shin megami tensei: strange journey redux carina walkthrough
The same strategy for the previous fight will suffice, though your team's higher levels will make her less of a threat. She's shown to be wielding a gun.

As such, when another iteration of the Schwarzwelt was created, they were unable to stop its advance. Demons appearing in Sector Carina include: Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The protagonist injures her, forcing Alex to retreat due to damage suffered from the fight with Amon.

Alex was born into the latter group, which at some point in time had been massacred for simply not being affected by the song. Sector Carina is the third area or sector that the Red Sprite's crew investigate inside the Schwarzwelt. Varies Learning from their previous fight, Alex ambushes the protagonist without giving him a chance to rest, and he is forced to deplete all her health this time. Despite her human form, Jimenez and Zelenin are terrified of her and consider her a monster. If he disagrees with her in any of the above situations, however, she will proceed to use the Fruit to unlock her demonic heritage in full, summon Shaytan and Amon to her side, and fight the player with her newfound party of demons. First Appearance Also known as In the Chaos route, Alex is encountered just before Jimenez and the protagonist go to meet Mem Aleph after retrieving all the Cosmic Eggs. In the middle of exploring Sector Eridanus, Arthur and crew discover strange signals in Carina which, through investigation, turns out to be from the Lightning housed in a secret part of Carina. FLESH! Later on in the game, if the protagonist returns back to Carina he will find that a Dwarf, which, occupying Horkos' previous residence on the first floor, may ask the protagonist to gather crafting materials, starting the 'Forge! Alex is a character from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. The nature of Alex's parentage is deliberately left unexplained, but implied in the story, with only the hologram of herself and her mother alluding to. If the player didn't defeat Maria before approaching Mem Aleph for the second time in Sector Horologium, Alex appears one last time, outside Mem Aleph's chamber, determined to defeat the protagonist so she can change the future. Be aware of excessively buffing and/or debuffing, as she can use Silent Stones, Dekaja Stones, and Dekunda Stones to erase them.

When the Protagonist finds the area with the egg he meets Zhu Yin, who will fight him on the Law or Neutral paths and give it to him willingly on the Chaos path.

Demonica Alignment That being said, Alex isn't completely heartless. Pistol Due to the nature of the world she originates from, regardless of alignment, she is left alone and abandoned. We'll get to that very soon, though.

For Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux on the 3DS, Guide and Walkthrough by Devhatesyou. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Locations, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Original Soundtrack, He also gifted Zelenin with a Power for her protection, acknowledging her respect for demons of the Divine lineage rather than others that could remind her of her ordeal in Sector Bootes. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Arthur indicates that though Zelenin's story makes the survival of other crewmen unlikely, it is possible the damaged ship still holds valuable parts, particularly the Graviton radio used to communicate with Earth, and later issuing a mission for its retrieval. Seeking a way to pierce Horkos' protection, the protagonist returns to Mastema, who offers to take a Megami and a Wilder demon and fuse them into a sacred crystal capable of damaging Horkos, the Shibboleth, but indicating it would need technological updating to work. She is the human daughter of Lucifer, who traveled back in time from the future to prevent the three possible endings from the original game from happening, as each one results in an apocalyptic world regardless. Should the protagonist agree with Alex, Alex convinces Zelenin to create her own version of order by removing hostility with her hymn. To provide more context and priority, I added my personal notes on top of basic quest info. Crewman Jimenez, rushing in, inadvertently forced his demon, Bugaboo to dive in and get absorbed by the plasma armor. When facing her, it's vital that the player's team has a well-rounded defense, though her group-hitting attacks tend to be gun-based. representing an alternative Law/Neutral/Chaos Routes. The egg is hidden within a Sanctum and guarded by Chaos demons. The Lightning, the prototype for the creation of the Red Sprite, the Elve, and the 4th Ship, and the Gigantic, housed Jack's Squad. SMT: SJR

Completing this fight will unlock Amon and Shaytan for fusion on the next playthrough, and add Amon to the boss rush machine in the Womb of Grief. Most of her desire to kill the three characters comes from what she knows about them in her time. During the protagonist's exploration into the Womb of Grief, he encounters her, but is not found thanks to Demeter's magic.

