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He killed Free Hugger by hugging him, despite getting multiple cuts and injuries in the process. His torso takes the form of a urinal, and he wears a coil representing feces for a hat. Kendaman (ケンダマン) is Screw Kid's partner, and a fellow Perfect Choujin.

He is voiced by. He is the rival and close friend of Mayumi Kinniku.

[25] After his release, Puri was offered a contract with A Group club Beroe Stara Zagora,[26] but he rejected the move. His voice actor is Kouji Totani in Kinnikuman (ep.

Silverman was the original creator of techniques that would later be refined by the Kinniku clan to become the Muscle Curtain and the Muscle Spark (His version of the Muscle Spark, the Arrogant Spark, is a lethal version of the Muscle Spark). Rather than being turned into a human, he chose to die fighting as a Devil Choujin, having his head destroyed by Strong the Budo's Helmet Breaker.

Sunshine is voiced by Masaharu Sato. He possesses a pair of retractable claws called Bear Claws. [13] He made his debut in a 1–1 draw against Zagłębie Lubin on 26 February 2011.

Black Hole would accidentally suck in his brother Pentagon, and Pentagon would then emerge from Black Hole's body. He fights Mammothman to a draw when they both simultaneously clothesline each other, but it is immediately revealed that Mammothman lost on purpose so that Super Phoenix can fight Big Body. As chairman, he oversees all the matches and tournaments that take place within the series and will sometimes serve as referee.

He is also able to do the Muscle Inferno, one of the sacred techniques of the Kinniku clan, but it was revealed that it is an incomplete version, allowing Kinnikuman to escape the move and defeat Zebra. As prophesied in the Muscle Prophecy, Super Phoenix has a heart disease, which he succumbs to after this match. Big the Budo is Neptuneman's tag partner, taking the appearance of a giant bogu-clad warrior. Warsman is a Soviet cyborg Choujin.

He trapped Robin inside his pillars with his "Body Petrification Trap", but Robin escaped using the Anoalo Sceptre. Although he had the advantage throughout the fight, Brocken won in the end, with The Ninja impaled on Junkman's spikes.

He then entrusts Junkman with his Wind Dumbbell. In the Perfect Origin arc, he attacks Strong the Budo, who turns him into a regular human being. Bone-and-tendon Man) (renamed "Skullduggery" in the English dub of Kinnikuman Nisei) is a skeleton-themed alien who comes from the planet Dokuro-sei (ドクロ星, lit.

Kinnikuman Mariposa is a luchador-themed Choujin with many high flying, acrobatic maneuvers.

Kinnikuman was able to defeat him with his new finisher the Kinniku Driver, and he subsequently realizes his folly and fuses with the Silver Mask. Clover Kingdom Chapter 24 The Ninja then takes Crowman's Dark Dumbbell.

Debut Shortly afterwards, he runs out of power, being reduced to the Silver Mask once again and resuming his place at the altar in Planet Kinniku. Doctor Bombe (ドクター・ボンベ) is a doctor who specializes in Choujins. [Poll] Class to play in Quest for Glory series playthrough? However, he does not notice when Kinnikuman removes one of his screws shortly before. Perfect Seventh: Ganman is a cyclopean Choujin with a large pair of antlers called the Elk Horns. In the survivor series, his team defeats Team Big Body at Aizuwakamatsu Castle and Team Soldier at Nagoya Castle. This constant resetting makes Peek-a-Boo resentful towards Strong the Budo. He is the son of Brockenman, who was murdered in cold blood by Ramenman during the 20th Choujin Olympics, and as a result he initially seeks revenge against Ramenman. Having become stronger, he also defeated a monster as powerful as the Deep Sea King by using the killing technique he learned from him.

Using the spouts on his body, he is able to blast hot and cold water. Status Unlike the Perfect Large Numbers, the titles of the Perfect Origin simply follow the format of "Perfect" followed by their designated number. In the Kinnikuman vs Nemesis fight, Peek-a-Boo would serve as Nemesis's second, providing him advice to counter Kinnikuman's moves. Puri-Puri Prisoner usually relies on his raw strength and skill in close quarters combat, when fighting in this particular style. The origin of his hero name comes from demonstrating his heroism after becoming a jailbreak hero. Gender The five stakes their claim on the Kinniku throne, and a royal survival series is held to decide the true heir amongst the five and Kinnikuman. English Rill infiltrates the dungeon with Puli, Fragil Tormenta, and Ruben Chagar. [7] After getting stronger, his durability was notably increased as he easily withstood a blow from a monster as strong as the Deep Sea King. Ataru had walked out of the Kinniku clan after becoming fed up of his spartan training. He is initially portrayed as the leader of the Devil Knights and Devil Choujins as a whole, whose body is formed by the fusion of the Devil Knights. The Six Devil Knights are the Devil Choujin elite. However, he has never been directly encountered by the Idol Choujins, although they are aware of his presence. He employs Western Ninjutsu as his fighting style.

He fights Akuma Shogun when he invades Mont Saint Parfait. Terryman is Kinnikuman's most trusted ally.

He is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa.

They are defeated in the first round by the Muscle Brothers. His appearance and mannerisms are explicitly based on Hulk Hogan. Perfect Spike Marlinman is an aquatic Choujin resembling his namesake, the marlin. The following is a list of characters from Kinnikuman, a manga/anime series written by Yudetamago. His favorite food is gyuudon and he will do anything for a bowl of it.

He fights Junkman at the bottom of the Choujin Graveyard. He along with Neptuneman are defeated by Kinnikuman and Terryman via Muscle Docking. In the 21st Choujin Olympics, he fights and is decapitated by Warsman, who subsequently drinks from his teacup head. He was also the champion of the 9th and 10th Choujin Olympics. She also wears a light-colored, furry cape under her squad robe, and her grimoire hangs in a pouch on her left side. Despite Brocken's early lead, Crushman was able to rile up Brocken, even managing to use the Iron Glove technique against Brocken. The Choujin Enma had tasked him to join Team Super Phoenix in order to capture Neptuneman, who had cheated death. He was stunned by a beam from a temple on Planet Kinniku when he tried to use a fake Muscle Revenger, a sacred technique used by the Kinniku Royal family, and was ultimately beaten by Robin's Robin Special.

In both anime, she was listed in the credits as Queen Kinniku (キン肉王妃, Kinniku Ōhi). He was defeated when he mistakenly inserts a cassette of Kinnikuman from 3 years prior, when Kinnikuman was still less competent. This incident was the catalyst of Nemesis losing faith in the Kinniku clan. This greatly weakens Kinnikuman for the majority of the rest of the arc. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Kinnikuman Soldier was first introduced as an army-themed Choujin named Soldierman who was chosen by the God of Brutality to become Kinnikuman Soldier. Screw Kid (スクリューキッド) is a screw-themed Perfect Choujin who served Big the Budo. He later fights Buffaloman at the step pyramid battle, who seeks vengeance for SteCasse King's death. Prisman first demonstrated this on the defeated Kinnikuman Zebra's body, reducing him to a skeleton. This is shown at the beginning of the series when he had difficulty fighting some Demon-level Mysterious Beings. [39], In January 2017, Puri signed for League of Ireland First Division club Waterford. He also showed humility and maturity following his defeat by the Deep Sea King, not being above taking the creature's advice about combos to heart in order to develop a new technique. Zebra is usually a clean fighter (White Form), but when he steps into Parthenon's shadow his stripes cover most of his body and his brutal side emerges (Black Form).


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