rifle load data sheets
This may reduce my ability to be a danger to myself. Beats lined notebook paper. Safety Data Sheets; Reference Data; Hodgdon Tools; Reloading Data Center; Dealers. Unlike our cross the course log books, this one is just a single stage. A web site where people of similar interests can search, explore, find answers, and share their knowledge and experiences of reloading with others. In this complete and fully illustrated digest, you’ll read about such diverse topics as: how to improve your long-range shooting; how to shoot accurately in winds of any speed or direction; how to solve the problems associated with shooting up and down hills; what causes mirage and how to read it; why some bullets shoot tighter groups farther away; how gunpowder is made; why bullets that move left also rise; which cartridges are suitable for everything plus comprehensive ballistics tables.

I wish i had access to a shop and a location so i could shoot more often. Bison Ballistics Munitions, LLC I tried to include fields for most commonly recorded values, and a generous “notes” section for everything else. So what you will find here are our actual experiences, good or bad. RRO is a combination reloading data storage and ballistics program. I looked at my old load data ledger and my load data labels to come up with this format.

I’ve been shooting and reloading for may years and appreciate your thoroughness on the subjects you cover. Reduced Recoil Shot Shell Loads . Starting with the basics, this guide leads the reader through the process of reloading with ease. Use load data at your own risk. I keep pretty extensive electronic notes already, but this would be a great summary addition to those notes. See also our How to reload guide! All the info and three hole punch, then in the load data books I keep on all my reloaded ammo that I reload!

There are numerous other causes of varying pressure levels. Free Reloading Data Ledger – Keep Track of your Load Data, Subscribe to Ultimate Reloader Reloading Blog by Email, 25 Creedmoor PRS Rifle Build: Start to Finish, NEW: Athlon Cronus 10×50 UHD Laser Rangefinder Binoculars, Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck Turn Tool: Unboxing/Setup/Turning, 6.5 PRC Load Development: Bergara Wilderness HMR, WARP SPEED! A 300 yard NBRSA benchrest target in printable form. NBRSA BR-3 Target (Group Benchrest Target for 300 Yards) A 300 yard NBRSA benchrest target in printable form. Changes in case brand can also effect ballistics.

The Latest In Reloading, Straight To Your Inbox Keep up-to-date on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. A wealth of information pertaining to all aspects of reloading. About Us; News & Media; Events; Locations; Contact Us; Start typing and press Enter to search. This FREE form allows hand-loaders to document their tool settings, bushing size, powder charge, load specs (COAL etc. Hunters, target shooters, military history buffs, ammunition reloaders and cartridge collectors alike will find all the answers to their cartridge and shotshell questions in this comprehensive book that includes 1,500+ cartridges. Hi looking for a load for 223 Barnes TSX BT 70 GR. RRO is a combination reloading data storage and ballistics program.

All files are PDF format. Accentuated with photos from the field and the range, this is a reference book unlike any other. A group of six NRA Light Rifle 50 foot targets, packed together slightly more than normal so they fit on a single page. Thanks Dirk for enhancing Gavin’s Data Ledger, I would definitely be interested in downloading that file too!


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