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Mark D'Amato: Jackie Garello: Shirley Hardman: George "Run Run" Jones

Gloria McAuliff Milane (December 14, 2016) Charles Tolbert

Credit: Roller Derby Shirley Hardman. Robert Brown Blanche Lopez Joan Kazmerski (December 5, 2016)

Lenny Chenault Kay Wilson

Calvin Taylor Bob Pancioli

John Britton In 1959, Leo Seltzer handed the reins to his son, Jerry.

DeWitt Quarles

Rita Bush (2015) Warren Woolston (2013) Shirley Hardman August 1, 1973 Hall of Fame 2005. Bill Sappington Kenny Brien Mickey Roberts Angelo "Dusty" Acevedo (2013) Mark D'Amato Twenty-thousand people came out for the first Transcontinental Derby to watch two-person teams, each consisting of a man and a woman, skate 57,000 laps around a flat track, Keith Coppage writes in “Roller Derby to RollerJam: The Authorized Story of an Unauthorized Sport.” Small lights on a large map tracked the skaters’ progress as they took turns whizzing around the ring, their mileage blinking along the route from New York to San Diego.

Kim Becker

“It’s one of the only sports where you’re playing offense and defense at the same time.”. The drama of roller derby during Jerry Seltzer’s tenure was cinematic, with festering feuds playing out over weeks and brawls breaking out mid-jam. Louise Brower Billy Bogash - Hall of Fame 1953 it’s DIVINE.

Roller derby was born on Aug. 13, 1935, at the Chicago Coliseum. Joann Koons (2016)

Elaine Everson (July 16, 2017)

Terry Lewis (2013) C’mon, don’t try to flatter me.

Over the next twenty-one years, twenty-one superb athletes were admitted thru the doors of the illustrious Hall. Joel "Doc" Rabin lol, I also love “Do you remember where you parked the car?!?”.

Em Dash. Ivy King July 12, 2006 Hall of Fame 1953. Jan Dorigo (2013)

But even if the theatrics were, for the most part, organic, the casting of certain teams and players as villains or heroes had striking parallels to the melodrama of professional wrestling. Ken Willis Lisle-How old would you guess I am?

Taft Waters Joyce Ray Jack Wilson Annis Jensen (2015) - Hall of Fame 1960 Ann was always rivals with … Margaret Brady (2016) Cal Stephens The jam then goes for two minutes, with teams earning a point every time their jammer laps a member of the opposing team. Sonja Sims The younger Seltzer decided to take a new tack: Maintain the athleticism of roller derby while upping the drama. Here we discuss both professional banked track roller skating leagues - the original Leo Seltzer / Jerry Seltzer DERBY & ROLLER GAMES, the National Skating Derby.

Jules Illies Doug Monte

And I loved the idea of an intense sport that didn’t take itself too seriously.”. Norman Derby

The Los Angeles Thunderbirds were ‘America’s team’ during the heyday of banked track roller derby and were the most popular & prolific international roller derby team in the history of the sport.

“It’s not an alter-ego: It’s a way to be more yourself than you can always be in your normal life.”. Red Erdman Jan Vallow prepares to toss Judi McGuire, the top scorer for the New York Chiefs’ women’s squad, off the track. Corlus "Leo" Quigley (July 25, 2017) (Jerry Seltzer waffled on the issue.)

Together, they created what would become the enduring structure of roller derby and introduced the full-contact thrills that define the sport today. Gerri Abbatella (Chaump) Hall of Fame 2006, Bill MorrisseySeptember 14, 1996 At first glance, roller derby seems like a feminist punk fever dream. “We never got a reason,” Ms. McGuire said. Mickey Rooney took the sport to the silver screen in the 1950 film “The Fireball” (which also featured a 24-year-old rising star named Marilyn Monroe). You’re a fraud. Gene Vizena Nygra Wes Aronson - Hall of Fame 1953 Gene Gammon - Hall of Fame 1959 Emily Thomas “This is the best sport for women to be in,” Sandy Dunn, the captain of the New York Chiefs’ women’s squad, told The Times in 1972. Chuck Davis

George Vogt

“The women can see themselves in the roller derby.”. Hank Goldberg

Whirl Gray (2016)

Nellie Montague (September 2016) The Long and Surprising History of Roller Derby. Hall of Fame 1968, Leroy GonzalesOctober 9, 2001

Darryle Davis (2014)

Georgia Hase (2015)

And Jerry Seltzer, who died on July 1, was “an incredible advocate of the modern sport,” despite the ways it evolved from his creation. The Thunderbirds quickly became one of the most popular and well-known teams in the history of banked track skating (Roller Derby).

Johnny Karp - Hall of Fame 2004 Hall of Fame 2004, Ralph ValladaresNovember 13, 1998 There were a few attempts to bring it back in the 1980s and ’90s — in increasingly exaggerated, W.W.E.-esque forms — none of which went anywhere. Ernie Lopez Roy Payne Otto Jones (2016) John Morrissey In May 1973, 27,135 fans packed into Shea Stadium to watch the triple-header world championships, in which the Chiefs, led by Mike Gammon, defeated the Pioneers 34-31.

Hall of Fame 1956, Ann CalvelloMarch 14, 2006

Annabelle "Slugger" Kealy - Hall of Fame 2004 “Can you just not, breathe?” Thats probably my all time favorite movie. Sonny Rimatello

By 1953, with public interest waning, Seltzer moved his operation to California. May 26, 1973. Silver Rich - Hall of Fame 2014

Dennis Claybourne “This is the only American sport ever created where men and women are equal,” he told The Times in 1971.

Roger Schroeder Jim Cook Dolly Hansen

If those ring any bells, you might appreciate this news item. “There are very few spaces in the world where women, transgender and gender-nonconforming folks get to use their bodies freely and unapologetically,” Molly Stenzel, the president of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, or W.F.T.D.A., the sport’s main governing body, said in an email.


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