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lovely Their methods are often less efficient than those used at sea though in some places, especially in Europe and North America, inshore fishing is both efficient and highly commercialized. Browse essays about Fishing and find inspiration. Report a Violation 10. Argentina (5 kg/11 lb per capita). It isn’t exactly the definition of fun… Different kinds of fish vary in their palatability and individual taste, while different methods of preparation (fresh, pickled, kippered or smoked) and of cooking (steaming, boiling or frying) mean that fish suit almost every taste and are highly prized all round the world. In order to catch the different types of fish, fishermen must employ suitable nets or lines and must study the habits of the fish concerned. Fishing – The Best Hobby The bulk is canned and there are many canneries along the Pacific coast in ports such as Seattle, Vancouver, Port Edward and Astoria that deal with salmon alone. The fish like to stay around the old piling and sunken ships. The normal length of a trawl-net is about 46 metres (150 ft). For those who do not understand what fishing is all about, they think that it is simply putting a bait on the hook and let it submerge in the water while you sat patiently until, day with a brilliant winter sunshine sparkles on the white expanse of your favorite Lake. in Argentina and Australia meat and other foodstuffs are so plentiful that it has not been necessary to develop a fishing industry. They prefer the cooler waters and are found most frequently at depths of about 40 metres (130 ft) where sunlight is just able to penetrate. The other demersal fish or white fish include the haddock (1 metre/3 ft) which is particularly impor­tant in the North Atlantic; the halibut (2 metres/7 ft) caught chiefly off British Columbia and north-western U.S.A.; and hake (1.2 metres/4 ft).

In terms of commercial value, freshwater fish are less important than those of the seas. Most of the fish caught are consumed fresh, and the surplus is chilled, dried or turned into fish-meals and fertilizers. The fish wastes from canneries are made into fish-meals, glues, oils and fertilizers. Annual fish consumption per capita is greatest in Portugal and Japan (over 45 kg/ 100 lb per year). Statistics reveal however that with greater efficiency in fishing, there has been a serious depletion of the world’s fish and sea mammals. Line fishing was much more important before the invention of the nets mentioned above, especially the trawl. Increasing human numbers will make the efficient harvesting of food from the sea more and more important. By weight herring is the most important catch of the North Atlantic region and is also the chief fish caught in Japan and China. Fishing – The Best Hobby Work—just the word is enough to make me nauseous sometimes. Either way, fishing should be enjoyed.

Tonle Sap in Kampuchea, Caspian Sea, Lake Titicaca and Lake Victoria. Its flesh has a pleasant flavour and fetches good prices. As a kid, I remember my family would take trips to the lake or rivers to have a family gathering and a carne asada. They travel in large numbers over long distances, and, by some peculiar instinct, find their original breeding ground.

Demersal fish (often known as white fish) live at the bottom of shallow seas. As the Mazda comes to a stop, the little girl lays her eyes upon a big green-house with a sign out front that says, “Welcome to the Lake”. Per capita consumption varies for two reasons: Firstly, fish is relatively cheaper than meat and is thus in demand in many underdeveloped or partial­ly-developed countries. Effective and internationally-accepted conservation measures must be devised and efficiently operated if salmon are not to be completely eliminated. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. On this basis the fishing industry can be divided into four main types: Pelagic fish are generally small in size and swim near the surface. My auntie, who lives in Cornwall, was probably eating fish for weeks after we brought back that many. Sturgeon are found in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and in the larger rivers such as the Volga, Danube and Dnieper. Giving one glance at someone who is fishing, you might think that fishing is very simple. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Essay # 7. Denmark, Germany, still have relatively high fish consumption figures though fishing is less important in the overall economy than formerly. The purse seine is more like a trawl net, with a narrow conical end and ‘wings’ of netting rather than otter boards. A very wide variety of methods is employed.

