size b gobo projector

4mm max thickness according to manufacturer but beware...see below. (use 27.8mm glass, no ring), 37.5mm Smaller gobos are better suited for blockier, less detailed designs like the cross shape used in the smallest gobo in our example photo. Wedding Monogram with Purple & Fuchsia Uplighting – Holiday Inn Key Bridge – Arlington, VA, Meet Our Newest, Brightest Rental Blacklights, Standard Size for Ellipsoidal lights (Source 4, Source 4 Zoom), O.D = Outside Diameter; I.A. 25.5mm x1.1mm (max 25.6mm) gobos made without ring, 24mm hole 4colour use 20 or 23mm layers to protrude up to 5mm. Realize that larger gobo sizes can support higher levels of detail in the resulting image. These lights may look good in a small dark bedroom or living room but don’t hold up to real life events of more than 30 people. Note: When equipped with the Effect Module, the projection sizes are 60% larger than the gobo projection sizes, How to read and use our Projection Charts. 6 x MAX 1.1mm thick due to circlip 1.1mm thick Interchangeable animation wheel. Return to top. How to read and use our Projection Charts. The IA (Image Area) number is the useable are that can be used to print the image used for the gobo. Custom Glass Gobos Starting at $55! IP 65Rated, max 2mm thick The gear part of th eholder is the part that faces the stage (ie black side of gobo) other side faces lamp. The sizes indicated in the following table are the most commonly used. The optics allows you to use the full E size image area without the normal rubbish focus and distorted image that we often see.

It’s based on the the power of the light source.More powerful light sources use bigger gobo sizes because there is more More powerful light sources use bigger gobo sizes because there is more light to shoot through a larger template and the template needs more surface area to dissipate heat. Projectors; Gobo Holders; Filter; Torches; Search. Most corporate gobos are B-size. Click the image right below for a Blog Post that shows you how to select a projector and projection lens by using the charts below. 1 x 3.8mm thick glued in effect glass, 64.5mm glass The RUSH Gobo Projector 1 is ideal for applications that require a compact fixture for easy LED gobo projection. not 100% sure on image size, double check, **23mm is the spec but don't use more than 20. Focus: Very good optics, 24deg lens is superb. To calculate the beam spread use the following formulae Z= 2( X tan(Y/2)) **. However, we will manufacture for any size, any fixture, any wheel that accepts a gobo. Additional images billed at duplicate price! More detailed designs like those used for weddings are better suited to larger gobo sizes (E-size or bigger). It’s based on the the power of the light source. Stronger light sources result in a brighter, bigger image but often comes at the expense of a larger sized light fixture. Don't wait, see how much  you'll save now. Determine the projection distance, called "throw". X= Throw distance Projectors - Our wide selection of gobo projectors make it easy for you to choose the perfect one for your corporate needs based on brightness, projection distance, size, and other factors; Architectural. These lights use teeny-tiny gobo templates to project with limiting detail and brightness. The charts below will help you to determine the brightness and projection size for different projector and projection lens combinations at various distances. The IA can change from light fixture to light fixture even for commonly used gobo sizes. Select a projector that shows the desired image size with sufficient brightness (see the Illumination Values at the bottom). Projection Size and Illumination Charts for Gobo Projectors. Need to use 31.5mm between a couple of steel donuts as its an odd size. Find the appropriate column in the table. 37.5mm: 30mm **Very hot light 1500W. The gobo size that you need is based on the light fixture that will project that gobo. Show. Manufacturers spec is max 4mm but customer report says **Max 1.2mm i.e. Call for more details if in doubt. Page: 1. Please (fixed wheel), Alpha Spot far as we know but no guarantees. When ordering a gobo know the OD and the IA of the light fixture you’re using.

= Image Area, A light fixture that supports multiple lenses. find the table below as a guide to which fixtures take which size gobos. (rotating wheel), GT-GB1-CW-BL1Watt LED Smaller gobo sizes mean there is less physical space to print detailed images. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This unit could have been modified so we're size sceptical!!! using custom gobos we suggest using gobowheel 2 (furtherest from lamp) and not using wheel 1 & 2 together as the reflected light will damage the gobo on wheel 1. **Very hot light 1500W. When considering a gobo light this is what we recommend: Here is a table of some popular standardized gobo sizes and common light fixtures that use those gobo sizes: The OD (Outer Diameter) number is the diameter of the actual template itself. This is the diameter of the projected image and is typically between 2 and 8 feet. 22 Item(s) Sort By. This is a stylish looking LED gobo projector. Your email address will not be published. When Approx size: 1.5Kg & 250mm long, 75mm wide. Thin gobos only we guess, possibly only steel gobos. February 10, 2014 By Brian King Leave a Comment. Speed and direction is controlled by easy-touch buttons, and the magnetic gobo holder makes it easy to change gobos in seconds.

This is unconfirmed sizes as supplier won't reply.... no gobo slots but if you had to, glue on 21.4mm glass, 250W halogen, fixed Al wheel, largest hole 12mm, thin gobos only, uses circlip with 22mm hole, 1.1mm to 4mm thick but unsure about the 250CT. We charge for only one original per order! Filed Under: Corporate Gobos / Logos, Lighting Blog, Lighting Questions, Wedding Gobos Tagged With: corporate, gobo, gobo light, lighting, monogram, wedding lighting, Your email address will not be published.

Ideal for clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls, this silent gobo projector provides easy adjustment of focus. SEE NOTE AT RIGHT Projectors - Whether for interior, exterior, architectural or other applications, our projectors are simple to use and offer great optics and image quality. Follow the projection distance column down for the desired projection size. It's correct as Please let us know if you find an issue or have details of a new fixture. Rosco will manufacturer gobo patterns to any size specification needed for a particular luminarie. Z= Beam diameter, Alpha Spot 1500 Alpha Profile 1500 Let us know in the comments below. Click the image right below for a Blog Post that shows you how to select a projector and projection lens by using the charts below. Make sure you know the OD and the IA of the gobo size for your particular lighting fixture you’ll be using for your event. Required fields are marked *. Questions, corrections, comments? It’s important to know these numbers when ordering a gobo, especially the IA. Check Availability. can't use rings. Rapid turnaround on all orders; UPS Next Day Delivery now available; 5 star rating from customers; Size B. Y= Beam angle HPE 300 Many traditional theater style lights like a Source 4 ellipsoidal light or LEKO light will use a size B gobo (about the diameter of a coke can). It explains common terms and shows some examples. The charts below will help you to determine the brightness and projection size for different projector and projection lens combinations at various distances. Choose optional lenses or zoom projectors if your projection distance, size, or lighting conditions may vary. When using custom gobos we suggest using gobowheel 2 (furtherest from lamp) and not using wheel 1 & 2 together as the reflected light will damage the gobo … per page . 1.1mm thick Cheap DJ effect lights like the Chauvet Zoom or American DJ LED gobo projector use a custom gobo size that is about the size of a dime. **thickness 1.1mm specified but its a spring assembly and we've used 2mm without an issue, not sure if thicker will work though. This is the distance between the projector and the projection area (i.e the wall that you project on) in feet. Also know what types of gobos your light supports. Small cheap effect lights like the Chauvet Zoom, American DJ Gobo Projector LED are not recommended.

We reccomend glass 37.5mm. Lightsource: 24W LED Gobo: 37.5mm with 28mm image. with 86mm fitting ring, 28mm may need spacer or ring to fit firmly, 37.5mm may need spacer or ring to fit firmly, Steel has tendency to overheat and fall out. (rotating wheel), Alpha Spot 1500 Alpha Profile 1500


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