rock river arms 1911 review

Rock River Arms Poly 1911 Devotees of the 1911 have been asking for a single-stack polymer-framed pistol since about forever. The magazine catch button is slightly extended for easier access. The foundation of accurate pistol work is pressing the trigger straight to the rear with no sideways pressure, and for this to happen consistently, the gun must fit the shooter. Their guns provide a 7+1 capacity, which is pretty standard for these types of models. It’s a tried, true, and tested weapons system, which is why so many companies are manufacturing them and their derivatives. In 2015, the company started building a steel-frame Rock River Arms 1911 again. If you're willing to make the investment, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better made, better... A fitting tribute to the legacy Dan Wesson left behind. They manufacture quality weapons, and ultimately that’s what you want – quality you can depend on to perform. Basic Limited pistols are finished in RocKote, a durable baked-on coating, but Rock River also offers a more traditional blue finish for purists like me. They also have a two-stage trigger which many people are fond of, and which comes standard with some of their other models. I have used a 1911 pistol as my primary handgun from my earliest shooting days—both in competition and on duty. Heck, Cabot Guns is selling 1911s made from a bonafide 4-billion-year-old meteorite. The number of accessories and aftermarket upgrades for the SIG P320 is only going to increase. Within a week it was back, and I continued my accuracy and function testing. At the time of this writing, Rock River Arms offers the polymer-frame 1911 and six steel-frame 1911s. The grip frame frontstrap is checkered at 25 lines per inch. Does it meet your expectations as far as ruggedness and accuracy are concerned? I use the term “good” loosely because it really is subjective. Accuracy for the Basic Limited is guaranteed to be within 2.5 inches at 50 yards with Federal's 185-grain match load. Mayer told me it's because many shooters have a decided preference for a particular magazine and including a second magazine they may not want or use is an unnecessary extra expense. At 25 yards, it averaged 1.25 inches. This base rifle is a good option for a US-made “budget” AR-15, but as always, you may be able to find cheaper versions.

The ejection port is cut lower, and a flared relief cut is added at the back to allow unimpeded ejection of fired casings.

The five-inch barrel and bushing are by made by Kart, a name that tops the list for highly accurate and durable barrels. Guns are fun, and cheap guns are even more fun. RRA can now be found in Colona, Illinois in a state-of-the-art facility. It's also worth noting my handloads fed flawlessly, which indicates the chamber dimension was properly finished. There was the expected amount of take-up, but letoff was very crisp. |   The barrel and bushing are hand-fitted, and disassembly requires a bushing wrench. I mentioned the exclusivity of other companies, because some of them are really boldly going where no man has gone before. The points of locking are steel, which makes a big difference in the long run. I take issue with that.

This is a more difficult task because it requires great focus, and a flyer or two is often the result of inattention to the basics. Unloaded, the pistol weighs 39 ounces. I love a good AR-15. Rock River certainly is not doing anything too exclusive, although they do have proprietary actions and designs, and even a polymer 1911 (something which is not so common). Before they established their outfit, Mark and Chuck had been in the firearms industry for years, working with Springfield Armory and Eagle Arms, and also partnering up with Les Baer Custom, who are known for their quality 1911 pistols. So they poured more focus into ARs for several years, and then reintroduced their 1911s later on, with the polymer model joining their lineup in 2014. The trigger is serrated and adjustable for overtravel. Does it feel comfortable in your hands? Overall length of the Rock River Arms 1911 Carry Pistol is 8.88 inches, and height is 5.75 inches (from the bottom of the magazine to the top of the rear sight). My testing was done off a rest and sandbags at 25 yards in sub-freezing winter cold. This is a great option because one size does not fit all, and kudos go to Rock River for recognizing this important aspect of matching pistol to shooter. Recently, they introduced a pistol and rifle chambered in .22LR. The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... Big bore semiauto or a lever gun? This often causes a right-hander's shots to go low left and lefties the opposite. The factory specs call for a 3.5-pound trigger, and the sample on mine measured 3.75 pounds. Both the frontstrap and the mainspring housing are checkered at 25 lpi. Subscriber Services. Required fields are marked *. Then in late 2012 the company got back in the Model 1911 business with an all-new polymer-frame Model 1911. We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. Always wear protective glasses and point the end of the slide in a safe direction just in case the plug gets away from you.

Both sights on my sample pistol are plain black and horizontally serrated. As a company, RRA went through some controversial times, particularly in the summer of 2017 when a questionable gun law was passed in their home state. It’s not by chance that the AR-15 was nicknamed “America’s Rifle”. Rock River Arms 1911. I ran the strings of fire in close—five to 10 yards—and fast. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that 1911’s are available in 9mm and that the 1911’s come with an accuracy guarantee along with their rifles. The bottom of the grip frame is beveled, and the grip safety is a beavertail style with a serrated memory bump. Give a Gift   The trigger pull of my sample averaged 4 pounds, 4.8 ounces over the five times that I measured it with my RCBS trigger-pull scale. But first I fired it at 25 yards with the Federal load and five other factory loads. Rock River's Basic Limited is both a shooter and a beautiful example of the pistolsmith's craft. Rock River Arms’ Basic Limited is a modern iteration of the famous “full house custom” 1911, with a less-than-custom price. The Basic Limited is a Series 70 1911, the original Browning design.

This is one feature I would change because you need a hex wrench for disassembly—and you won't always have one on hand. Whether we’re talking about a complete system, a build, or an upgrade to an existing weapon, the question is asked: should you use Rock River Arms (RRA) for your next endeavor? In the mid-’90s, the Larsons set up shop as Tolerance Plus in Illinois, and the business was later renamed Rock River Arms. But when you’re talking about modern ARs, it’s really anyone’s game, and there are many options to choose from. blade frontTrigger: RRA Match aluminum, 3.75 lb. The lightweight aluminum speed trigger can be ordered in four different lengths—short, medium, long and extra-long—to fit the shooter's hand. Their newer models certainly solidify what RRA fans have known for a while: that this is a company capable of making more than good AR-15 clones. Ever since the mid-90s, when they first started, Rock River has been into the 1911 game. It broke cleanly and crisply at a hair over 4 lbs.

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In a market awash with 1911s, companies have to do something special to stand out in the crowd.


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