persuasive essay on blood donation
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As far as I am concerned, healthcare providers need to educate the community about the importance of donation and explain to people that it is a totally safe and fulfilling experience that creates invisible bonds among people and contributes to high social awareness and responsibility. Persuasive Speech All you need is yourself and the nearest blood bank.

Imagine your sister or brother was diagnosed with cancer and needed regular transfusions of platelets. marrow inside your bones.

  It only takes about an hour Ok, here’s, to donate blood to help save lives. Like stated “A blood donation truly is a “gift of life” that a healthy individual can give to others in their community who are sick or injured. a) The basic requirements are for you to be at least 17 years of age, more than 110 pounds and healthy. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. As we all know, the Red Cross Society is responsible for providing blood to thousands of hospitals in the United States. Blood donation saves lives every day you can save blood in blood banks for future purposes. Purpose: To persuade my peers of the need for blood donations. Imagine a happy healthy teen.

Experienced and creative writers will make sure your paper meets all the requirements and presents the convincing position regarding any problem. Central Idea: People are in need of blood every day for emergency situations.

The risk of getting HIV infected from a blood transfusion is 1... ...need of blood. Donate blood and save a life. To draw the conclusion, I would like to say that blood donation is a key process that allows hospitals to provide timely help. Topic: Blood Donation

Some people who smoke regularly over a long period of time develop a disease called "peripheral vascular disease". 04/20/12 Dr. Klein and others believe that reducing blood iron through regular blood donation is a healthy way to potentially lower your risk of heart disease. Copyright. First you should know that it is a safe and healthy thing to do. The number one reason these donors say they give is because they “want to help others.” This attitude of selfless giving supplies the 43,000 pints of donated blood used each day in North America. Good Topics for Persuasive Speeches Blood Donation Persuasive Speaking 1497 Words | 6 Pages. b.

People should give blood because it is easy and though there might be a little pain involved it is worth it because it saves so many lives and you get great snacks. Topic - Today I’m going to talk to you guys about donating blood.

To ensure that all these people receive timely treatment, a hospital should have the regular blood supply because fresh blood can be stored for a limited period of time. In this short persuasive essay, I argue that donating blood is extremely important for saving lives and can be even beneficial for donors themselves.

Some patients requiring life-saving organ transplants are tragically passed up for the procedure, even when the organ is available, due to a lack of compatible blood to support the transplant. Or imagine any situation where a loved one is hospitalized and needs blood supply. I. Quite often, blood is needed to help people with severe traumas received in traffic accidents or natural disasters (WHO, 2017). Retrieved from, World Health Organization (WHO). Starting from 1 month after you quit, coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Well, Persuasive speech outline purpose: To persuade my audience to donate blood through the American Red Cross. Body: If you need to write your own paper on a similar topic, use our online academic writing services. If anything ever happened to a loved one, in a heartbeat every single one of you would do anything to save there live. The main benefit is that a person receives a free and quick checkup, which allows making sure that everything is fine.

Imagine your best friend, Like some people, public speaking is not my forte. Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience to go out and give blood

Yet, only about 3% of the population currently gives blood.

I. This is a sad fact considering healthy donors are the only source of blood. There are many cases when blood is needed to save people’s lives and make treatment more effective and timely. Thus, one may summarize that blood donation is beneficial for both patients and donors. . 3. Get your personal promo code to your e-mail! The blood supply in the US is consistently low, and the demand for it increases each year. Blood donation benefits extend beyond those who receive life-giving blood. Purpose: To persuade my audience to consider becoming organ donors after death The actual process takes no more than eight-ten minutes, during which a donor sits comfortably while nurses or other medical staff take the required amount of blood. If every person that needed blood had it, many lives of both children and adult would be saved.

C. We can trace our own blood supply from creation to transfusion; looking at how blood is created and used by the body, how blood is collected and donated and what happens to it after donation. Persuasive Speech Outline Donors also receive numerous health benefits. In fact, about one of every seven people entering a hospital requires a blood transfusion.


Since it can not be made or harvested, there is no substitute. While iron is an important element and necessary for human life, too much iron may actually damage the heart and circulatory system. The actual donation process only takes about ten minutes, though you can expect to spend about an hour total at the donation center.

Blood is one of the most essential fluids of our body that helps in the smooth functioning of our body. INTRODUCTION


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