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Some of the benefits of our free SIFT Practice Test: Include two forms of ID, pencils, your admission ticket or confirmation, a snack, and a bottle of water. Don’t be fooled, this test will likely be no walk in the park, and will require you to carefully study and prepare beforehand.

The following are some of the topics you will need to be familiar with: A test-taker’s SIFT score can range from 20 to 80. It will consist of a passage and four options with one being the only correct one. B) Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion It is not nearly as time intensive or mentally challenging as some of the other portions. online free can be hard to find. B) A tail rotor to balance torque 3. Every student has his or her learning speed. This section allows for 45 seconds per question. C) Increasing torque

Given this, it is essential that you put in your maximum effort when preparing for and taking the SIFT, which means thoroughly practicing for the day of the test. It was designed to test a candidate’s ability to read and interpret information as well as the sub context of the meaning. SIFT Practice Test We know that you want to do well on your SIFT exam but just can’t seem to find the time to study. Furthermore, if you don’t achieve a minimum qualifying score on your first try, you can retake the SIFT no sooner than the 181st day following your first attempt.

However, if you don’t have a practical understanding of aviation concepts, you should still be able to qualify for the Aviation training program. The nature of extraction could be from mechanical concepts, written passages, or simple machines.

If you take the time to do this, it is extremely easy. SIFT is an examination that measures various aptitudes. The time it takes to complete the SIFT exam can vary from candidate to candidate. The practice test consists of seven sections featuring 20-101 questions each that test your skills in: simple drawing, hidden figures, aviation information, spatial apperception, reading comprehension, math skills, and mechanical comprehension Learn where you want, when you want. PrepTerminal is your one-stop-shop when it comes to SIFT practice tests and SIFT course materials. You should be aiming for accuracy rather than speed. Bernoulli’s Principle primarily relates to…, A) Helicopter payload capacity Candidates should also be aware that SIFT also checks your familiarity with aviation terminology, aircraft functions, and numerous components. We give you the tools to help you prepare for your exam quickly and easily. If you are currently in the military, you should get in touch with your local servicing education center. Our course includes SIFT practice test style questions and quizzes so you can monitor your progress and familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions of the SIFT test. However, validities can differ as per the testing standards of each industry or field. Sometimes when you return to a problem later on the answer becomes apparent. Top Tip #8. Prepare a well-balanced meal before you leave for the test. Try to turn your mind to positive thoughts, as this will help you relax and increase your chances of having a good night’s sleep. Here are just a few of the topics you’ll need to understand in order to pass: The Reading Comprehension Test section consists of 20 questions and allows for 30 minutes. If you had endless time to do this the task would be fairly easy. Civilians who have at least a high-school diploma and are currently military members can take the SIFT exam and submit an application packet to be considered for the WOFT initiative. 1270+ flashcards covering important vocabulary terms and key concepts for PTCB success.​. The multiple sections and sub-topics of the SIFT account for the constructive variance of test-takers. This section doesn’t have a specific time per question considering the adaptive nature. Test. As a result, it allows recruiters to make the right decision and make sure that aviation programs work in the future. Also, you can contact a local recruiter to get more assistance to schedule your SIFT exam. Prove to yourself that you can realize your dream of landing a high-level position in the Air Force. D) None of the above, 3. A) pleasant It’s important not to start guessing when the time begins to run out.

Required fields are marked *. Currently, the candidates who want to apply in an Aviation program will have to get a minimum score of 40.

B) Lift Many of the questions on the SIFT may seem easy, however, when the time component is added, it can become extremely hard. The Mechanical Comprehension Test section is like the Math Skills section in that it is an adaptive testing system that averages between 20-30 questions, with a 15 minute length. We recommend becoming familiar with this section by studying and developing a strategy as you practice. Since this test is adaptive, the main focal point of your quiz will be determined via your weaknesses. MBLEx is a trademark of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) that did not produce our material. Make sure you have a calculator with new batteries and any other equipment that you are allowed to bring into the test room. The best way to prepare for this is familiarization with the questions and having a system to check each point as you move through the questions. Can you use a standard or advanced calculator at the time of the exam? The Hidden Figures section of the test consists of 50 questions and only gives you 5 minutes to complete. This part of the test is to assess an individual’s capacity to quickly identify images and to decipher a difference between the given options. You don’t have to pay any sum to attempt the SIFT exam. Nevertheless, try not to linger too long on one question.

At PrepTerminal our experience team of psychometric test experts have developed a tailor-made module-based course to provide you with the material you need to successfully complete the SIFT test. Top Tip #1. Currently, the validation of the SIFT exam is an on-going process for Army personnel. The recruiter will help you schedule a test time and date. In the Hidden Figures section, you will have 5 minutes to complete 50 questions, which means you have about 6 seconds for each question. Although most candidates prefer to take the SIFT exam online, the control and monitoring of the paper version is relatively more secure. The vast majority of students enjoyed their experience. Also, don’t make the mistake of studying too hard on topics you already know. Time to Complete: 4 min.

Military Flight Tests © 2017 All Rights Reserved. 2. Locations that typically administer the SIFT are: You will need to schedule your SIFT exam at the place in which you intend to take the test. I found this much useful information. Quizlet SIFT Army Aviation Information Section, How To Pass The SIFT Test - Military Flight Tests. 7, 7, 9, 11, 13, 13, 13, 19, 19, 21, A) The product of two numbers D) superb. D) Drag, A) A main rotor and tail rotor Despite what you may have heard, you can currently take the exam in the English language only. However, practicing the wrong content or using a badly produced SIFT study guide will not help your chance of success. C) Both magnitude and direction

For instance, it evaluates mathematical knowledge and verbal skills to find out whether or not you can extract meaning. Think positiveYou will probably feel anxious and excited about the test the night before exam day. Time to Complete: 7 min. And that’s because SIFT is not the only battery test when it comes to selection criteria in Aviation fields.

of Questions: 10 Instead, memorize the number of questions and time allocation for each section. B) The mean average of a series of values If a candidate takes the SIFT the first time and passes, this score becomes permanent. Created by. It may seem simple, but you’re racing against a very unforgiving clock.

Plan how you will get to the test centerMake sure you know how you are going to get to the test center and how long it will take you to get there. Directions: Each question below has four possible answer choices. However, you can expect to see essential formulas along with questions.

A SIFT practice test is one of the best ways to prepare for the Selection Instrument for Flight Training. The Online SIFT Practice Test sections are: The Simple Drawings section of the SIFT exam consists of 100 questions and gives you only 2 minutes to complete. This part of the test gives test-takes 45 seconds per question. Bring a watchMake sure you have a watch or some sort of timer so you can monitor the pace at which you are working.

Do not underestimate the Simple Drawings section.

C) Mass x Thrust This will help you manage your anxiety, and hopefully, let you get a proper night’s sleep, This way you will be mentally alert on the day of the test.

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