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It was none other than the then-WWE chairman and essentially the Wizard of wrestling’s Oz—Vince McMahon Jr. “He was there and he knew everything about it,” Snuka told a radio show host. I would never hurt any of them.”. And I swear of God instead I sick of tired with you tamina. Keep suggesting us. I think Vince Jr. picked me up from the hotel and took me there. Required fields are marked *. “I think we stopped drinking after that—she did at least,” according to Snuka. He goes on about how he wished it hadn’t happen and says “I had no reason to hurt her.” Nonetheless, Snuka remained forever tied to 23-year-old Argentino’s untimely death on May 10, 1983. And while they’re “drinking and having a good time” in comes the party-crashing police. Favourite Animal/Pet:   Bulldog. Snuka seemed to faintly recall how his knight dressed in a tailored suit saved the day while he was in a perpetual daze. “We tried to talk some sense into her but she went back on the road with him,” Salome said.

She had a headache but no blood. That was a blatant lie,” said Muchnick. In short, here is a complete map of her personal and professional life.

Take Dr. Isidore Mihalakis’s autopsy report noting that the “multiplicity and magnitude” of Nancy Argentino’s dozen or more craniocerbral blows “may even be suggestive of ‘mate’ abuse” and that “this case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise.”. “I enjoy them. We strongly appreciate your precious suggestions, ideas and comments.

And despite the caked on foundation applied by the ambitious mortician on this day the grim sight haunted her pro wrestling beau to the core. Three months before Argentino was pronounced dead she was screaming bloody murder while Snuka was pulling her hair and dragging her naked body through the corridors of a Howard Johnson hotel in Salina, New York.

Reached by phone yesterday, Sharon Georgi said she was having dinner. Reached by phone yesterday, Sharon Georgi said she was having dinner. So why did they buy his constantly evolving story? “Procanyn didn’t say to me, ‘We didn’t have enough evidence to indict’—which at least would have been plausible.

Authorities even tossed the WWE Hall of Famer’s tell-all autobiography as the cherry on top of the mountain of facts. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Her defiled face was on display in an open casket during a wake at a funeral parlor in her hometown of Flatbush, Brooklyn. The fall didn’t seem like anything serious. Her Brother is Also a Professional Wrestler, Deuce. Thanks for visiting. Smell of alcohol.”, To the hospital’s chaplain, he said Argentino may have “hit her head on the side of the chair or the bed.”.

“When I woke her up, I picked her up and said, “Are you okay, honey?” And Argentino apparently replied, “Yeah, but it’s just my head, my bump.”. “When we got to the hotel right away I had to call because she wasn’t feeling good,” he said. Snuka debuted on May 24, 2010, at Raw, adopting the ring name Tamina.

At the time, she was featured as a villainous character in the episode with Jey and Jimmy Uso. “They beat me with their batons… I never laid my hands on anyone, and I didn’t see any naked women, aside from the one in my room.”, Snuka copped a guilty plea “just to get it over with” and adds, “I did not assault Nancy—she was fine.” All was swept under the wrestling mat in fact.

Perhaps in an effort to rewrite history, Snuka attempts to once again clear his name in his book about how the fatal bump on the head happened. All I remember is he had a briefcase with him. But Tarzan never faced a murder rap.

After pulling over on the side of the road Snuka claims he sat in the car sipping something potent and somehow his girlfriend complained about her head. Her daughter was dead. At one point Argentino hopped over a stream before she lost her footing.

She is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka and his second wife, Sharon. ‘What? “In the end, I paid a fine and the charges were dropped.”, It was after that “party” that Argentino’s family tried to convince her to kick Snuka to the curb. Track back 30 years to the documented interview with Detective Gerald Procanyn of the Whitehall Police Department at the hotel.

Then another call came and it was the motel owner saying that there was a “guy running after her.” Snuka took his hostage girlfriend into the room and refused to open the door when deputies arrived. Accident is accident brudda.”, To the responding police officer, according to the complaint, Snuka said they were “fooling around outside [sic] room door when he pushed her and she fell striking her head.” That same night Snuka told a paramedic that the couple got carried away in horseplay. But there were clear signs that her sister’s love affair was rocky. Ranked No. Have a look. You think you better than us! A nurse observed Snuka’s strange demeanor when he visited Argentino’s room after she was admitted at Lehigh Valley Hospital Center’s ER. After all, in his 1980s prime Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka was a masterful wrestling specimen tipping the scales in mass popularity and forcing all comers to instantly tap out. “Nancy called me at 2 in the morning saying, ‘I have to get out of here,’” her sister recalled. What’s more, the 12-24 hour delay for Snuka to call for help contributed to the emergency staffers’ inability to resuscitate Argentino. After being pressed about the moment of impact Snuka told the cops he asked Argentino if she was okay and she was lucid. “That night I felt very strange. I was talking Mrs. Sharon Snuka!

