sennheiser ie 500 pro vs shure se846

Shure’s filter system is nicely crafted with some intelligent choices, and I’d be willing to bet you could experiment further with other BA filters from a store like Mouser.
The scoring that appears on this site is determined by the site operator in its sole discretion, and should NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes. The changes according to Shure are about 2.5-3 dB per filter, and IMO they have nailed this. Sennheiser / Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-ear Monitors; Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-ear Monitors Like a featherweight thrown into the ring against a super-heavyweight, Sennheiser’s IE 500 Pros come up against the big, burly flagships from the likes of Westone and Shure. The Shure SE846 IEM that I’m reviewing today was provided to me as a loaner by a fellow Kiwi audio enthusiast – Rob.

The ES3 has a little less width and a little less height, but both are nicely ergonomic. Tell us what you’re passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. Shure advertises up to 37 dB attenuation, and for my fit, I’m achieving most (if not all) of it. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Tip choice may be limited for those who like to tip roll, due to the narrow nozzle. The SE846 does tend to isolate slightly better, and might be slightly more comfortable due to the smaller size. I have never seen isolation this good, just make sure you get a tight fit. Heat radiating all around the orange glow. I just thought it worth the mention, and was quite surprised when I applied the EQ at how close the two are. The highs have a good amount of detail but are slightly rolled off, making these sound smooth. The travel case is great and the pelican case for rugged storage is perfect. The Dipper has a 2 pin 8 core single ended very flexible cable. Both have good quality cases. Female vocals have a wonderful touch of euphony without being overemphasised or unnatural. But although the U10 I have has a slight chip, it still functions beautifully and this is after more than 2 years, so really the build on both is pretty good. The U10 has a little more treble extension and air in the upper end. The U10 has a single 2 pin cable – twisted pair, to twisted triple. For a glimpse at Shure’s history – I thoroughly recommend visiting their website and viewing the video on this page. I didn’t get the full range of tips when I got the Dipper, but it is not the largest accessory range. Excellent noise isolation and hardly any sound from the cords rubbing on clothing etc. You can see the laser engraving on the drivers, the circuit board with the crossovers, the enclosures for the BAs and also the ground breaking low-pass filter. When I first started out, it was with the very neutral Shire SE425. The most important reason people chose Shure SE846 is: It uses high quality MMCX connectors, making the cables removable. Personally I haven’t noticed – mainly because my tinnitus masks it. Currawong's Headphone & Earphone Reviews –

My testing for this section was done with the FiiO X7ii (AM3A module), no EQ, blue (balanced) filters and Shure Olives. In the time I have spent with the Shure SE846, I have noticed no change to the overall sonic presentation (break-in). Its like looking through a window into the internals, and I love it. The front nozzles double as the filters.

Precisely engineered pressure vents behind a single dynamic driver leave no opportunity for distortion to occur. Designed especially for … The SE846 is cheaper, more lifelike and natural sounding, and I can tweak with the filters if I have a desire for more treble. The mids are also full and forward. For the record – on most tracks, the volume level on the X7ii (paired with AM3a) was ~35-40/120 Single Ended (on low gain) which was giving me an average SPL around 65-75 dB (track dependent). Product Comparison: Shure SE846-CL vs Sennheiser IE800S. I measured the filters, and they showed exactly the same frequency response from 20-500Hz, and a change in overall response between ~ 2 – 9 kHz (with some residual change both before and after). There is a life-like sense of of flow around me, and once again there is a sense of space. Overall balance end to end in the frequency response. Audiophile; SHARE: GIVE $10, GET $10.

