significant relationship visitor application for visitation privilege
The most important component of reopening visiting and keeping it open is you. Update: Children ages 10 and older may visit facilities where visiting has been reinstated. Major visiting violations that jeopardize the security of the facility may result in permanent suspension of visiting privileges. Children must be supervised at all times while on prison grounds by the adult who has accompanied them to the prison, including whenever the children are in the play area. 36 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7CB4899D5D472F29007368DBB6BE813C><4E91CD8F4D37044E843DCB3E0A2C7400>]/Index[19 30]/Info 18 0 R/Length 86/Prev 78228/Root 20 0 R/Size 49/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Richmond,  By Sari M. Friedman, Legal Counsel Fathers' Rights Association (NYS and Long Island) If you are the non-custodial parent and your visitation rights are being interfered with, then you should take action.

The offender will need to complete the “Significant Relationship Visitor Application for Visitation Privilege” form, which is then sent to the Warden/Superintendent for review. H��Wɒ����+�f�A��pu(4�Y$�#ƒ=��Ì�D�YP(����j��`O��&G�Wo�̗�v;y�t�%�ᇇ��߳����������O1{V���6f ��'a�q���%k�0�?�"��s�����8 ~��gQ6ō��~9��Y�FV���,�l8}a��'>�ۉ���l�͒e�&�-I�������0����s��Y͗�h�ͪ���7'uq�u�^f,L�d�����g��Ԉ��n��;5w�l��r-���%C�b���5��S]]��o¤.L:�q���(�� ���$j)ʝ`�xQ��Q�Ϭ��E��Z�3�a��6�O0^R�Іn�Tg��`�G�קU�,y'��秣$I�Y����ʼn��� 諸;=�{Eue�Bp5 ��e�8+�j��?���l���gB���R]����[Pq �?�:�f>�Bg��V�h-�y�SϨ�K�C�c'��. Many visiting rooms have adjoining patios that prisoners and their visitors may use. If a visitor is not offered a termination report, he/she should ask for one. To protect visitors, especially children, from being injured, visitors are cautioned to stay away from the perimeter fence line. The only physical contact allowed between prisoners and their adult visitors at other times is holding hands.

Minor applicant must be less than 18 years of age, Minor Information - Last 4 of Minor's SSN, Select the offender's relationship to the minor.

He/she is required to respond to your appeal within 15 working days of receiving the appeal.

If your complaint is about a correctional officer who works in visiting, you will want to make your complaint to the Visiting Sergeant and/or Lieutenant.

The designated phones’ “on” and “off” times vary at each prison; however, these phones are turned off during late night and early morning hours. The questionnaire calls for the applicant to list all criminal convictions and all arrests, even if the arrest never led to charges or conviction. Mail applications to: Division of Visitation and I/M DT P. O. h�bbd``b`Z$�� ��H�$�$\���YK$"�A\�Y���


All prisoners are eligible to receive visits unless they have temporarily lost that privilege due to disciplinary action.

These restrictions are based on recommendations from offender councils. Lockdowns or Modified Program: Prisons are often placed on “lockdowns” or “modified programs” in response to threats to the safety of staff and prisoners or the security of the institution.

The visitor must have some form of documentation, harness, or markings identifying the animal as a service animal (although it need not be a license or certification from a government agency). All billing and blocking issues should be directed to GTL’s Customer Service number at 1-888-415-0377. The conditions under which visitors must wait depend on the particular prison, but visitors should be cautioned that the wait may be without shelter (even in the rain, snow, or strong heat), may be without bathrooms, and may be in an area with traffic hazards or restricted movement (including not allowing children to move around). The prisoner is escorted in handcuffs by staff to the visit.

There is no limitation on the number of people who may correspond with the prisoner or the number of mail items a prisoner may receive. Once approved, you are listed in the computer as being an approved visitor for the prisoner; you do not need to bring any proof of approval with you to the prison. Avoid crowds. All Condemned visits are in a secured booth and involve the prisoner being escorted to visiting in handcuffs.

The written consent authorization form must include the name of the prisoner the minor child(ren) is allowed to visit, the name of the person who is authorized to bring the minor child(ren) into the prison, and the date(s) of the proposed visit(s). Although most staff will use common sense and not overreact to transitory non-sexual touching (a prisoner physically guiding his/her wife/husband away from an obstacle as they walk, a mother brushing dirt off a prisoner’s shirt), behaviors such as feeding each other, touching each other’s faces, adjusting each other’s clothing, and the like should be avoided.


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