pubg scope sensitivity calculator

It’s easy to forget that feeling comfortable aiming with your mouse is the primary thing that makes good players great players, and it’s a bummer trying to figure this stuff out all on your own. CALCULATOR SETTINGS. In that case, you'd want to use a Q value of 0. Targeting Sensitivity – 32; Scope Sensitivity (for all scopes) - 32; As you can see, different pro players/teams also have varying preferences when it comes to sensitivity settings. Sensitivity calculator for PUBG with scoping/FOV correction akin to adjusting zoom sensitivity in CS:GO. This calculator fixes that, however this needs to be done in your config file (read only). By default, Q is set to 1.33 (4 ÷ 3) to match CSGO. Perhaps what you'll find feels best to you is a halfway point between the 1PP and 3PP values. In PUBG Mobile, the gyroscope tracks a device’s movement and converts this into a motion. That's working as intended. Copyright © 2019 - All rights reserved.

This should make it feel like the zoom does in CS:GO. This section will let you adjust some primary settings such as Firing modes, Aim Assist, gyroscope, and peek & fire, among other things. Sensitivity settings have to be set as per the player's liking and the device being used for playing. Or maybe I am not using the proper settings. Will not having it perfectly at 50 for each (for example) technically mess with my aim and muscle memory? To better understand sensitivities and understand where the idea for this website came from, watch below. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The equivalent input for CS:GO is 4/3, so the numerator is the left number and the denominator is the right number, if it’s laid out like a traditional fraction, the numerator is the top number and the denominator.

The point of the calculator is to help dial in your mouse sensitivity to make your PUBG experience feel more like your CS:GO experience, and have one less thing to worry about when going to a different style shooter. A little bit of shift is expected and the effect is minimal. This appears to be the more advisable setting. Mouse-Sensitivity is premium only (2.99$/month). This just happens to be the formula PUBG uses to calculate scope sensitivities, so a Q of 16/9 produces identical scope sensitivities down the line since each scope sensitivity is defined relative to the same base FOV and not the scope's zoomed FOV. What would be really cool is if someone could post here with a procedure to convert the "converted" sensitivities back to the in-game sensitivities. - Some other weapon classes don't ADS at 70 HFOV, so the values produced by this calculator will be wrong, but still close, when applied to those weapons.

Take note that PUBG automatically sets the sensitivity settings at a default level of 50 for each of these aspects. For best results, it is best to avoid DPI levels of over 1,000.

u/ResilientMaladroit, Create an free embeddable, mobile-friendly calculator using a single Javascript function, Overwatch Zoom Sensitivity Calculator Full Screen, Growtopia Experience & Level Calculator Full Screen. One of their members, mxey, has the following pro settings: As you can see, different pro players/teams also have varying preferences when it comes to sensitivity settings. The calculator is easy to use once you make sense of all the inputs for the calculations and the offered outputs. copying the scoping sensitivity it gives would make ads slower than the general/movement sensitivity. You can really save yourself a lot of trial and error by using a tool like the GOSU AI Assistant. On the other hand, if you set this to 70% (or 0.7), it means your mouse sensitivity is 70% less when doing vertical movements.

DPI – Shroud uses a DPI of 450. You will be able to access the various mouse settings for your computer. Hi Guest! By changing the Gyroscope sensitivity, you can determine how fast the game tracks movements to shift screen orientations. One of the top players in this team is Jim “Jeemz” Eliassen. This is another dominant PUBG Team, but their players use varying sensitivity settings. While using the same settings as Shroud doesn’t guarantee you the same level of success, it can help you improve certain aspects of your game, like zeroing in, moving around in stealth, managing recoil, and sniping.


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