Vince McMahon Jr. was not only present but was clandestinely trying to play Mr. Fixit. Eyes blood shot. He didn’t say anything to me.

The only thing I know for sure is that I didn’t hurt Nancy.”. This versatile wrestler hails from a wrestler’s family of Vancouver, Washington, United states. After being informed of her ex-husband’s murder charges, she told The Daily Beast, “I …

On that night Snuka claims he was “just drinking a lot of booze.” He later noted he had been smoking some pot too. It was devastating.”. “Only after Nancy was killed did we learn that he was married and it was a total shock that he was living this double life,” Argentino’s sister Lorraine Salome added. He even remembered telling her, “I’ll see you later, honey. “We slept together each time, but we also hung out.”, But while he admits his marriage to his wife, Sharon, was “terrible” and that he was unfaithful, he seems to misremember how he put a brutal beating on her months after Argentino died. Favourite Food:             Junk Foods Ultimately, it took eight deputy sheriffs and K-9s to bring Snuka under arrest. Now 72 years old and stricken with stomach cancer, the defamed brawler yesterday posted $100,000 bail after forfeiting his passport. Eerily, Salome recalled feeling restless that night. According to the complaint, the nurse described the hulkish beau as a “tall man with a Hawaiian skirt” who refused to go to the waiting room.

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Favourite Athlete:         Junior Seau After he comforted Argentino by bringing some chow and later setting wet towel compresses on her head, her status turned critical.

In the wake of Argentino’s death, one of Snuka’s confidants came to his aid. Nothing we could do.”, And just before Argentino’s life was taken, her sister said she had promised to be home for Mother’s Day. At around 4 a.m. trucks were approaching Argentino, who had found a bush to squat and pee. You can also find here which are her awards and achievements which he got during his professional career. Then, he along with his (since deceased) handler Buddy Rogers, beelined it to the exit vowing “I’ll come back for the church [service].”, “He never showed,” Argentino’s oldest sister Lorraine Salome told The Daily Beast. But her family thought they were more an item. Died? It’s possible like Snuka concedes that Argentino was fine with the philandering. Detective Procanyn at the time told Muchnick when quizzed about Snuka’s shaky defense that the evidence was inconclusive. Furthermore, you can also find ample information about her family and personal life. January 10 It was 4 a.m and I was already up.

“When she came back, she told me she slipped on the way and hit her head.

I was devastated,” he wrote. She has three beloved siblings including Deuce, Ata Snuka and Liana Snuka. “He came there in shorts and didn’t say anything to my mother. I love the smell of the ladies. How did she die?’ her distraught mom said. As a professional she has achieved many milestones and awards. “There is no question in my mind that the missing narrative piece coming out of the indictment is the role that officers of the court in Pennsylvania themselves played,” Muchnick told The Daily Beast. After being informed of her ex-husband’s murder charges, she told The Daily Beast, “I have nothing further to offer.”. In October 1983, Debbie Rogers, the wife of Snuka’s manager, Buddy, took photos and notes of “injuries to Sharon as a result of her beating by Snuka and her hospitalization,” according to a criminal complaint. “I felt bad about it brother. He has tow social media known profiles which are given below. “She was going to come home for that weekend,” Salome said. It was 1983 and only days after Nancy Argentino was found barely breathing, oozing yellow fluid from her mouth and nose while laying almost lifeless, while holed up in Room 427 at the George Washington Motor Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Indeed, the champion grappler gained infamy by soaring like human ammo. An ambulance was called and not two hours later at the hospital did Argentino die. Snuka told her to hurry up as she “jumped across the grass onto the road” she “slipped and fell backwards and hit her head. I’ll be right back as soon as I get done,” as he kissed her, according to the 30-page criminal complaint. She said that’s why The Rock works so hard, he’s always been around that environment. They made it to the motel and after Argentino requested to lie down, Snuka left to go to the Allentown Fairgrounds to perform. The couple were even hatching plans to purchase a New Jersey townhouse together. “I think she died of a fracture to her skull. “My mom told her, ‘Listen, Nancy, you’re too pretty and too smart to put up with this. In fact, Snuka made appearances (though he barely spoke to anybody) at the Thanksgiving dinner hosted at Nancy’s mother’s house in Brooklyn.

Based on the forensic evidence, it was curious that police investigators had so quickly ruled out foul play. Have a good day, stay blessed. Despite the tumble they drove to the motel, despite reports that Snuka lacked a driver’s license.


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