sekiro feeding grounds
This place reminds me of Shrine of Amana from Dark Souls 2. Be careful of their perilous attacks and stay aggressive to win.

Thanks for all the great work you do! Sekiro: Shadows Die skill point experience farming guide. The building to your left has a flute player and some beasts, make sure to have enough shuriken for them as they will shoot lightning at you. After trading enough scales, and burning the Fountainhead Incense, exhausting Harunaga's or Koremori's dialogue will result in him giving you Truly Precious Bait and asking you to feed it to the Great Carp. Maybe optional: Feed fish precious bait (can get from pond in Guardian Ape Hole).

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The women in the sanctuary is still alive, if you pray there again after you defeat the dragon, it says that the priestess sleep soundly or something close to that. Eliminate it and pick up 1x Mibu Balloon of Wealth.

Dash forward when you spot a Treasure Carp and obtain 1x Treasure Carp Scale, then obtain 1x Precious Bait by some underwater flowers between the beams that hold up the palace structures. Follow the waterfall down to the lowest level (before the actual water) and go to the bridge to kill a masked enemy and pick up 1x Heavy Coin Purse.

Defeat them and then spot the flute-player nearby.

Diving is required for one of them. I have a post on reddit. Progressing the quest and resting will k…

Insta kill. If you’d rather not have the hassle, there’s a much easier one by the Feeding Grounds Idol in Fountainhead Palace. The general idea here is to repeatedly kill a single enemy that’s relaxing on the edge of the broken bridge. Feel free to use it and edit if you need. From here, go toward the nearby waterfall and grapple onto the branch ahead. Both jumped at the same time and i accidentaly pressed the attack button. An enormous rope, also known in the Shinto religion as a Shimenawa, will carry you up to a new destination. Inmortal Severance: After the final boss, talk to Kuro, and choose to give Kuro ONLY the, Purification: After the final boss, talk to Kuro, and choose to give Kuro the, Return: After the final boss, talk to Kuro, and choose to give Kuro the, Even though you can obtain the four endings individually (or by save-scumming) you need to do do at least one "new game plus" to have all the memory of the bosses at the same time, Inmortal Severance / Purification / Return ending to obtain. Either one kills the Great Carp and transforms the noble into a carp NPC. If you rest, he will be dead and his daughter will be by him and tell him both she and her sister will be by him. Here you'll meet the father of the woman you met much earlier, the Great Carp Attendant. Grapple up then head forward, and jump and grapple to the roof in front of you. Palace birthed the divine dragon, Senpou temple birthed the divine child. I even found her body at the bottom of the lake with a small amount of sen on it and nothing else!

Coming to this area requires the player to have made a crucial decision that affects the game's Endings, so read them first if you want to plan ahead. 2 health bars, hits pretty weak and i can't remember what he actually dropped. Before you go forward, you can consider if you want to pick up the 2x Pellet that is on a platform to the right of where you are right now. He will ask you to listen to his secret. When you purchase the Mask Fragment from the strange Barrel Vendor in Hirata Estate, he will tell you he wishes to be a carp. There's 1x Bundled Jizo Statue behind it.

You can feed the Precious Bait to the Great Colored Carp at the Fountainhead Palace Feeding Grounds. Give the Holy Chapter: Infested to the Divine Child. Return to the idol you rested at and make sure to bank your Sen, as you'll be facing underwater Headless next. You can do Ashina Outskirts Revisited or proceed to the Endings. Follow the grapples to the Feeding Grounds idol.

Diving is required. For that do not side with Owl.. Eavesdrop Kuro until he says ("I must do what must be done".

I've made a map for this area. 2x found from Treasure Carp past Bamboo Thicket Sculptor's Idol in the lake underneath the bridge with the large enemy.

I just killed Okami and met the old lady again. From the nest branch, you can spot an NPC on the roof of a building in the lake. You can now pick which noble you want to support.

This is a set of checklists and information that you can use while playing Sekiro. Not exactly. warrior, archer, spear, = female flute, = male what kind of palace is that.. All the mist warriors are super weak to Sabimaru.

You'll emerge at the foot of a waterfall.

Withered Red Gourd for 2 Treasure Carp Scales, Mask Fragment: Right for 7 Treasure Carp Scales, Floating Passage Text for 5 Treasure Carp Scales, Page's Diary (after obtaining the Lotus of the Palace), Immortal Severance Scrap (after obtaining the Lotus of the Palace), Seven Ashina Spears - Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi, Now that you'll have at least one skill point, talk to the Sculptor to receive, Pay him 10 sen to obtain information about Hirata Estate, At this point, if you have not been killed, die somewhere to begin the dragonroot process, Now that you have three Prosthetic Tools, the Sculptor will give you the, At this point you should be able to obtain the, Close to the Idol there is a "Rat" you can kill to obtain the, Find a hidden wall near the Hirata Audience Chamber Sculptor's Idol and acquire a, Open the treasure chest near the Antechamber and collect a, If you want to go to Senpou Temple before defeating Genichiro you will be able to talk to the, Give him the Sakura Droplet to obtain a third resurrection power. Talk to her and she'll ask if you're going to the palace, and recommends that you use the underwater cave to get in, that is currently occupied by a Great Carp.

