should not wearing a seatbelt be illegal essay
“Personal, temporal and spatial Characteristics of serious Injured Crash-Involved seat belt non-users in Hawaii.” Accident Analysis and Prevention 35 (2003): 121-130. For example, instead of saying “most people believe,” you should be able to give the percentage who do. After, We has humans are prone to accidents. Premium Since human beings are fallible and cannot totally avoid the accidents, seat belt has emerged as the best single and most effective feature in the car to reduce injuries caused during road accidents. All You Should Know About Choosing a Dissertation Topic. Should Not Wearing A Seat Belt Be Illegal. They have to declare this idea at schools to convince children that seat-belts are extremely important if they want to save their lives. In most cases, the act of not wearing his or her own seatbelt will not be the direct cause of an accident. That’s an absolute leader of my choice at times when I need emergency writing help. They claim that they should have a choice whether or not they should wear a seatbelt when in a vehicle. Me : Should the minimum age to obtain a driver license in the US be increased to 21? Here are some of the reasons why people prefer to not wear seat-belts and the reasons why they should. Timothy J. Mann

Thus, having a seat-belt on might just make the difference between being alert enough and try to get out of the car or being totally dazed and unconscious. According to the James Madison University serious traffic injuries can be reduced by 50% and fatalities by 60-70% if seat belts are used properly. Premium 3  Pages. Not wearing your seatbelt increases your risk of being killed or critically injured in car crashes exponentially. The United Kingdom also fines anyone caught without a seat-belt for £500.

Everybody makes choices every day. Where I live here in Indiana, they passed their first seat belt law on July 1, 1987. Read More. If a person were to be involved in a car accident and be seriously injured because he was not wearing a seat belt, he would come to the realization that he should have been wearing it. This will reduce the injuries and help reduce the Government expenses. I'd like to know more about placing an order. 2011). Road injuries have become a major concern for the public health and have become one of the major sources of death all over the world. When you are driving or even riding in a vehicle, buckling your seat belt will decrease your chance of death or serious injury, if you are involved in a severe accident. The question of whether or not a person should be punished for not wearing a seat belt, I believe, can be answered by comparing it to the previous example. In 2015, seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 13,941 lives, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Seat Belts np). A seat belt is a restraining device installed in a vehicle to prevent or minimize the force of an injury during a crash (“Seat Belts” 5). in the wake of several recent headline-making cases, a public cry requiring body cameras on law enforcement officers has gained momentum. Yannis, G, S Vardaki , A Laious, E Papadimitriou, A Dragomanovits, and G Kanellaidis. I understand that you cannot drive a car when you are drunk, but I cannot understand why people and the government take care of this issue. The first American patent was given in 1885 to Edward J. Claghorn. Most of them think that seat belts do not help when an accident occurs. In the video she discusses the disconnect between American politics and the judicial behavior and function. A law that I would like to discuss is the, According to the James Madison University serious traffic injuries can be reduced by 50% and fatalities by 60-70% if, installed in a vehicle to prevent or minimize the force of an injury during a crash (“, 40,000 people that had a mom or dad that loved them, that had a family waiting for them to be okay when they woke up. Not Wearing a Seatbelt While Driving Should Not Be Illegal Essay Sample. So PLEASE dont say "It is already illegal" or something like that, please just give me good solid reasons WHY not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal. I hold the opinion that all of these choices have an impact on our lives. On the other hand, our government tries to maintain the highest level of safety standards. Seat belts are there regarding to your safety and protection for the prevention of your life being in danger. The others sources should be from books, magazine articles, or similar sources, though they can be accessed by using the net. ENG101 Kim, J, and K Kim. Every year thousands of Americans, if not hundreds of thousands, are seriously injured or killed due to the lack of seat belt usage. We are almost sure that you will be impressed and confused, when you will figure out the number of these people, who died because of some awful circumstances. Compose a convincing essay mentioning your viewpoint on the usage of safety belt and whether or not using a safety belt need to be illegal in all parts of the world. They do not wear their seat belts even though they know the mortality statistics. Well, the laws do have a reason for requiring seat-belt usage. Not Wearing a Seatbelt While Driving Should Not Be Illegal Essay Sample. People are so ignorant to the fact that this safety device can save lives that they don’t care to wear one or they don’t think it’s cool. George Cayley first invented the seat belt in 1840. It would be better for our government to promote this idea with the aid of special social media and use marketing. Premium Seat Belts Save Lives. Nils Bohlin of Sweden created our modern day three-point seat belts in 1959. 11/20/2015 I am the only one that know how to drive in my house and I feel that it is hard for me. a car crash for not wearing his or her seat belt? This rule can be something like a substitute for conscience. 3  Pages. Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese corporation known for their manufacturing of all types of vehicles. Or how in depth they will be when you suffer a collision. I always have to drive my two son to school activities and other stuff. First I was skeptical about working with an online writing assistant as I know there’s so much scam in this field. Seat belt wearing should be made a law in all the countries due to its importance as explained in this paper (Yannis, et al.

please make sure no plagiarism because my teacher has check  Plagiarism system, I want use basic and easy words, Essay on "Should Not Wearing Seat-belt be Illegal? 7  Pages.

I hold the opinion that all of these choices have an impact on our lives. Premium Get your personal promo code to your e-mail! “Modelling the Factors Related to the Seatbelt use by young Drivers of … 4  Pages. Those 40,000 people could have had a chance to live if they would have made the simple decision to pull that strap that goes over your shoulder and across your lap. Freedom stops when we get to a point where others may be harmed or killed. I hope all of you who are listening to this speech today make the bigger choice of wearing your seatbelts in your day-to-day travelling. Chliaoutakis, J.E, and I Drakou.

With the establishment of Honda, manslaughter can be a positive punishment seeing how most people will change their behavior on the texting and driving. 4  Pages. You don’t, Should Not Wearing A Seat Belt Be Illegal Essay, Enzyme Activity Lab Discussion Conclusion Essay, If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World Essay, Self Evaluation Report For Public Speaking Essay, Cause Of The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay, How Does Shakespeare Present Lady Macbeth Essay, Personal Reflection On Effective Teamwork Essay, Compare Julius Caesar And Abraham Lincoln Essay, An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow Techniques Essay, The Scarlet Letter Thesis Statement Essay, John Downe's Letter Rhetorical Strategies Essay. Although there are laws that state, “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time,” said by Steven Wright.

Many overlook the true meaning of seatbelts because “it’s uncomfortable” or “they forget” without realizing the safety measures that the seat belts have, and when they are injured in an accident and are not wearing a seatbelt, often find excuses as to why.


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