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... AoE2 DE features 35 unique Civilizations (races) that you can play and conquer with. Elite Boyar however isn't as great as ETK in imp while Boyar suffers from anti cav units like camels/halbs/mams, they at least have speed, can take on jaguars/HC unlike the ETK and overall have better (and cheaper) siege support. Pinterest. You generally would not rush to get up a castle to make boyars, but if you already have the castle up, you might as well mix them in when fighting cavalry civs. This disadvantage can also be exploited in closed maps like Black Forest, as civilizations can rush to the Imperial Age after stopping rushes with early-game walls.

Scout rushing or m@a/towers works quite decently however. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Anti cavalry armour however does apply to bonus damage and as a result Elite Catas only take 16 bonus damage from halbs.

Monks survive 1 more hit w/orthodoxy and can comfortably convert castle age xbows (when not massed). The Burmese also perform well in place of the Italians.

As an infantry civilization, the Slavs have access to the full infantry technology tree and also get Druzhina, making their infantry units highly useful in mass battles. The first great Slavic state, the Bulgarian Empire, formed in 681 AD. Their cheap siege is great for both aggressive and defensive strategies. Halbs still keep their generic 32 damage with 5 trample (probably for balance reasons however). Eastern European This makes massed Slavic infantry formidable and deadly, especially when defending their cheap siege units. The Slavs perform quite well in any map position in team games, but are favored in the flank position. The Farm bonus now properly works after researching. They have a good economy and a better than average military. 5. Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Their towers are mediocre because of a lack of the Keep upgrade, and they cannot build Bombard Towers. They are also susceptible to any civilization with strong anti-cavalry capabilities, and fall easily to the Italians' Genoese Crossbowman, Indian Imperial Camel, Incan Kamayuks, and even the Japanese Samurai and Persian War Elephants with their high melee attacks. Civilizations with rushing capabilities are ideal allies for the Slavs, with the notable exception of the Huns (who have no synergy whatsoever). Found 99 subreddits like r/slav (2,931 subs). In terms of infantry, they benefit from the Goth team bonus (Barracks works 20% faster) and the Italian team Bonus (Condottiero available in Barracks). Even more so if one deer minimum is pushed in thanks to saving 50w from two houses (rax/stable), Thanks for the great in-depth answer! Only thing that sets them aside from Teutons is Boyars are suspectiable to conversion.

When King Ratislav of Great Moravia asked the Byzantines for help in translating Christian texts into Slavic, the Byzantine missionaries entrusted with the task, Cyril and Methodius, successfully developed the first Slavic alphabet and wrote down the oldest text in Slavic literature (a translation of the Christian Gospel) in 863. Before the Forgotten was released, all of the Slav factions in the, The in-game Slavs represented the pre-divisional Eastern Slavic identity of the Kievan Rus'. Slav Siege Onagers also benefit from the Korean team bonus. The liberation of this and several other Slavic cities allowed them to focus more on internal development rather than on serving foreign lands. During the Middle Ages, Slavic governments followed a feudal system, but in contradiction to other parts of Europe the power of the kings was constrained by that of high-ranking aristocrats called boyars. Slavic archers are notably weak, as Slavs cannot research the Arbalester, Bracer, and Thumb Ring upgrades. Another important medieval Slavic state, Great Moravia, formed in Central Europe after the union of the Principalities of Nitra and Moravia in 833. The Slavs perform various strategies effectively, thanks to their 10% faster farmers and wood saved from building fewer houses.

If you know how bonus damage works it doesn't matter if the Boyar has even 40 melee armour as halbs will do their full 32 damage.

They have cheaper siege weapons due to their civilization bonus. An FU castle age boyar can take on a non frankish FU cavalier and even beats a non elite TK. In imp if you have gold id probably go Boyar+Siege Ram+Halb push. In return, they provide free Elite Kipchaks for the infantry-oriented Slav armed forces after Cuman Mercenaries has been researched. Strategies in the Castle Age become significantly more diverse due to a discount on Siege Workshop units and the Orthodoxy technology. The Slavs' gunpowder units only include the Petard, Cannon Galleon, and Demolition Ship, and therefore fare poorly late-game against civilizations with strong late-games (like the Turks, Portuguese, and Spanish), or civilizations with Bombard Cannons or Hand Cannoneers.

What is the best playstyle for Slavs? Depending on the Patch version being played, it either grants the Onagers +1 range or reduces their minimum range. Slavic Monks have nearly all upgrades (except Heresy) and armor from the Orthodoxy unique tech, so they perform well against civilizations like the Khmer, Burmese, Persians, and Indians, all of whom have slow-moving, non-ranged units (like the Battle Elephant).

The Slavic Farming bonus gathering rate, which was bugged until Patch 5.7, is now fixed. Their navy is weak, although they can fully upgrade th…

With that being said, let’s get started! In the beta, the Slavs had access to Bracer, but lacked Plate Mail Armor. Strategies. Boyars are now trained faster, and they also have Faith, so their army is better defended against opponent Monks. The Teutons may be considered as a great defensive partner for a Slav player, thanks to their anti-conversion team bonus and superior defensive structures. The Boyar crushes most melee units with its high attack and melee armor, and therefore civilizations reliant on infantry or cavalry (like the Aztecs, Goths, Celts, Franks, Magyars and Huns) may struggle against them. Orthodoxy (UT). Rank: 25571. Civilizations with poor defensive capabilities, like the Goths and Magyars, will fold more easily due to the cheaply-produced Slavic siege lines; the mass-produced siege may even overcome civilizations with strong defenses, like the Incas, Teutons, and Byzantines. Strong siege, strong infantry, strong cavalry, weak archers, no gunpowder. They have Boyar + Siege Onager which are both really solid units (I'd say Boyar replace Paladin for Slavs fairly well) and great as a combination covering each others weaknesses. 14 makes it to similar to Paladins. That's the best way to look at all 3 cav units tbh. Probably still handy to grab to make sure your monks survive longer to heal your expensive Boyars and convert a unit where they may have otherwise died. Good civ but really sad their farming bonus stops working after handcart is researched. (Elite) Boyar training time reduced to 15s (from 23s/20s). The Slavic team bonus allows military buildings such as the Barracks, Archery Range, Stable and Siege Workshop to provide five population. Continent

The comparison to Celts is suitable.

Are they good or basically a worse version of the Catapracht?

I feel the monk UT is underwhelming. This makes the Orthodoxy technology useless against them (also, the Lithuanians have all upgrades for Hussars and a bonus attack if they snatch Relics), so Slavic Monks will suffer against Lithuanians. Slavs can also be quite an unpredictable civ to play.

This is especially true on open maps like Arabia, and if starting from the Dark Age.


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