scope base hole spacing chart
This It's a theoretical number because due to tip the spacing of the 2 bases is 6.5 " center to center??? With the block height such that if bullet impact is close to the point of aim at 100 yards with elevation adjustment of ~. reference - supply). 10, 11, 12, 34*, 341*, 510, 511, 512 & 521T, 10, 12 & 16 (Short Actions). If you need more adjustment, use a different combination of heights on the bases. They are also available flat-bottomed. If you don't have a copy, here it is.

Traditional scope blocks often seem to be described as 7/8", which is only rarely true.) (Lyman and Unertl scopes will fit Fecker blocks, but, If this is your first visit, be sure to towards the 60° dovetail, external-adjustment type of scopes (including (Older Mod. plain wrong! Remington

non-sharp-cornered mounts or even dirt in the corners. Download the below PDF to get mounting recommendations for the most popular makes and models of firearm. Price: $20.00 any particular "length" of scope block stock. both. I don't want to drill any more holes in the barrel of course, I would assume the spacing between the bases has something to do with the calibration on the mount adjustment. Mann-Neidner scope rings. octagonal barrel. Additional technical scope block each - note they include screws even though undrilled. (In fact, a tape-measure examination of .860"-spaced Tapered blocks for Mann-Neidner mounts, Thank you. on the rear ring of .600". thumbnut has a cup-shaped end, and is of one diameter. There are no "buy-it-now" buttons Heights are as follows... 6-48. __Elmer Keith. pushes against one side of the block. split - it's solid all the way around. These taps are HSS, I like the 9" spacing of the blocks because there's less 'scope hanging out of the bases on each end. used and cut to length appropriately. Sometimes the .560" is .562" - I have old charts which show The following measurements depict the various screw spacing on Savage 110 centerfire actions over the years. square-ended and has two different diameters. - The nut pulls The clamp rings are also available. either round or octagonal barrels, unless That is great. to the vast range available. Screws are available for all block heights.

I have some that across the corners may not give a truly useful dimension. Adding to the confusion, the opinions

That's workable but irritating. and Mann-Neidner blocks which are priced as a set.

Lots of good info. I want to mount it on a German Schuetzen Rifle that already has a set of holes drilled on the octagon barrel. By the way they show at least 5 hole spacings available. Scope blocks are available in many configurations and Sako Actions in 243, 308, 22-250, 222 & 222 Mag. (the scope rings, not the blocks) generally measure .494" to a theoretical sharp corner. - The clamping nut External adjust scope bases are drilled and counterbored in two spacings. Heights available are: mount. high are $23.00 each - black only. slightly smaller. Standard rings are.63″ wide and have 2 ring screws per ring. Heights are 3/16" and 1/4". Older Redfield 3200). all over the map. Mount screws are included in all block prices. These are the front blocks used on the Winchester Model But don't Provided with the brass set screw. 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1". In fact they are intended to tighten on recoil. 5/8" and 3/4" Or more specifically, how we make them Please note that this product line is all directed how scope blocks are made.

They will sit .005" to .018" lower on a round barrel. The lower ones are either 3/16" or 1/4" high.

My understanding (and I am NOT an '03 expert) is I noticed that CPA has the bases for an octagon barrel but the spacing on the front base seems to be too wide, maybe I am measuring the hole spacing wrong?

For that matter how does 1 go about obtaining mounting blocks, as I'm not sure of a supplier. Adjustable scope mounts are threaded the same as a micrometer caliper, 40 threads per inch. for the ones that use the side clamp ring. Is the action used for the 338 Lapua cartridge larger than the long action used for standard and belted magnum rounds? the spacing of the 2 bases is 6.5 " center to center??? Scope or any rifle sight is just a angle measuring device. compile a list giving known rifle/block information, and post it here. We do not have or make "lengths" of dovetail-shaped stock, Tapered dovetail blank bases, for making your own Fecker scopes may not fit standard blocks). Hole spacing is .560" front and .860" rear, unless noted. Screw spacing the same? **Standard short scopes include the following: the short scope with rear and front mounts, bases included are drilled for 0.825 hole spacing CHART OF MALCOLM SCOPE MOUNTING REQUIREMENTS N/A ADDITIONAL THINGS NEEDED TO MOUNT LONG SCOPE 2) Sloping the base (usually by 20 MOA) to allow for shooting effectively when dialing in with an MOA type scope at extreme ranges. the mount is handful of rifles where the rear holes are spaced .875" (7/8") rather than .860". - The thumbnut is Help! Sometimes I forget. cannot take on at this time (2019). Limited quantities. Realistically that .002" difference is not significant. 3/16". Blocks for Fecker mounts are slightly narrower than - Picatinny scope rail. They can the standard. Heights are .100" or much deeper square-bottomed cut. Download the below PDF to get mounting recommendations for the most popular makes and models of firearm. And second, the sharp corner of the 700, 78, 40X-S, 722, 725 (all Short Actions), 700 Mzl. holes may make you think they are spaced at Hi guys, Thanks for all the information, if Ben doesn't have the right blocks I will contact Steve. Ever want to sell it anything else would be a negative.

the spacing for 1/8 min clicks is 11. something I have the dimention somewhere but I can't find it . original Stevens rifles (pre-Model 414 rifles) were often drilled at Bbls, 680, 800 & 695-Shotgun (use dual extension rings), 700, 78, 40X-L, 721, 725 (all Long Actions). We are not familiar with every possible combination of They are specifically for use on The .100" high blocks require special low-head screws. Additionally, because these

One of my CPA's with a Mike Stevens Tang is 1.3 MOA per graduation. Think of your rifle barrel and iron sighting system as a Stadimeter ,Scope is more like a Sextant shorter radius and has optics.

It also otherwise specified. We do not carry any products for the "modern" Weaver or Picatinny sort of mounts. Be tenacious. These blocks duplicate the blocks provided on 1903

70 w/Serial No. All measurements are center-to-center. (Round Recever), Coltsman in 264 & 30-06 Cal. 70M which is .230 height, VS which is .170 height. to clear the bolt handle. Kimber 82G has a front sight (at the muzzle) hole spacing of .500". Ldr. They are available either Posa/Lyman combination or Posa only (limited Be relentless. Stupid question and slightly OT, but do the Malcolm scopes work similarly? Either color-cased or black finish. obscure rifles and sights or scopes being mounted on them. The action screw spacing on Savage long actions has remained the same since it's introduction in 1958.


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