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“Good Luck America” is not alone in its effort to encourage younger generations to get out the vote. “Nothing’s changed.

So I’m not suggesting we can’t get better in the internet and social media platforms, but the fact is that we’re trying.”, Biden noted of his team’s work on Instagram and his podcast, “Here’s the Deal.”, “Recent events—the Instagram question and answer with one of the leading soccer players in the world, the head of our women’s soccer team,” he boasted.

Pappu shuttled between both campaigns and often needed to catch up on news from the embedded reporters. Phones are the primary means of accessing news for 69 percent of people under 35 years old. In September, he started filming weekly videos for his Hambycast, a light-hearted monitor of the nation’s political temperature. By 2012, Twitter had become both a source of news and a way to broadcast it to thousands (or millions) of followers, Hamby wrote. In the age of “alternative facts” and internet misinformation, many voters are leery of the validity of news outlets. The jobs can lead to bigger, more prestigious careers for those who do well, so they’re highly coveted. Rick Perry.

It seems all but inevitable that Hillary will run when the non-candidate candidate says, “I’m ba-ack!” The Hambycast captures a cameraman tumbling off his stepladder, beaning. See Photos. St Patrick's RC High School. In an institution with declining public confidence, Hamby hopes “Good Luck America” can provide political news without the punditry, opinion, and crosstalk found elsewhere. As the United States swiftly approaches perhaps the most consequential presidential election in recent history, voters are being flooded with information as news outlets compete to reach people in the most unique way. Hamby was assigned to the planes and buses as an “embed” for CNN, backing up the guys on TV in Washington and New York. But to understand Hamby’s continued love affair with U.S. politics, let’s go back to 2008, when we still didn’t know if Hillary or Barack would win the Democratic nomination, or who the heck Sarah Palin was. Over 90 million ballots have been counted nationwide thus far, still with a day to go until the official Election Day. After Republican contenders Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman and then Rick Perry all dropped out of the running for the presidential nomination in 2012, with CNN’s Peter Hamby breaking the news in each case — one, two, three — someone took to calling him the Black Widow. During this time, he reflected on his experiences covering two presidential campaigns and produced a paper about being a “boy on the bus” (a reference to The Boys on the Bus, a famous book by Timothy Crouse about reporters covering the 1972 campaign) in the time of Twitter. “Basically, there’s an entire discourse on the internet right now that’s painting you as creepy and old and out of touch and kind of lame.”, Giving off a laugh, Biden hit Trump for negatively branding him and suggested “the vast majority of the voters out there, including young people, are not getting all their news from the internet.”, “I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump,” the former VP told Hamby, adding, “Trump is a master at laying nicknames on people and it’s this whole deal.”, “The vast majority of the voters out there, including young people, are not getting all their news from the internet,” the Democrat claimed.


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