Depending on how far the protagonist has traversed the Womb of Grief and his choice in the last encounter with Alex near the end of the original Law/Neutral/Chaos routes, Alex also develops a gold or blue aura around her body, the former of which also turns her eyes red, signifying her demonic heritage and cries bloody tears. Alex series of EX Missions. Thus, her desire is a selfish reason: To avoid being alone. She also comes off more approachable, thanking the protagonist for saving her. She is fought in this form if you don't defeat Maria before reaching Mem Aleph the second time. BUONO! Soon after, he descends to Carina's basement and finds the demon master himself, Horkos, partially fused with the Elve, and protected by its plasma armor. Alex appears again in Sector Carina, stopping the protagonist as he pursues Horkos. アレックス Depending on the player's alignment, her backstory changes accordingly: Alex is first met shortly after the Schwarzwelt Investigation Team arrives in Sector Bootes. She is bewildered, demanding to know how he could have survived before attacking him again, though is once again unsuccessful as he escapes into the Carina's Sanctum. She then leaves, going after Jimenez and Zelenin next. George responds to his presence, and hurries the protagonist along without rousing her. In one of Carina's sections, the protagonist again finds Mastema, who offers his aid on defeating Carina's demon master. Jimenez mentions that he encountered her and barely survived, having managed to escape.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ... Once we climb these, we've fully mapped the 1st floor of Carina as well. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey by Dragonatrix ... Carina being gluttony, even without it being explicitly spelt out, is the most obvious one, yes. If the protagonist is Neutral aligned, Alex begs the protagonist to help her change her future.

As Zelenin declares that she accepts it and vows to create her own version of order, a new future is created and Alex disappears, having accomplished her mission before giving Zelenin her ring and the protagonist the Third Fruit. Thus, when she gets to know them more in some way, she becomes confused, such as when Bugaboo protected Jimenez from her when he was infected by the Delphinus Parasite or when the protagonist protected her from Zeus.

Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Megumi Han However, she has also made off with the Third Fruit which the protagonist was supposed to collect. Her crimson attire symbolizes her demonic heritage, being Lucifer's daughter.

When she has time to interact with them properly and understand them better, she offers a different means to create a new world for them.

BUONO! If Maria's not defeated, Alex is fought alone, with increased stats and stronger skills. 2018. If Maria has been defeated and the player declines the new endings, Alex summons Amon and Shaytan to fight alongside her. Sector Carina is the sector of the Schwarzwelt intended to reflect human greed and wish for lavishness and luxury, mirroring in an absurd mockery of a massive shopping mall stocked with all sorts of products; from simple items to even live animals and demons locked in cages, all shelves miles high and stocked to the brim. Should the protagonist agree with Alex, a new future is created and Alex disappears, having accomplished her mission before giving Jimenez her ring and the protagonist the Third Fruit. Arekkusu By the time she had decided to return to the past and enter Schwarzwelt to kill the protagonist, Jimenez and Zelenin, the only beings left in that world were herself and the demons who inhabited it. In the Fourth Sphere, after the protagonist defeats Forneus, Alex and George encounter the protagonist. If the protagonist is Chaos aligned, Alex questions Jimenez saving Bugaboo when it conflicted with his ideals. There's an interesting dot in Mastema's room but that's not actually available yet.

LIFE! The protagonist is forced to intervene, taking on Zeus himself. Bring Gun resistance and the fight should not be too different from the earlier fights. If the player did defeat Maria at this point, Alex shows up in the depths of Sector Horologium - either just after Mem Aleph's defeat on the Law and Neutral routes, or immediately before the protagonist returns to Mem Aleph on the Chaos route. When challenging her in Sector Horologium, the fight the player is given depends on whether or not they've completed the Womb of Grief by defeating Maria there. She wears over-the-ear headphones, a red coat, and a black jump suit.

She fights alone, though with increased stats and stronger moves than her previous fights in the Womb of Grief. Dispatch her demons - particularly Shaytan who can heal her with Diarahan and apply Luster Soul, the equivalent of four Luster Candies at once - and Alex alone should not be a threat. In the Third Sphere, the protagonist encounters her several times as she attempts to kill him before finally confronting him after she has slain Amon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If the player has defeated Maria but turns down the new endings, she is fought with Amon and Shaytan. This time, her skill set is greatly diminished, but her one skill - Claimh Solais - is a physical attack that pierces resistance and is guaranteed to hit fairly hard while her demons support with buffs and debuffs. In a world of Law, humanity was divided into two groups: those brainwashed by Zelenin's song and those who were not. While the Ship's plasma amor drives him off, it's clear he will not relent and will continue to attack. Japanese VA It is in this sector that Sanctums are introduced --they are different parts of time/space, accessible through shifts in special locations--. In the Womb of Grief, when Demeter and the protagonist stumble upon her again, she is found looking at a holographic image of a blonde woman holding a baby. Alex has long black hair with bangs and silver eyes. If the protagonist is Law aligned, Alex questions Zelenin. Given this, Arthur issues a mission for his extermination. All kinds of new weapons and armor, though for the weapons it is up to you whether you prefer rolling the dice on a weaker weapon (Athame Dagger) with high upside (3 attacks).

Alex is after Jimenez, Zelenin and the protagonist's life and is involved with the game's new ending route. Japanese Name HP Regen I, Enemy Begone, and Fracastoro are all available (though you may be running out of capacity for sub-apps.)

After allowing the protagonist to keep her ring and giving him the Third Fruit, Alex's future changes and she disappears, at ease knowing that the protagonist will protect the future. Alexandra ENERGY! You can also deploy a Tetrakarn, deliberately trigger Dodging Counter, and feed her her own lead.


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