sinbad genie movie poster
A world that made horrible movies like this one. In early December, the New Statesman published an investigation into a bizarre online community of Redditors who all remember — some in very vivid detail — a movie from the early '90s in which Sinbad, aka David Adkins, played a magical genie who granted wishes to children. If I remember correctly, on the poster, do you remember him looking down at the child (or something like that)- either side eyeing or directly looking down; either way looking towards the child? I found Sinbad as a genie but now can’t find Shaq in Kazzam . Buy The 7th Voyage of Sinbad movie posters from Movie Poster Shop. One problem is — as John O mentioned — the movies (particularly the early ones) appeared with a variety of edits, at different times. Thank you! I can vaguely remember something about Sinbad and some Genie-like headwear, but I can say much more. Mike H. Here’s another curve ball for you…i was discussing this scene with my wife. In fact I was unaware that Shaq ever acted in a similar role.

They killed him on wikipedia like five times he was so broke and out of work. I’ve heard that the scene was cut, you can watch it online though. Then, “What’s going on? So much more, and I understand if you edit this part because you would like to avoid the “conspiracy” aspect, but I have many reasons to believe this is connected to, for lack of a more concise and direct explanation, a psyop, think MK Ultra. Sinbad, the Sailor posters for sale online. He doesn’t really believe in the Mandela effect but I didn’t tell him that’s why I asked him lol, Brittany, sometimes it’s better if we don’t explain too much. "Did people invent this Sinbad thing out of whole cloth? Sinbad had his arms crossed,wearing genie garb, back to back with a kid. How odd. Don’t know if its really a timeline thing or not. I’ve gone through the entire first page of Google Image Search for each the following phrases: “actor sinbad in genie costume,” “actor sinbad,” “actor sinbad commercial,” and even “actor sinbad parachute pants.” (The latter brought up far too many MC Hammer photos. I think it's on YouTube. Again, this is an old idea but far from universally accepted. I know that cover art so well after all those years browsing the aisles of Blockbuster and Hollywood video. Videos of the incident in Texas went viral during the last weekend before Election Day. So where did THESE GUYS get the idea from if it didn’t happen!?!?! Another post agreed as well. Quantum science, indeed all science just implicitly assumes that once a measurement/observation is made by a certain individual, that is the truth forever afterward (at least for that individual). I am shocked and amazed at how much detail so many of us can collectively recall about something that has no evidence in the current \\\’reality.\\\’ For example, I can clearly picture the painting of Henry the VIII holding an animal\\\’s leg at what looks like a banquet. This is really strange. As if skipping a record and the song would repeat lyrics… This was not isolated, it happens on several stations and frequencies, in various songs. Collectors would be positively drooling over it. Buy Sinbad, the Sailor movie posters from Movie Poster Shop. I don’t remember him being a genie per se, but I know I watched this movie. Glad it was just for something dumb. When I first opened this post I could conjure up vivid images of him as a genie. High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 5) for Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003).


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