Europe; the Sea of Japan. Tomato sauce or oil is added, and the cans are sealed and cooked. Large quantities of sardines and pilchards are caught in the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and along the coast of the New England States, especially Maine, and are usually canned. China, and in the poorer European countries, e.g. On board large, modern craft fish can be preserved in salt and ice, so that such vessels can operate off relatively sparsely peopled coasts in the Arctic Ocean or the North-East Pacific. Larger, more powerful boats, often equipped for processing and storing the fish, and a large crew are essential in demersal fishing. Some, such as the Japanese vessels fishing in the Atlantic, may be away from home for months, pro­cessing the fish on the spot. The large popula­tion of Europe, North America, China, Japan and the U.S.S.R. create a continuous demand for fish and efficient communications enable the fish to be quickly distributed to markets in fresh or processed state. We stopped at a fisherman's shanty on the river and bought a pail of minnows. I realized that I have always put my hobbies in front of studying because in all honesty, Personal experience The U.S.A. is the leading menhaden catcher and this fish accounts for about 30 per cent of the U.S.A.’s total catch. Other industries, besides those dealing directly with fish, are stimulated by fishing. Trawlers may send their catch ashore by craft that ply at high speeds between ports and the trawling boats, or may operate in a fleet with a large factory ship which processes the catch at sea. This pattern may be perpetuated by tradition. Popular This is where my uncles and grandpa would fish, but at the time playing soccer with, My Oasis Local people also use a wide range of traps and hand-lines to catch salmon in the rivers. oysters, mussels, cockles, clams), sponges and seaweeds. It is estimated that a herring lays an average of 100,000 eggs, a cod between 5 and 10 million, and the female oyster something like 60 million eggs with­in a spawning season. Denmark, Norway and Sweden (27— 41 kg/60-90 lb), Taiwan (36 kg/80 lb) and Asian countries, e.g. Plankton are nour­ished by mineral salts and other material brought from the land by rivers or ice. Salmon is a very valuable fish and fetches high prices whether fresh, smoked or canned. T-shirt and jeans I was ready to fish. Trawling, where the sea-bed is smooth, or long-lining, where the bed is rocky or there are many wrecks, are the chief methods of catching demersal fish. The International Financial Crisis in 1929 Essay, The Lust for Power in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay. The greatest number of part-time fishermen is found in inshore fishing and they supply fish for the daily food of the family or for the village market. Herring are pelagic fish and are found in large shoals which may be 14 km (9 miles) in length and 6 km (4 miles) in width and comprise as many as 700,000 herrings. Disclaimer 8. Copyright 9. The best fishing grounds are thus located above continental shelves which are not more than 200 metres (660 ft) below the water surface, where plankton of all kinds are most abundant. The docks and ships were falling apart. It is found in the North Sea, off Norway and Iceland and on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland, and lives by preying on herring or their eggs. I like fishes and fishing I like to fish from the pier or at the creeks. They form the food of the zooplankton (microscopic animals) which are in turn devoured by other sea creatures such as fish. It is tasty but perishable and is best consumed fresh. As I was approached the cashier to check out at the student center I noticed it was my friend Pattie. They are caught off the Orkneys and Shetlands in June, off the Scottish coast by August, around the Humber in September, and in the English Channel by the end of the year.

Either way, fishing should be enjoyed.

There are thousands of species of fish in the seas and oceans, but the most numerous is the herring. Crustaceans are caught in a variety of traps. Drift nets are used by powerful boats called drifters. Large traps of kelongs made of stakes driven into the sea-floor may also be used along the coast, especially in South-East Asia, and fish are caught when the tide goes out. Anchovies are also caught off Europe but most come from Peru where 90 per cent of the catch is made up of these fish. When I was about two years old, my grandfather took me on my first of many fishing trips. Fisherman use simple devices such as seines, gill nets, dip nets, fishing traps and lines. A Descriptive Essay On Fishing 978 Words | 4 Pages. They feed on smaller fish or sea animals and unlike the pelagic fish are not found in large shoals, nor do they have regular migratory habits. It is now extensively fished off America from New­foundland to the Caribbean Sea. the ‘banks’ off New­foundland; the North Sea and continental shelf off N.W. Cod is by far the most common and the most valuable of demersal fishes. Pushing

The Columbia River, which once yielded US$10 million worth of salmon in a year, has had very few salmon since the 1930s. A small amount is now processed by special machinery which removes the oil, and is then canned. The fact fishing can be enjoyed by ages Under the father’s strict Presbyterian values, his sons, Norman and Paul used fly-fishing as the link that brought them closer together and helped them bond with their father on a different level. in Norway. In North America they are found in the St. Lawrence, the Mississippi and elsewhere. There are some anadromous fish, chiefly the salmon, which are spawned in the inland rivers, but spend most of their lives in the seas and only return to the rivers to spawn and die.


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