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So a leaker claimed yesterday that the SOP would be announced today, and would feature no big PS5 news, pricing, or hardware reveals among other accurate claims. Father, gamer, games media vet, writer of words, killer of noobs. There were rumors about a new SOCOM just last week, and the series has been collecting dust for some time now. A new SOCOM game is in development for PS5 and could be announced soon, suggests a leaker who revealed information about a State of Play. Now I’m allowed to give some more information. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. If so, we might be in for a surprise soon. The last SOCOM game released in 2011 for PS3 from Zipper Interactive, the same developer who had been heading up the franchise since the first release in 2002. We know Guerrilla Games is working on Horizon Forbidden West, but we also know it's now a two-game studio. All rights reserved. According to this leaker, a SOCOM game is in development for PS5, and it may even be launch or launch window game. 3 months ago Alex Co 1 . Some are also wondering if the PS5 launch title could be Horizon Forbidden West. A Guerrilla Games SOCOM title is purely a rumor for now, even if it is coming from an insider with a good track record for getting these kinds of things right. Back in June, Sony Interactive Entertainment and its various studios revealed a smattering of PS5 … SOCOM was a popular suggestion from fans. PS5 Shopping Check List for November 2020, SOCOM PS5 Reveal Coming Soon Hints State of Play Leaker, New PlayStation 5 'Activities' Feature Leaked Online, Sony would announce another State of Play, 10 PS5 Games Announced This Summer We’re Excited For, League of Legends Players Have a Problem With Seraphine's Social Media Posts, Minecraft Dev Team Interested in Raising World Height Limit, Rumor: Leaked Genshin Impact Images Reveal Four-Stars in Upcoming Banners, WWE's Zelina Vega Shows Off Incredible Mortal Kombat Kitana Cosplay, Silent Hill PS5 Reboot Reveal Date Teased By Leakers, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Player Recreates Hogwarts In-Game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Confirmed Launch Multiplayer Maps, Spider-Man PS4 Player Shows What Remastered Peter Parker Could Have Been, Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to Get Mushrooms Fast, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Has a Cal Problem, Apex Legends Players Argue Over Mysterious 'New' Kings Canyon Tree, Epic Games Store Delays Free Game, Offers Replacement, Head of Xbox Implies PS5 Is 'Heavy Investment' Compared to Series X, Gran Turismo 7 Release Window Seemingly Revealed in PS5 Ad, Nvidia RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 Ti Details Leaked, Original Pokemon Ash Voice Actor Has Heartwarming Message for Election Day, Watch Dogs Legion: How to Get Rid of Operatives. an Evolve Media, LLC company. So a leaker claimed yesterday that the SOP would be announced today, and would feature no big PS5 news, pricing, or hardware reveals among other accurate claims.

Jasmine is a technology and pop culture writer from the UK. And for the most part it’s correct and will be proven more so in the next couple of weeks. One leaker who recently outed the upcoming State of Play live stream for August 6 ahead of time has gone on to suggest that SOCOM is set to return with a new iteration on PS5. A prominent gaming industry analyst teases another exclusive PS5 launch title. Plus, the source of the rumor in the first place seems to be stemming from 4chan, which means that the associated “leaker” is entirely anonymous. Sony may be gearing up to announce a new SOCOM game for PS5, hints a new leak. A notorious industry insider by the name of Tidux released a Tweet back in August of 2017 claiming that Sony was talking internally about bringing the SOCOM franchise back to life. I’m not Sure if it will be a dedicated PlayStation event Or if it will be associated with the GamesCOM opening night live. And for now, there's no way of validating it. Back in the day, SOCOM was one … Cyberpunk 2077 Reveals New Feature That Completely Changes Cutscenes, New PlayStation Report Teases "Shocking" PS5 News, GTA 6 Teaser Possibly Discovered in GTA Online, PlayStation Leaker Claims Forgotten PS2 and PS3 Series Is Being Revived as PS5 Game, Xbox Series X Review: A Natural, Meaningful Evolution, Fortnite Could Soon Be Playable on Apple iOS Devices Again, Nintendo Switch Getting Classic 2001 Game Next Month, Demon Slayer and Animal Crossing Receive Honors at Recent Awards Event, Dungeons & Dragons Brings Back Classic (and Powerful) Magic Item, Yakuza: Like a Dragon Review: A Perfect Return to the Old School RPG, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Confirms Return of Incredibly Popular Feature, Call of Duty Reveals How Black Ops Cold War Will Integrate With Warzone. Sony Announces New State of Play Later This Week, But No Major Updates on PS5, Horizon Zero Dawn PC System Specs Have Been Revealed.

After all, Sony and Guerrilla Games have gone back to Killzone a few times at this point. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Sales compares this PS5 game to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and not Astro’s Playroom, a platforming game that will be available free to every PS5 owner. monitoring_string = "e648000e5cd42cece065ea6b2f880692", PS5 News, Rumors, Trophies, Reviews, and More, all signs point to Guerrilla’s primary development focus being a sequel to, Sony promised that the company “never retires franchises”. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. They also hinted at controversial third-party deals on PS5 before reports of such started to make the round and before Marvel's Avengers announced Spider-Man will be an exclusive hero on PlayStation platforms.

Between 2002 and 2011, ten different entries were released across PS2, PS3, and PSP. SOCOM 4 received mixed reviews and the later closure of Zipper seemed like it dashed all hopes for an opportunity for the series to redeem itself, even if Sony promised that the company “never retires franchises” all the way back in 2012.


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