roman candles uk
From a few shots to hundreds per candle.

The video below uses two candle packs, which are shot in a V formation.

Most importantly, make sure you do not light a Roman Candle in an area where there are things that could easily catch on fire, a wide-open space is preferable.

We stock a wide selection of Roman Candles … A low noise 56 shot roman candle firing gold tails to red strobe and blue stars. For Orders Over £249.

Wanted to buy some fireworks for both the kids and adults but really didn't know what to buy The Illusion Candle comes with a variety of colours and you’ll get to enjoy beautiful effects of these glittering stars. Roman candles are available as pre-fusd bundles (roman candle barrages) which fire shots simultaneously from multiple fused tubes, as well as larger bore single tube candles that propel huge effects to high altitudes, one shot at a time.

This store is now, what I like to believe is the best fireworks shop in the whole of the UK - bar none.

Stunning golden tails to red glitter in this 128 shot low noise candle bundle. My first visit to Fireworks Shop today 21/10/2017 and i've got to say it won't be my last. A low noise 56 shot roman candle firing white strobes. Our May Madnesssale has slashed the price by 60% to £2.79 – you better get yours soon! Once secured in the ground, these famous fireworks are sure to put on a great show.

Set Descending Direction. A Roman candle is a traditional type of firework that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells. Fireworks shop couldn't be more helpful and were happy to store them for me at a great price until I needed them. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Despite their name, Roman candles did not originate in Ancient Rome, or in Italy. per page.

Roman candles are a traditional firework that can fire both single and multiple shots via a tube.

Roman Candles; Roman Candles. A low noise 56 shot roman candle firing gold tails to green glitter. More Info.

The crackling tail doesn’t create a lot of noise, although the little thud at the start is a noise every fireworks fanatic loves! All rights reserved | Registered in England and Wales No. More Info. Our great selection will have you spoilt for choice especially at great prices too. They can also be rigged at a (sensible and safe) angle or in multiples, which, along with the height and effects, means roman candles can give your firework display a different creative dimension to a typical barrage. Of course, when learning to how to use Roman Candles, the first thing we recommend is to read the instructions carefully as you should be following them closely to ensure your Roman Candles get the desired effect.

The Illusion Candle is a tall roman candle with a stunning amount of shots to enjoy. You can create some great effects by placing candles at different angles. 932 7939 88, Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Settings | Website by Design Box Media, 1-3 High Street, Gt Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1UU, Tips for Taking Awesome Fireworks Pictures. You could describe this roman candle with the word rapid, but we don’t think it does justice to the product.

A roman candle is one of the more traditional types of fireworks, ejecting coloured fireballs into the sky, creating a great show. 175 rapid firing shots of red stars lasting 35 seconds.

View as Grid List. Try positioning the fireworks at slightly different angles to create exciting displays. A fantastic new rapid firing candle bundle from Celtic with no aerial bursts making it a lower noise piece. Roman Candles can fire both single and multiple shots via a tube. Items 1-20 of 25. The history behind the name ‘Roman Candle’ is a rather unpleasant one. Check out our new range of smoke grenades available in a variety of colours.

Excellent customer satisfaction would recommend to anyone. The Illusion Candle is a tall roman candle with a stunning amount of shots to enjoy. Roman candles are a traditional type of firework, which can fire a varied number of shots. More Info. Fireworks Roman Candles Sold Here 13 oz heavy duty vinyl banner sign with metal grommets, new, store, advertising, flag, (many sizes) TampaPrinting. More Info. A roman candle is one of the more traditional types of fireworks, ejecting coloured fireballs into the sky, creating a great show.

The 56 Shot Whistling Candle is one of our newest roman candles and we’ve already fallen in love with it! A stunning 56 shot professional quality candle bundle producing gold tails to crackling flowers. Hong Kong Roman Candle Firework Pink Coco Comet, Hong Kong Roman Candle Firework Gold Comet, Hong Kong Roman Candle Firework Crackling Comet, Hong Kong Roman Candle Firework Silver Comet, Hong Kong Roman Candle Firework Blue Coco. Free UK Shipping. We stock roman candles in a …

The shots shoot up to height of 20 metres in a straight firing pattern. You might find it hard to believe the candle will fire 280 shots into the night sky.


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