research proposal budget justification example
Consider quantifying effort only for the requested salary support. In situations where a grant has been awarded or applied for from another funding organization for the same research project, you may be required to include the other source of support in the proposed budget. If a University employee will contribute time/effort to the project, disclose the percent of time/effort and the dollar equivalent of the contributed effort. Explain the purpose of the trip and how the trip will benefit the project.

Note: Justifying a specific consultant in the proposal may avoid the need to competitively bid consulting services. A statement disclosing the method of calculation should also be included.

In this section, the Principal Investigator (PI) provides additional detail for expenses within each budget category and articulates the need for the items/expenses listed. If multiple sites are to be used, provide detailed information by site. Include number of people, number of days, purpose and location of travel. Also see Budget Development: Consultants. (link to software costing info above), Human Subject Payments (breakdown # of subjects and cost to each).

2007-2008 Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Project Leaders Dr. Jane Smith and Dr. Michael Jones will share overall responsibility for the conduct of the project. See also Budget Development: Other Direct Costs.

When listing effort, do not use approximations. Use the funder’s forms and spreadsheets to create the budget and budget justification, if provided. Also see Budget Development: Materials and Supplies. Unlike research grants that include only the direct costs of research, contracts include all costs associated with conducting the research. Explain in detail why specific supplies are needed. Budgeting should be based on actual experience or quotes (reasonableness). In this section, the Principal Investigator (PI) provides additional detail for expenses within each budget category and articulates the need for the items/expenses listed. Office of Research Services By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Annual escalations are proposed in accordance with University policy as outlined HERE. NE 18-901 It outlines the expected project costs in detail, and should mirror the project description. It also tends to minimize the chances that sponsors will arbitrarily reduce or eliminate budget categories. The exception is when the funder allows for the inclusion of such fees or rates. Publication charges, page charges for articles published, research manuscript preparation, translation fees, open access fees, website development and maintenance. News & Announcements| Contact Us | Applications & Forms. Common Components of Grant Proposals; Budget Justification Example; Common Budget Categories for Grants and Federal Contracts; External Grant Application and Federal Contract Procedures; CAYUSE 424; Internal Awards and Grants; Grant Management Guide; Grants Awarded 2011-2015; Research Policies Generally, it explains staffing and supply/service consumption patterns, the methods used to estimate/calculate (including escalation or inflation factors) and other details such as lists of items that make up the total costs for a category. Where large amounts of supplies or expensive items are budgeted, specify items and justify their necessity. Budget justification. Confirm equipment is dedicated to the project. Compliance  Contact Us, ©2020 University of Massachusetts Amherst • Site Policies • Site Contact, Cost Restrictions on Federally-Supported Projects. For example, space, utilities, material costs, labour costs, faculty time, and university support personnel time (IT, HR/Payroll, F&RS, Library, ORS). Budget narrative must match the budget in terms of dollar amounts and language – double check everything. The justification section is critical as it enables the principal investigator to emphasize the importance of essential project costs. For research equipment and computers, be sure to consider other potential expenses such as warranties and extended warranties, exchange rates, shipping and installation charges, customs and duty charges, service agreements, operations and maintenance, and training to use equipment. It is important to understand the different funders’ guidelines and develop a budget that meets the needs of your project. However, it is essential to read the solicitation and the sponsor’s proposal preparation guidelines to see what is required for each individual proposal. The budget justification is one of the most important non-technical sections of the proposal, and it is often required by the sponsor. A budget that is adequately and appropriately justified is the best way to assure a positive cost analysis by the sponsor. These may be proposed as direct costs where "unlike and different" circumstances exist. The budget must follow Brandon University policies and procedures, including Payroll, Travel, and Purchasing policies. Many sponsors prefer that budget justifications follow their own format. For example, if the budget requests $3,255 for travel then the justification should specify the … The Budget Justification contains more in depth detail of the costs behind the line items, and sometimes explains the use of the funds where not evident. In all cases, however, it is best to present the justification for each budget category in the same order as that provided in the budget itself. When thoughtfully and strategically built they become an indispensable key to effective post-award management. A thoroughly written justification that explains both the necessity and the basis for the proposed costs must accompany the budget. The budget justification should: When funds for travel are being requested, you should be familiar with the BU Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures and contact Accounts Payable with any questions. Many funders request an additional document often referred to as a budget justification. Provide a brief statement on necessity and suitability. This is a legal commitment which must be documented in the University's accounting system. Some sponsors like NSF will reject a proposal if insufficient details are provided. Note: The quantification of unfunded effort (e.g., "The PI will donate 5% effort...") in the proposal narrative, budget, or budget justification is considered Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing. Refer back to the project plan and expand on what is there. Explain the need to contract with a particular organization, expertise of subcontractor PI, institutional facilities. When calculating GST add 1.65% to the item, When calculating GST and PST add 9.65% (1.65% + 8%) to the item. Only include budgeted items. A complete and realistic budget justification demonstrates that your project is well conceived. See also Budget Development: Subcontracts. Research Proposal Budget Worksheet. This must be corroborated in a letter provided by the consultant. Contributions are normally shown as a separate category in the budget and marked as either confirmed or not confirmed. Organize the budget justification listing items in the same order and format as the sponsor’s budget categories. Rates for UCIMC services can be obtained from the Clinical Research Finance department. If not known, provide examples. Note: Justifying a specific subcontractor in the proposal may avoid the need to competitively bid subcontracted services. Airport shuttle, airfare, vehicle rental, bus, taxi, subway transportation while at destination – the most economical means. National Joint Council of the Public Service Canada – Travel Directive (Appendix D) has per diem amounts by country. Thus it is important to maintain all the documentation and justification you can assemble for each cost element and category, in case the sponsor questions items and estimates. These should be separate and distinct from the UMass budget and budget justification and follow the UMass budget and budget justification. Health research improves the quality of human lives and society which plays a vital role in social and economic development of the nation.

Include breakdown of costs for airfare, meals, lodging, and ground transportation. 270 - 18th Street For those costs normally treated as Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs, clearly justify the special purpose necessitating the inclusion as a direct cost. Be aware that some funders request that travel costs to undertake the research be shown separately from the costs to attend research conferences to disseminate research results. Current rates for special services, tests or treatments must be used. Letters from consultants and face page or letter of intent from the subcontractor(s) are required as part of any budget including these items: a budget, budget justification, checklist page, key personnel bio and scope of work are needed from each subcontractor. If you are preparing a budget for a research contract, be sure to include all costs in the budget. Whether each hospital or clinic has a currently effective DHHS-negotiated patient care rate agreement and, if not, what basis is used for calculating costs. When proposing supplies as a single category or using broad subcategories, describe in detail the supplies/materials that make up the costs proposed. Indicate that salaries are based on current University of California academic and staff salary scales and explain the types of anticipated salary increases (merit and/or range adjustment), the rate of increase, and the period of time to which the increases apply. Research Proposal Example. If the exact destination is not known, state the geographic location. From the BU Travel and Business Expense Policy:  Travelers should stay in moderately priced accommodations providing reasonable comfort, security, and proximity to the event attended. Before we get started talking about all the pieces of a budget, let's make sure that we're on the same page about what a budget actually is. The justification section is critical as it enables the principal investigator to emphasize the importance of essential project costs. Please note:  The individual funder guidelines on what to include in the budget for cash and in-kind contributions will vary.


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