reptirain vs monsoon
While the idea behind this mister is a decent one, there is obvious room for improvement, and it seems that this particular model has some pretty serious limitations. All in all, and especially when you consider how cheap this piece of kit is, this may well be the best reptile mister or fogger currently on the market.

Another piece of advice from owners of this PT2494 Solo System, as with most of the other misters on our list and mister/fogger systems in general, it is best to always use distilled water in the reservoir to avoid build-up and clogging. The reservoir is easier to refill than the Evergreen. For reptiles, the fine mist spray of humidity encourages healthy breeding behaviors and health in general. Because of these two facts,a misting system will help dispose of any reptile waste by washing it down to the substratewhere it will be naturally recycled as nutrients for the plants. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, the MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System reptile mister seems to live up to its name. With an average 3.5 star rating, customers seem to love the Exo-Terra Monsoon Solo System. All in all, this mini terrarium fogger ultrasonic fog generator from Exo Terra is ideal for pet owners looking for a machine that will give their reptile or amphibian a nice thick fog of humidity and moisture. Given the correct set-up and use of distilled water to avoid clogging, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your beloved pets or plants will have the best humidity and moisture levels for a few days while left alone. A mister or fogger that runs out of water is at serious risk of damage. Very efficient at producing a strong, even mist of humidity and fog, the ZM95015 fogger will fit many different kinds of reptiles or amphibians needs.

Its dimensions are 4.6 x 4.3 x 2.5 inches and it weighs 4.3 pounds. Well not so fast there tiger. Determining which mister or fogger to buy will vary significantly depending on your budget, specific needs, and the needs of your reptiles. To start with this particular fogger has an impressively large water reservoir which holds roughly 2 liters of liquid. It has a 0.4-gallon container for water and can hold up to twp flexible spray nozzles that you can point in any direction. Another ultrasonic fogger, this particular model comes with a tiny water reservoir that will need to be continually filled. The hygrometer measures the humidity while the misting system provides a consistent water source throughout the day. If, however, you have a particularly large tank that you’re looking to spray – such as for a green iguana – then selecting a unit with a long outlet pipe is likely to be a wise investment. The extendable hose allows for flexibility and the compact design makes for easy setup and positioning. The duration and intervals are not as adaptable as other systems, but they are varied enough to provide sufficient options. The basic Mistking system that the average reptile owner should consider can have a maximum of 10 to 20 nozzles and is totally customizable. Misting systems may not be necessary if a reptile needs a low humidity environment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

At a great value for the price, this fogger/humidifier for reptiles in terrariums is perfect if your reptile pets need a steady, strong and cool mist of moisture and fog.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, allowing you to make an informed decision about which will be best for your needs…. Based on the current models available to reptile keepers I would suggest that you prioritize those offering two liters or more of capacity to make your life easier. Some people use a spray bottle to mist the terrarium frequently.

This makes for far more effort as you need to continually remember to refill it.

For example, it could mist at 10 a.m. on a Sunday for 10 seconds, but at 9 a.m. on Monday for one minute. Rated at an average of 3 stars, many customers are happy with their purchase of the repti-fogger, pleased with the thick mist of fog that it provides and the ability to adjust the tube, directing the fog where you want it to go. Spray duration can be set anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes and its certainly going to do justice to your terrarium. However, for reptiles that rely on humidity to thrive, a misting system can be the difference between life and death. operates in at least 2-inches high water levels, great for desert terrariums and tropical terrariums, hard water will cause hard water build up, 75 psi pro pump that fits up to 20 nozzles, zip-drip solenoid prevents calcium and hard water build-up, includes a 75 psi pro pump that works without water and fits up to 20 nozzles, programmable for four different spray interval time settings and four different spray duration time settings, for bird cages, terrariums, aviaries, and indoor gardens. Customers have awarded this Exo Terra mini terrarium fogger an average of 3 stars. Reptile and amphibian parents who have bought this Exo Terra Mini Fogger rave of how nicely it creates a thick steady fog, with the perfect moisture balance. Numerous forum discussions focus on how the Zoo Med fogger seems to die at random intervals – sometimes just a matter of months or even weeks after purchase. The practical purpose is to add appropriate moisture to the ecosystem in the container. The tube itself is concertinered so that it can be expanded or shrunk to suit your setup. The programmable Exo-Terra Monsoon Solo Misting System for greenhouses and any kind of terrarium gives reptiles, amphibians, and all sorts of different plant species the correct amount of moisture for optimal health and growth. Size & Growth Charts Included! A few customers have had issues with the Reptirain mister ceasing to work after a few months or so. The Reptirain comes ready to use with every basic accessory tool you need. You can also use this system to mist two different tanks, though the reservoir is one of the smallest on the market – just 28 oz – or 800ml meaning regular refills are necessary. The Zoo Med Repti Rain mister can provide misting rain to two terrariums at a time.

For added humidity and mist, the Zoo Med Reptirain Automatic Mister machine is for birds cages, aviaries, terrariums, and indoor gardens. The Exo Terra Monsoon multi is an excellent choice if you want a very easy to install and low cost misting system. Some negative reviews do mention it breaking down after a year or so.

It is a much more professional style set up and when you use the programmable timer, you'll understand that the price tag is well worth the buy for your pets or plants. Included with the ReptiRain Automatic Misting Machine are an AC adaptor, adjustable mounting hooks, a 4 point suction cup that enables you for holding it down, remote nozzle extension, and a 6 watt AC adaptor. It does not have a timer to run at certain times during the day, but it does have a valve that allows fog levels to go from low to maximum. They talk about how healthy it has made their pets in their environment with the ideal amount of moisture it delivers. This two-gallon tank holds up to six flexible spray nozzles that can be adjusted to spray in any direction and can go up to several days without the need for a refill. One of the most highly rated reptile foggers at present is a brand that you probably haven’t heard of – but don’t let that put you off. A few reviewers that have bought this system have had issues with the pressure keeping the water from spraying. The tiny handful that do – such as the Evergreen reptile fogger – are therefore worth their weight in gold, and may contribute to their greater reputation for reliability than their competitors. The timer is the easier and cheaper option, while the humidity controller allows more precise control of your reptile’s environment. In general, though, this model seem to be an improvement on the Zoo Med model, especially if you’re rather a tight budget. Unlike the Evergreen fogger, however, the water reservoir on this model is just half of the preceding product, offering just one liter of capacity. It can fit up to six spray nozzles for small to big tanks, or if you need to water multiple habitats at a time.


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