Rather than trying to correct this – I have left the filters as they are for this review. The SE846 has a choice of tuning filters which do affect the upper mids and lower treble quite nicely. The sound is so clear - truly amazing. With four high-definition drivers, a groundbreaking low-pass filter, a customizable frequency response, and a detachable cable, The SE846 professional sound isolating earphones are engineered for unparalleled audio monitoring in a durable, discrete design. Both have an ergonomic build and are very comfortable for longer term wearing. Shure describes the three filters as warm (black), balanced (blue) and bright (white). Upper mid-range – slightly elevated compared to lower mid-range (mainly in the 2-3 kHz area, which really helps add that sweetness in the presence area for female vocals. When the SE846 came out, I was naturally interested, but the idea of sub-woofer bass, (and the price at the time) never really called to me – so I didn’t pursue them. © 2020 I suspect it is slightly down at around 9-10 kHz, but seems reasonably accurate through the rest of the spectrum. I have no issues with either one though. I do not claim that the measurements are in any way more accurate than anyone else’s, but they have been proven to be consistent and I think they should be enough to give a reasonable idea of response – especially if you’ve followed any of my other reviews. Professional packing job, heavy duty cases. The SE846 includes more tips and adaptors, but the inclusion of the custom case with the U10 and the Apex/Adel modules evens things up. They sit well within my outer ear (inside the external ear cavity – between tragus and anti-tragus), and are extremely easy to sleep in. Similar number of tips, but the SE846 has more adaptors (including 2 prong airline), 2 cases and of course the filters. Although this is not a noise-cancelling device, the isolation provided by the standard ear adapters is excellent. Few IEMs can give you a real sense of being in the audience. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. ゼンハイザーから、新世代となるイヤーモニター「ie 500 pro」「ie 400 pro」「ie 40 pro」が登場した。いずれも、これまでの製品とはまったく異なるデザインコンセプトを持ち、それでいてダイナミック型ドライバー搭載など、こだわりの部分は変わらず継承されている。 Even HiFiMan’s excellent sounding RE2000 missed the mark in terms of comfort. They also have a pre-fitted washer to maintain seal and integrity. The U10 cables sometimes crack at the 2 pin plug, hence my switch to a different cable. There are two cables provided – both single-ended with MMCX connectors – but at different lengths. The surprising thing here is the depth of detail, but also the strength of the double bass. Perhaps this can be best summarised in this sentence from their founder (SN Shure) : We know very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained, but we will never stop striving for it. I haven’t noticed any changes to the SE846 from application of additional power through extra amping, and if anything it’s low impedance and high sensitivity will be the deciding factor on whether or not to consider amping (ie if your output source has higher impedance, you’ll need a low output impedance amp to correct it). I use the yellow foam sleeves and have had no issues with fit, sound, or comfort. The ES5 has the 2 pin twisted pair to twisted triple single-ended cable. Comparatively the ES5 is a little more coloured with stronger bass and also more upper mid-range emphasis. The cables consist of a copper core encased in a braided internal sheath which is also lined with Kevlar for additional strength.

The graphs I use are generated using the Vibro Veritas coupler and ARTA software. But finding the perfect match for me has remained elusive, and you’ll see I have tested a lot of IEMs. Sennheiser offers an add-on cable which features the mic and remote, but is quite expensive. Both have good transparency and staging ability and size. Shure is known as a real heavyweight in the world of sound recording and production, so we were expecting great things from the Shure SE215 in-ear monitors. Perception of stage is good for an IEM, and the imaging of all 3 instruments is very precise with great separation. There is reasonable thump and this is very good quality, typically quick BA bass. Definition and texture is good and I’m quite happy even with the overall timbre. My daughter noticed some hiss with higher impedance sources (or devices with a higher noise floor).

And what a monitor it is. The bass is very good - much better than the Shure 400 series. Below and on one side are the mid-range and upper frequency BA drivers. Personally for me – I don’t find this a detraction. While these headphones still offer a good level of detail, you may find the sound to be a bit too smooth or muddy due to the rolled off highs. Pricing was taken from Amazon in USD or Penon Audio (Nov 2018). The Shure SE846 is packaged in a retail outer over a “book style” inner box. There have been many other cheaper offerings on the market showing a lot more value from some of the new manufacturers of IEMs. The bass is authoritative, and although the frequency charts show somewhat similar amplitude, its the nature of a dynamic driver to simply have more impact and texture than its BA counterpart. Shure uses MMCX and includes 2 cables – both Kevlar coated 3.5mm terminated but in different lengths (one short and one long). I’m using large Shure Olives, and isolation is very good. Bass on the SE846 has very good definition and impact with a sub-bass emphasis, mids are full and slightly forward, and lower treble has good extension and definition. The white is more coloured with a much more forward upper mid-range, and also a sheen across the lower treble.
Featuring a refined version of Sennheiser's proprietary Extra Wide Band (XWB) drivers it redefines the benchmark for crisp and clear in-ear sound performance. Good accessories and tip selection on both. The RE2000 has a single 2 pin cable – with re-enforced sheath and very low microphonics. The sound is so clean that my mysophobia is cured. The closest I’ve got have been my 64Audio U10, Alclair Curve, LZ Big Dipper and Jays q-Jays. It is a leaner through the lower mids. I could definitely live with the ES3 and would not be disappointed if told it was to be my only IEM.

Both have very good overall build quality, with the RE2000 winning on overall build materials (brass and alloy), but losing out on weight as a result.

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Its hard for me to judge this area, because my hearing tops out around 14kHz nowadays, and the measuring equipment is not accurate enough from about 9 kHz up. Two great earphones. They are simply “that good”. Shure uses MMCX and includes 2 cables – both Kevlar coated 3.5mm terminated but in different lengths (one short and one long).

Well lets just say I’m going to have to sell some earphones / headphones to get a pair of these. There is a set of filters for a more bassy sound, and another set for a more treble-centric sound signature. If you can hear this and its important to you, it may be an issue. I use the same amp (E11K) for all my measurements – and output is under 1 ohm.


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