ping heppler fetch putter review

Give us a call at (612) 216-4152 and try our new Valet Service. On the slower winter greens these putters were also ideal. When it comes to choosing the best, it will depending on whether you prefer to play a blade (Anser 2 and ZB 3), a mid-mallet (Piper, Piper Armlock and Piper C) or a mallet (Fetch, Floki, Ketsch, Tomcat 14 and Tyne 3). As used by stars Tony Finau and Louis Oosthuizen, 4 new sole grinds for short game versatility. Rick Heppler (1949 – 2013) was one of PING’s original employees. Anser 2, ZB3, Piper C, Tyne 3, Fetch, Ketsch, Floki, Tomcat 14, Piper Armlock. Two sightlines would arguably have been more effective, but there are many other models in the range that have sightlines if that works better for you.

And, yes, I frequently daydream about putter things. If you are not satisfied, you can return for a full store credit refund. Please call 612-216-4152 or visit our. Putter head design dictates the metals and the colors are added after.

Sum it all up and it sounds like we are all in the middle of the experimental phase of the Scientific Method that we learned back in high school.

The Spider family grows extra legs in the form of the FCG. If you are not satisfied, you can return for a full store credit refund. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You are always welcome to contact our Service & Support team to inquire about the value of your item(s). The PING Heppler Fetch model is a mallet design that is built for straight-back, straight-through putting strokes. I mean really manipulate them. Like the Sigma 2, the Heppler line also includes adjustable shaft length technology that allows golfers to easily change the length of the putter to fit their perfect setup. Low strength. Suited to a straight back and through stroke, it has the lowest CG and highest MOI – due to steel heel and toe weights either side of an aluminium body – of any centre shafted Ping putter. Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been delivered to our facility. Heppler putters are the first production putters to use the new technique. Yep, there is not a TR groove to be found. This time around, that putter is the Tomcat 14. I don't mind a firmer face as I already use a soft ball, but be wary if you use a firmer golf ball or play most of your golf on fast greens, as you may find your putts racing by the hole to begin with.

Let's start with the looks, and the word that springs to mind is 'fancy'. PING has been one of the golf industry leaders in manufacturing putters for 60 years, and has particularly succeeded in delivering options for the preferences and putting stroke types of all golfers. These dots get closer together as you move backwards in the head which simulate motion and help with alignment and path. Copyright 2020. If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you are welcome to do that at your own expense. Having used Ping putters for most of my career, I am always excited to hear that the brand has released a new range, and so when the chance came to try out the new Heppler putters, I couldn't wait to find out more. The shaft comes in a new black chrome finish and has created a firmer feel to the previous incarnation, which some golfers felt was a little lightweight. The coloring is cosmetic. I still use my 2009 Ping Karsten Anser putter, with a smooth face finish and an elastomer insert on the back.

Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 putter. “There isn’t one you can name (…). PING CB60: Heavy putters are available with the CB60 grip to deliver an assured feel and promote a smooth tempo throughout your stroke. These putters are steel and aluminum (more on that later) but the copper and black colors do not associate with either of those metals. John K. Solheim, Ping President, commented: With the Heppler series, we're providing golfers a firmer-feeling putter in highly forgiving models to ensure a choice that fits their stroke and eye. You can pre-order the new PING Heppler line in your local shop today with a MSRP of $245 for the Anser 2, ZB3, and Piper C models, and $270 for the others. The story of the original Ketsch and its descendants was really one of alignment. With last year’s Sigma 2 line, PING introduced a completely new take on their adjustable putter shaft. This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has Very simply, PING’s research determined that customers liked the copper color the best. Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 putter 2020. Die cast Al cannot be heat treated due to his porous nature, perhaps this is a deeper reason why no grooves? We got our hands on three different style putters and 'putt' them through their paces: The Tomcat features 14 alignment dots inspired by airport runway lights which remind me of previous Odyssey putters, and a large mallet shape which provides the highest MOI in the range. Back then, it sold for $100, which was less expensive than what Ping’s other line of putters. Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle and clubs with broken shafts. This range of putters is going to run alongside the existing Sigma 2 range from Ping, which provides a softer feel thanks to its True Roll groove technology. wrong model, condition, missing clubs) we will email you to notify you of the discrepancy and the resulting value change (+/-), if any. Please note that 2nd Swing offers a 45-day play guarantee with the purchase of this product. It would be nice to see MGS compare that old putter with the latest Heppler. Highest Values • More Makes & Models Qualify • No Limit on Trade-ins • Fast Payment. The aluminium is the black material while the copper-coloured areas are steel. Welcome to Golfweek's European Union Experience.


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