rdr2 saint denis bank robbery

Robbing a store is as easy as entering it and pointing a gun at the clerk, telling them to open up the register. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Afterward, the protagonists subdue the manager and steal the bearer bonds stored inside the vault, as well as those that the manager hides in his desk.

Red Dead Online … Region But players can get away with crimes if they're smart about it. The protagonists disguise themselves as Express Company employees and enter the bank, whereupon the manager mistakes them for actual employees and opens the vault for them. Red Dead Redemption 2’s set in the Wild West and this means it’s home to the thrill of robbing poor, innocent folk. After you finish, you will be paid handsomely and you will be done with the mission series.

At a certain point in the game though, it starts seeming a little too coincidental that the Pinkertons continue to stay right on their heels, even after the camp is moved around. The gang has been almost destroyed, several members were killed and arrested.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2: Robbery guide explains how to rob coaches, houses, shops, banks and trains. Agent Milton says that the gang failed to accept his deal and, as a consequence, executes Hosea with a shot to the chest. The bank is robbed by the protagonist, their posse, and Samson Finch in "Banks Don't Rob Themselves".

They lose critical members of their gang, and the failure sets the stage for the beginning of tough times for Dutch and his crew. In the mission "Banking, The Old American Art", the Van der Linde gang rob the bank in an attempt to obtain enough money to escape the law overseas. In order to perform it, you’ll have to open the locked metal door in the back of the shop.

The Lemoyne National Bank is a building in Red Dead Redemption 2. Molly O’Shea straight up admits to betraying the gang later on in the story, but it turns out that her rant was just a very ill-advised cry for attention. Bank However, soon after they break into the vault, agents of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency surround the bank and hold Hosea Matthews hostage. After the robbery, the damage done by the gang to escape the building was eventually repaired. It is located in Saint Denis in the state of Lemoyne and near the Saint Denis Police Department. If you’re here, you’re likely wandering who betrayed the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2. A slightly easier type of robbery is the store robbery. (Spoilers).

As with all criminal activity in the game, robbing banks and stores in Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with the risk of being chased by the law and winding up with a massive bounty to pay-off. If you’re here, you were probably looking for the answer anyway, but just in case you somehow accidentally found this article this is your chance to leave.


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