooler and a seat that doubles as a surprisingly large dry storage area.

And three of the guys I fish with have Solos. A 3.5 hp is a perfect fit for the boat. Thats whats hanging out of my truck in Avatar.

This is the original skiff and is one of the least expensive ways to get on the water. Please Login or Register. Not saying I’d take it to Bimini (although we had no such qualms in the sixties with a 14’ homemade skiff), but I could make it over there and back on three gallons. Your email address will not be published.

I mounted a kayak grab handle on the starboard side of the hatch to hang on to in rough water; I wouldn’t want to run too fast in rough water without it. It will get you where you're going quickly and without fear of swamping if you use it correctly. I have to take the motor off, put the boat in the water, then put the motor on the boat while it's in the water.

Getting close to th[…], SAWS and Austin Water need to build a desal plant […], Hi and welcome! But there are some inexpensive models, such as the Xpress Boats Skiff 165, which is powered by a Yamaha F70 and comes with a trailer, for a nationally advertised price of $19,995. Models such as the Lowe L1648 M Aura can be powered with up to a 35 hp FourStroke Mercury and has a hull weight of just 275 pounds but can carry up to 1,014 pounds (including the engine). Your email address will not be published. Is there a tank in the skiff? Essentially a mashup of a kayak, an SUP and a skiff, Solo Skiff can achieve surprising performance — top speed up to 17 mph — with up to a 5 hp outboard.

I have a 5 hp Tohatsu on mine with a three gallon remote tank. I'm thinking of using a SUP paddle instead of push pole? Battery , stereo, Garmin, underwater swim lights, led nav nights, deck lights; bilge pump. Don't think about ignoring the CG mandates and try to put a 9.9 on this guy and run at 20+.

They are powered by a trolling motor, which is used more for maneuvering around a set point than as propulsion to get from point A to point B. Do you know what he has for power? Not trying to hijack but I use my Solo a lot. I'll go with an outboard first though, and then save up for the mud motor. The first boat I ever owned in my life was a rover, then a solo skiff, and now this. This rotomolded polyethylene skiff is designed for one person and is stable enough to allow an angler to stand up and fish. I purchased the solo back in May 2016 and sold it 4 months later.

A wide array of accessories allows buyers to customize it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); - All times are UTC-04:00 - It will be partly for a water taxi for duck hunting (I don't carry much gear), and fishing the rest of the year. Or, you could just build one yourself. The original models had totally flat bottoms that beat riders up in a chop and took corners like a car on black ice.

I have a sixteen footer and it works great, but I don't know if it would work with a larger poling skiff. We recently started experimenting with the torqeedo 1003 3hp electric outboard on the Solo Skiff.

Thanks for the input.

Like its more expensive brethren, this 16-foot, 3-inch boat features a raised casting deck in the bow that’s totally devoid of any obstruction that could snag a loose fly line.


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