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Tirumangai Alvar who lived in the 8th century CE was a more prolific writer and his works constitute about a third of the Diyaprabhandam. Together these form the first six books of the Saiva canon, collected by Nambi Andar Nambi in the 10th century. If the sun sets, he can’t work further.

It also provided the opportunity for the people to interact with cultures beyond their own, as the Cholas ruled over most of the South India, Sri Lanka and traded with the kingdoms in southeast Asia. The Non-Brahman Movement also gave an impetus to Tamil journalism. தமிழ் கவிதைகள் (Tamil Kavithaigal) பக்கம். Manikkavasagar, who lived around the 8th century CE was a minister in the Pandya court. These writers are often extremely prolific, with hundreds or even thousands of short novels to their credit, and one or more short novel published in a monthly periodical. Swadesamitran is credited for coining new Tamil words to deal with science, politics and administration. The period between the 11th and the 13th centuries, during which the Chola power was at its peak, there were relatively few foreign incursions and the life for the Tamil people was one of peace and prosperity. This period saw a large output of philosophical works, commentaries, epics and devotional poems. Along with the Saiva Nayanmars, Vaishnava Alvars were also producing devotional hymns and their songs were collected later into the Four Thousand Sacred Hymns (Naalayira Divyap Prabhandham). Kalki Krishnamurthy (1899–1954) serialised his short stories and novels in Ananda Vikatan and eventually started his own weekly Kalki for which he wrote the enduringly popular novels Parthiban Kanavu, Sivagamiyin Sabadham and Ponniyin Selvan. Kongu Velir, a Jain author wrote Perunkathai. Thanthi covered the trial in Madras in detail, and its reporters phoned the daily account to the printing centre in Madurai. Paripaatal takes its name from the musical Paripaatal meter utilised in these poems. This interest shown begets the friendship of all , without one consciously working towards it.

A number of these were written on the various deities of the temples in Tamil Nadu and are known as Sthala Puranas, based on legend and folklore. Kuruntokai, a collection of poems belonging to the Ettuthokai anthology demonstrates an early treatment of the Sangam landscape. Ramalinga Adigal (Vallalar) (1823–1874) wrote the devotional poem Tiruvarutpa is considered to be a work of great beauty and simplicity. The traditional Tamil ruling clans were superseded by European colonists and their sympathisers. It is wise to just ignore and move on. Paripaatal takes its name from the musical Paripaatal meter utilised in these poems. In the 1950s and 60s, Chandilyan wrote a number of very popular historical romance novels set in medieval India or on medieval trade routes with Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe. Did you and I meet ever? Guess these 15 tamil poet names from whatsapp empticons. Unfortunately much of the Tamil literature belonging to the Sangam period has been lost. The grammar helps to convey the literary message on human behavior and conduct, and uniquely merges the language with its people. C.Rajagopalachari began Vimochanam, a Tamil journal devoted to propagating prohibition at the Gandhi Ashram in Tiruchengode in Salem district. They are just like falling asleep and waking up. The poets had a much more casual relationship with their rulers than can be imagined in later times.

This verse is about the Chola King Porvaikko PeruNarKilli. Even swifter than that moves the Golden yellow flower (the clan flower of Chola Kings) wearing mighty Lord when the enemy is at the gates to conquer his town. So whenever one acquired it, they should immediately do good deeds that are permanent. Whole town gathered and lamented noisily, Discarded the given name and called it a dead body, Carried it to the cremation ground, burnt it to ashes, replaced number of words and concepts relating to ethics, philosophy and religion of Tamil.Around 300 CE, the Tamil land was under the influence of a group of people known as the Kalabhras.

His Chathurakarathi was the first to list the Tamil words in alphabetical order. Outside literature, he made two films. She misses him and her arms wane and bangles fall loose. The increasing demand of the literate public caused a number of journals and periodicals to be published and these in turn provided a platform for authors to publish their work.


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