session 9 explained
Toys, Gifts, Collectibles, Board Games & Horror Lifestyle Items. Horror Writers Wanted! What’s harder is to recreate the feeling of a place that isn’t haunted, a place that makes your skin crawl in a way you can’t explain for reasons you can’t understand. I love the small budget, hidden gems- especially from the early 2000s. More quotes from Session 9. Oddly, Session 9 takes place mostly in daylight (an uncomfortable, dried-blood shade of daylight, but daylight nonetheless). ‘Session 9’ … Except where otherwise indicated, Everything.Explained.Today is © Copyright 2009-2020, A B Cryer, All Rights Reserved. The film takes place in and around the Danvers State Mental Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts, which was partially demolished five years after the film was made. The script was written around the shooting location based on what rooms and corridors were safe to shoot in. In the ending moments of the film, Gordon completely loses his mind and relentlessly kills all the members of his crew. Right after this, when Mike and Gordon head deeper into tunnels of the hospital with the guard, for some strange reason, Gordon tries to lead the way as if he’s already well-versed with the geography of the huge hospital. It happened with poor, confused Mary and it happened to Gordon, who was crumbling under the stress of his marriage and fatherhood when his own personal Simon came along. You Know You Want It! Moviegoers beware there will be spoilers, but if you’re confused about Gordon and his pseudo alter ego Simon, then strap in because this one is a doozy. Sometimes I just want a good mindfuck. Towards the beginning, Gordon leads ahead of the tour guy.

Maybe he also spent time in that room? Click Here! Amazing film. The setting is as much a character as the living people. I presume Simon was the devil. But dammed creepy. With an impressive ensemble cast, unnerving soundtrack and unforgettable use of location, the film not only set the stage for the modern renaissance in independent horror films, it also established Anderson as one …

Session 9 was one of the first feature films shot using Sony's 24P HD video, which shoots at 24 frames per second, like film, as opposed to the 30 frames per second of conventional video.

It’s like watching “Friends” without the laugh track: it makes you want to claw your eyes out.

Hank becomes frightened by a series of noises, and witnesses a shadowy figure in the tunnel. [7], Session 9 was director Brad Anderson's first horror film, after directing two romantic comedy films, Next Stop Wonderland (1998) and Happy Accidents (2000). probably my favorite horror film. Danvers is the real deal, with a history of lobotomies, shock-treatments, straight-jackets and general inhumane behavior towards the mentally ill. Usually in horror movies, 1) people arrive in impossibly creepy places, 2) one panicky person is quickly told to shut up, and 3) the rest of the cast remains blissfully oblivious to the theatrical creepiness of their surroundings until a masked man leaps from behind a heavily cobwebbed lampshade and tries to get up in their mix. Gordon, the murderer, is the most stable person at the onset of the film. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. When one of the men, Gordon, finds old session tapes from one of the patients, he descends into madness. These realistic depictions of psychiatric interviews coupled with the footage of the asylum helps the film go deeper inside your head than any normal psychological horror would. For the most part, it draws its scares from the complexity and interactions of its characters. They are of a patient named Mary Hobbess, a woman with multiple personality disorder who killed her brother and parents when she was fourteen. However, there’s also the possibility that Simon is responsible for Gordon’s actions and was pulling the strings all along. Essentially, we’re tasked with deciphering and determining which events occurred in real life and which took place in Gordon’s mind. He confides in Phil that he slapped her after she inadvertently splashed him with a pot of boiling water, and that she refuses to answer his calls or let him see their infant daughter. He also points out that the deleted scenes included on the DVD help fill out the narrative. As he stares at the bloody scene, an excerpt from the ninth session tape plays: During it, Mary's doctor asks her, "And where do you live, Simon?" There’s no killer or ghost. Except for… something. That’s when he completely lost his temper and slapped her. So we’ll be breaking down the entire movie in the article below, with not just one, but several theories. [2], Session 9 received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Since its limited theatrical release in 2001, Brad Anderson’s “Session 9” has slowly gained prominence among film fans as one of the great American horror films of the 21st century. The score is in an ambient and dark ambient vein. Jeff subsequently emerges from the tunnels, resurfacing in an outbuilding, and is attacked by an unseen assailant at the company van. Additionally, Gordon seems to seek out Mary in several ways after listening to her tapes, sitting above her grave, and of course, Gordon posts his photos up in Mary’s old room. They live behind her eyes, or behind her tongue. With this in mind, Gordon could simply be navigating this abandoned hospital trapped in his own interior, cooking up scenarios to escape from the truth. Session 9 is an exceptionally intelligent movie and it’s no wonder that it is still going strong after almost fifteen years. Gordon was on the verge of a nervous breakdown…he just needed the spark to light the fire and presto…Simon says ” they let me do it..” “I live in the minds of the weak and the wounded..” Many of the horror films from the era in which it was made have not stood the test of time, but this one has and it is easy to see why. Very in your head type of movie. And what’s even stranger is the fact that out of all the hundreds of tapes in the room, Mike is only drawn to Mary’s box of tapes. This scene can also have two explanations. Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back. It’s certainly a possibility. so good though! I have watched it about five times…I must admit the theory of Gordon being an ex resident never crossed my mind. This seems to be the most likely explanation for narrative events, reinforced by Simon’s later monologue. There are a number of possibilities to consider. If Mary and the gang are reaching out to Gordon, they could be attempting to set him on his path of deadly destruction. {{#media.media_details}} Danvers is so thick with natural atmosphere that it feels as if the depredations performed upon the mentally ill have made themselves part of the surroundings. I keep seeing mentioned in various reviews, of Gordon stumbling upon the tapes but it was Mike. Angels surround you and help in your endeavor. If this were true, that would tie everything up with a cute little bow. Each of the personalities is compartmentalized enough to remember bits and pieces of the big picture but not see the complete reality with the exception of Simon. One of these incidents is, of course, Gordon’s experience when he first sees Mary’s wheelchair in the corridor. Why Session 9 is One of the Smartest Horror Films of the Last 15 Years, Ten of the Most Psychotic Women in Horror, The Neon Demon Commences Production Today in LA. This explains why Hank loses his mind and keeps asking Jeff the same question. Choire

It is a masterclass in the power of suggestion and the conversational rings people run around each other. It’s easy, in some ways, to capture the feeling of a haunted house on screen. Have something to tell us about this article? It is a movie that wakes the butterflies in your stomach the moment it begins and will soon have you covering your face in fear of seeing another hallway or yellow room. This theory also explains how he seemed to be so well-versed with all the routes of the hospital and also knew how to perform a perfect lobotomy.


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