quantitative hedge fund pitch deck
There is a lot of advice out there on this topic. This slide can also include specifications on minimum investment amounts and timing for your close.

Make sure you can speak to how you added value for the founders and made an impact, and where you see the company’s revenue and profit potential. Interviews: You’ll be asked to pitch a stock all the time in hedge fund and asset management interviews. Detail the minimum viable amount of capital needed to achieve your fund’s investment thesis. Objective: To provide investors with your financial results, a financial projection, an idea of potential earnings and what additional investment you need. The funds are used to push your business to the next stage of its development. How it is being solved now and how can you solve it better?

Mark Suster suggests you split the presentation 65:35 or 50:25:25 if you have three people. Suster thinks an exit slide is vital, one that “plants a seed for selling the company in the future.”. Demonstrate that you have made great investments and/or have returns on prior investments. The Business & Revenue Model slide focuses on how the business will make money. Marketing a hedge fund is one of the more difficult parts of running and managing a fund. Angel investors, wealthy individuals investing their money directly (angel investment), are also an important source of capital at this stage of fundraising. David says: “We produce a fair amount of marketing collateral… and in the process have exposure to a … Whatever you call it, you need to start somewhere.

Start improving your presentation immediately with our free 7-Day course trial. Hone this elevator pitch obsessively so it becomes a winning pitch.

Michael Wolfe, 5x entrepreneur (Sagan, Pipewise, Kana, Vontu, IPRO):  What Should Be In My Fundraising Slides? Although there may be variations across fund managers, most funds generally share a similar structure — the investor typically pays a carry fee to the fund for the general partners (e.g., standard carry is 20%, however some funds take up to 30% based on their specialty and track record); plus a management fee to the management company for providing administrative services to the fund (e.g., standard management fees are 2% or 2.5%). Hoffman said: “End on a slide that you want people to be paying attention to. You have a user base, customers and growing revenue helped by earlier funding. since inception. You don’t need a pitch deck to attract funding if your business is successful, growing organically and at the right level and scale for the market and your ambitions. If you’re looking for help, contact kaego@khorconsulting.com. only use graphs, charts, and other imagery to illustrate information more effectively. Objective: To leave your audience confident that you know why you are raising investment, and that you know how to deploy these funds efficiently and effectively. Fully editable slide deck. Investment Clubs and Competitions: You’ll have to present your views, argue why a security is mis-priced, and then convince others that you’re right. According to Hoffman, “The winning moment for an entrepreneur is when an investor concludes on their own volition that an investment thesis is worthwhile.”. Research your target investor and see if they invest in the sector you are in or the stage of company you are at. and Primer on Process, People & PowerPoint, Dave McClure, Venture Capitalist at 500 Startups: How to Pitch to VCs, Tom Eisenmann, Harvard Business School: What We Learned From 200 Startups Who Raised $360M, Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 | Site Map | Student Login, Your pitch deck target audience is any potential investor who provides investment for new business ideas (Venture capital, see funding). It is worth noting that fundraising from angels and venture capital is tough. A pitch deck is a brief, written presentation that supports your oral, fundraising sales presentation. He was also pitching in a very difficult market climate. According to Guy Kawasaki, in many cases “the best way to illustrate a revenue model is to make such a compelling demo that the audience can fill in the blanks for itself on who, when, and why people will pay,”. Common mistakes: Not understanding, or being able to clearly define, the market you are operating in. He says, “The general rule is one business model drives the business. Many times, managers will discuss investments into a fund through a face-to-face meeting with a potential investor.


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