samsung tv red light blinking 6 times

07:33 AM Then plugged in power cord and power on while holding the up arrow button on remote. Terms —

Also, plugged it directly into the outlet and avoided the power strip. Unplugging for 3 minutes did reset the picture. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. My guess is that the main logic board is not properly telling the power board to send the HV to the inverter board.

again, and want to see error codes, do the following: Turn T.V. I have no picture or sound but I can see the screen with a flashlight. I just need to know honestly what I’m looking at having to do.

- Brandon. Most of the time it is the back light. - edited Hi Johnny.

I will eventually need to take my T.V. I resolved the issue by solder and ground the pins at the top of the backlight terminal. @oldturkey03. Sould I replace or repair the TV, does it worth? I have a 3 yr old 65" led TV.

After doing that the backlight came back, the screen is normal, and the set turns off and on normally. Though I do not know for sure if Error 6 is the same as the 6 blinking lights, since the blinking light happened when the picture went totally out. I have a 55" led tv, the light was blinking constantly and the set would not turn on. Was watching a program, and all of sudden, tv shut down and then started blinking. Replaced both power supply and motherboards! I have two tv samsungs and they have the same  cloudy light  dots.

I'm new to this Electronics stuff I used to work on analog TVs for myself and friends flat screens are foreign to me but a lot of fun love you guys thanks for the help keep it up I'll be listening and learning. I have a 3 yr old 65" led TV. Solved: I don’t know which of these fixed it, but I did all three and it works now.

Jmonkeyx Daniels.

I'm getting the light also 6 flashes.

With any luck, it will be an exterior issue such as a loose cable, AV …

Yo mine just shut down last night gonna try that thanks. Keeps the heat down.

5 goods taps on the back of TV and your back in business. Maybe loose wire or something but worth a try. See error codes. k_man2001. After it comes back to life go to menu and turn back light to zero and it should last. Same problem?

It's the first thing they put on a tv.

But my to is not getting on after power on the tv ,it seems that it try to on but after some seconds the red light blink .It blink 6 times it will the same 3to 4 time and then go back to standby.

I have a samsung tv as well that gives me 6 blinks. I replaced the motherboard as well as the power supply board.

No audio either. Lets hope it stays working and was just a Sony safety shut down, we shall see.

I had the same problem on my KDL40 - power on then Green Light followed by SONY logo a couple of times then blank screen with red light blinking six times repeatedly. I ordered a new one regardless but this is the last check. Not too sure if replacing the LEDs is worth the risk.

Seemed to have worked. Brandon, My Sony 46 inch XBR has a disheartening condition.

The screen won't come on.

I neglected to state that after it tries to power up after about 10 seconds an a few clicking sounds, the Sony logo light goes off and the Standby light begins flashing 6 times, repeating. Could it be the main board NOT TELLING the rest of the unit what/how to fire up? Took TX to the garage and using an air compressor, blew air through all of the vents/grills. These units seem the have the same problem with the red light blinking. I also had the 6 blinking red lights with no picture at all. 07/23/2017 by We tried so many times. Gabriel Dalbani same make and model? IDK if ifixit sells them but if they don't ebay or If you want these TV 's to last turn back light setting down to 0. It could also be a backlight problem of some sort.

12/09/2018 by oldturkey03. Press "Power" again if nothing came up on T.V. How can we  apprehend this problem? oldturkey03. Also want to know.

Gabriel Dalbani. picture goes out and you have blinking red lights. Save$ Big bucks on repair . And to repair the LED's you have to take the whole tv apart. Can this be fixed or am I out of a tv?

It has been a great T.V. Samsung officially does not use blink codes. Lesty Hill, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy —

If it is a LED tv then its a bad led or multiple bad LED's.


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