Go outside and take a left, defeat a noble then quickly move out of range by going to pick up 3x Ako's Sugar from the nearby tree. A nest by the waterfall has 1x Light Coin Purse. Walmart, Best Buy only allowing online orders for next-gen consoles at launch, How to avoid taking damage while using a Trident in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One starting December 10, Nuketown ’84 to be first DLC map.

Be mindful that the structures will not protect you if it does spot you, so you need to get by path. Other Arts (You have to buy them or you will obtain them after killing some minibosses).

You can give the Great White Whisker to the Feeding Grounds attendant to receive Divine Grass and set the attendant free. Pick up 2x Ceramic Shard. These are different fights underwater, as you cannot buff divine confetti underwater and your attacks are limited. After defeating the mini-boss, explore the nearby waterfall and pick up 2x Mibu Possession Balloon under the platforms that you traversed earlier to find 3x Ceramic Shard and further down this path 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul. The pathway in this house leads to another flute player and 4x Yellow Gunpowder. Don't know why it says you can't get the drop on the Shichimen Warrior by the waterfall. She will go to the Hall of Illusions. Drop back into the water and go to the middle of the lake. Fast travel to the Sanctuary Sculptor’s Idol and head down the stairs into the building. If you gave the White Pinwheel to Kotaro he will travel to the Hall of Illusions and he'll give you a, Give the rice to Kuro. I went for an aerial deathblow while she was jumping, but I swung a normal slash instead which knocked her off the branch and into the water! If you give him the White Pinwheel you will be able to continue is Quest, but the Quest of Anayama will not proceed. He will have dropped an item, the Great White Whisker. Exit this room from near the Eel Liver location and press on toward the next item you see in the distance. 1x found by feeding the Giant Comiscd Carp 'Precious Bait', then talking to misc next to the bell (first feeding).

A nearby building has 3x Treasure Carp Scale. This can be a challenging fight, so check out the video below for tips on how to approach her, or see the Corrupted Monk page for several strategies. spoiler.

r/Sekiro: Welcome to the biggest Sekiro Community on Reddit! You'll receive 1x Lapis Lazuli from Harunaga, If you feed him the one from Koremori, Harunaga will die.

Defeating it gives you 1x Lapis Lazuli and 2905XP. A patrol of a noble and 2 masked warriors approaches, you can hug the wall to stealth-takedown. ly/2UKQuWK. You can grapple across then drop down to your left to pick up 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul. As you might expect from a FromSoftware game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice oftentimes doesn’t give you any indication of what a particular item does, instead leaving you to puzzle it out. It's honestly not easy to find and I think you have to backtrack. This is Pot Noble Koremori, he will tell you not to talk to the other pot noble, who is a traitor and a villain. You can also receive the, Now is a good time to go back to Senpou Temple and use, Grapple across the kite and get the Sunken Valley Cavern Idol.

You can use this platform to get a falling deathblow on him to make the fight easier, then use the same tactics as before to knock off the last life. In the river, besides the mill that leads to the path where you fight the Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village.

Go left and back and jump across the ledge to land on a rock. Tomoe, would make the most sense I'd say. Progression: Great Carp Attendant is found in a platform by the Feeding Grounds Sculptor's Idol. You'll find her killing the red nobles, complaining about fooling her father and calling them beasts.

Take a right at the first intersection then a left and you'll arrive at a chamber with 1x Lump of Grave Wax. Feeding Grounds Idol Jump to the platform and commune with Feeding Grounds Idol, then go up the staircase to pick up 2x Ungo's Sugar. Here you'll meet the father of the woman you met much earlier, the Great Carp Attendant. Go back to the rooftop with the woman NPC and dive in the opposite direction of the moon. Diving is required. You can get 2 Treasure Carps here and then dive further down into the pit. It is a little awkward to explain how to find the feeding grounds, so I made a short video showing the route which you can see below. Across from here, there's another 1x Precious Bait.

I'm on ng4 and have been trying different things in this play through and thought about attacking the attendant at the giant carps location.

Players arrive at the Fountainhead Palace after collecting all items that Kuro needs and making their decision regarding respecting the Iron Code or staying loyal to Kuro. There are two underwater Headless enemies by a Fish skeleton with glowing green worms. Now you can choose which type of ending you want to pursue. Continue into the palace and open a treasure chest for 1x Gourd Seed.


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