platonic fluff prompts

I need a new laptop so post are going be spaced out and i live , i just had a really bad block of prompts even though i had all lovely suggestions but i think im fresh and ready with my time back for prompts miss ya all glad to be back-Mod Rose, Person A: I LOVE YOU B BUT SHUT UP IT’S HALLOWEEN AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND OTHER WISE, and yeah i do it’s been busy alot i can defiantly do non-otp like platonic best friends ,etc, Can you do anything angsty it gives me life (if you’d like more specifics I’d be fine but w/e), (Anon who asked for the sibling angst thing) yes that’s perfect thank you, In that case, whenever it’s most convenient for you, can you make an angst prompt of two older and younger siblings, in which the younger has been fatally injured? Please send an ask or PM if you have a question. You feel like your closest friends and/or queerplatonic partners are better at fulfilling your emotional needs than romantic partners would be.

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“so i guess i don’t have a crush on them. sometimes that feels great and sometimes it hurts but i just love them so much. You don’t understand why people do ridiculous, irrational or over-the-top things in the name of love.

The point of this blog is to have a one stop place for any Sander Sides Prompt needs. You must learn the proper way to tag on this blog and I’m telling you now. Before you ask any questions, please read the About and Disclaimers! that’s love. We should do this more often.”.

You have doubted whether crushes or love really exist, or if they’re just cultural constructs. How the Sides celebrate Thanksgiving in the mind palace. Fluff,Angst,Gore,etc.


*jumps into person B’s arm*. Sry for the lack of activity recently. “I prefer to be friends before I date someone” in order to see if this “spark”, “chemistry” thing happens.

Or, maybe you sort of understand those things in an abstract way, but you can’t really relate to them. The others make it their mission to buy him the best presents yet.

this will almost certainly be always out of date, but i’m doing my best. He is handed two presents. there’s just a lot of confusion about each other’s beliefs as they get to know each other, parents trying very hard not to play favorites with their children, children trying very hard not to play favorites with their parents, teachers trying very hard not to play favorites with their students, friend groups where pets are also considered part of the group (thinking of scooby doo), bitter enemies teaming up against a bigger enemy, mentor/apprentice, but the mentor doesn’t know what they’re doing at all, they’re just winging it, mentor/apprentice where it turns out that the apprentice is actually more skilled/knowledgable than the mentor, ex-villains slowly learning to trust their old enemies, ex-villains trying so very hard to persuade their old enemies that they are not villainous anymore, friends who’ve grown unhealthily attached to each other keep putting off an inevitable goodbye, overachieving classmates who barely know each other and have no intention of furthering their relationship, but they enjoy working together because they make a great team, adoration between villains and their henchpeople, person who wants to move into this house but the neighbor keeps trying to drive them away, but rofl you’re gonna have to try harder than that bud, new person in the neighborhood is hated by EVERYONE because they loved the last person that lived there, but it quickly becomes clear this person has never owned a house before and has no idea what the heck they’re doing and subsequently adopted by the neighborhood, old grouchy neighbor and the person next door who’s killing them with kindness by raking their leafs and shoveling their driveway and bringing them cookies and.


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