remyline pitbull kennels
The term legend is thrown around too loosely in the Bully Community. The most popular of these strains is the Remyline bloodline.


First before I address the bloodline debate I am going to explain my feelings on Remyline Certified, RLC, RKC, and Fabian of LowJack Kennels & Remyline: No one can knock Fabian for being quite the salesperson, he has convinced people into buying a useless piece of paper based on his reputation. These cookies collect simple user information. Now there are tattoos and stories about a Bully legend- a scattering of fables that place emphasis on the fire he ignited that separated him from the rest. Chichester set a stud fee of $2,500, and people started lining up to stud Remy in hopes to create their own Remy. There is no debate Lowjack’s Remy-Martin is a Legend, there is no argument, no discussion except where his place is in the Hall of Fame. Related Post: 300 Best Pitbull Names. Unlike Dave Wilson who used a number of different Pit bulls in which to develop the Razor’s Edge line; Fabian used just one dog to create Remy line. In a period of just a few short years Remy has become one of the most prolific bred Pit bulls in history, with over a thousand registered offspring.

Fortunately, there are top-quality kennels registering as breeders. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remy Martin made the reddish blue fawn colored coat popular. Energistically benchmark focused growth strategies via superior supply chains. The Watchdog bloodline is an old bloodline that consists mostly of blue nose dogs with a large head and strong, agile bodies. either way some kennels i've seen are in it for the Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums Remyline Certified - Page 4 - Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums Conclusion. It wasn’t long before Fabian was approached with requests to use Remy as a stud for a variety of females. They will bark to let you know where their territory lies, but they will not maul you. Our dogs are known for having massive heads, dense bone, broad chests, wide shoulders, short muzzles, and being packed rock solid with muscle on short & compact frames. The Remyline bloodline was founded by Fabian Chichester. According to Chichester, Remyline Pit Bulls have plenty of drive, but are not game. App Available in iTunes App Store & Google Play Download it Today! Venomline is known for producing some of the thickest dogs in the world, without sacrificing conformation or health.

The History of Notorious Juan Gotty & Gottiline, The 2nd Annual People’s Choice Award Winners, BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Grand Champion Grape Ape of Iron Bone Bullyz. It seems now he wasn’t bred enough so that more people could experience the heat that sparked the legend-the legend that will always be sparked by the Remy fire. We are proud to have Gottiline, Remy and Razors Edge lines on our yard, with the one and only Remy on our peds. Male Remyline Pit Bulls will weigh between 75 to 80 pounds, and have a 23″ or larger head. No one has a better selection. They will only being sold to caring and loving homes. Magazines Available on our Website He had an army behind him, down to the camouflaged fatigues and boots. Learn More About Advertising & Promotion in BULLY KING Magazine. Chichester purchased his Razor's Edge Pit Bull, "Lowjack's Remy Martin," for $500 and a treadmill from Ruckus Kennels.

Originally, Watchdog pit bulls were bred with Carver and Mason pit bull bloodlines to create the bloodline that is the Watchdog Pit Bull… Chichester had two important elements when creating his bloodline- 1) the right dog and 2) marketing know-how. Originally Posted by stonerreakinhavok didnt richard barajas say the same thing more or less? Chichester breeds the Remyline to be American Pit Bull Terrier, not American Bully.

Fabian Chichester used one dog to create his bloodline, which is where the phrase “One dog, one line” is derived from. The Show Scene was turned upside down when the Remyline Crew started barking for that Remy blood. In a period of just a few short years Remy has become one of the most prolific bred Pit bulls in history, with over a thousand registered offspring. No other Pit Bull line has come close to the recognition of the Remyline, not even Razor’ Edge or Gotti. Remyline is one of the more popular strains of Razor's Edge Pit Bull bloodlines. Today, a half a dozen years later, many kennels are still lining up to have a chance to add Remy blood to their profile. VENOM: THE $500,000 AMERICAN BULLY Although we DON’T LOVE the title.. “500K Bully” (sends the wrong message) We…, INSIDE ISSUE №14: 2018 Mascot Mr. Trouble Maker APBK Kennels Glenn & Sharon Interview: Alisa Smith Venomline South New…, The 2nd Annual People’s Choice Awards was a huge success! Chichester’s Pit Bull bloodline is different than most other bloodlines, including the Razor’s Edge because it originated with one dog. With the advent of the Razor’s Edge line of pit bulls, a number of bloodline strains from Razor’s Edge have been born.

Of course, dozens have tried to imitate Fabian’s success, reasoning that if he could do it with Remyline, they could accomplish the same thing with their dog.

The following year, Chichester bred Remy to Bella, his female. Remy was the last puppy left in his litter and Fabian traded a treadmill and $500 cash for him not knowing exactly how special the little pup would be. Where two Razor’s Edge Pit Bulls can have a wide weight range, two Remyline Pit Bulls will have a close weight. He was the cause of the dreams of new dog men who come into the bully game with the idea you could “luck up” and choose the right pup from the whelping box to solidify their entire yard. Because of his popularity, even international kennels are lining up to access his bloodline. The Bully Breed Source | Magazine & Digital App These cookies are strictly necessary for the site to function. Today, a half a dozen years later, many kennels are still lining up to have a chance to add Remy blood to their profile. You won't be disappointed. Best Food & Supplements to Add Muscle to my Pit Bull or American Bully? Remy had a look about him like no other dog in around. What is interesting to note, is the way that Fabian went about building Remyline.

We introduced several new classes this year and…, 2016 BULLY KING Magazine grand Champion Grape Ape Owned by Iron Bone Bullyz Contact Mike or Ellen at…, The History of Lowjack Remy-Martin & Remyline, Issue №14 Featuring The UK’s Finest Mr. Trouble-Maker, Interview: Steve Jurak | Platinum Bullies Australia, what to do when bully is having heat stroke, Advertising & Promotion in BULLY KING Magazine, How to Create A Quick and Inexpensive Whelping Box, AMERICAN BULLY BREEDING: PREGNANCY BY THE WEEK, History of the Tri-Colored Pit bull & American Bully, What Is An Exotic Bully & What's A "Clean Exotic? Jan 21, 2015 - Welcome to Mr Pitbull! Petey Pit Bull Aids Humans with Brain Tumors. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Fabian set a price of $2500 for the stud fee and people began to line up for the chance to have Remy sire a litter in the hopes of creating another Remy. According the Chichester, Remyline is different than Razor’s Edge because there is a tighter standard. Original Story credit: Christopher “Bully The Kid” Bennet. In a period of just a few short years Remy became one of the most prolific bred Pitbulls in history with over 936 registered offspring. A dog that was the first to start a line, the first to create a t-shirt fad, and perhaps the first Bully to be used in a divorce settlement as a legitimate earner. He was known not only in Southern California, but the entire United States.


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