percy and aphrodite cabin lemon fanfiction

I mean, I don't know exactly what becoming your champion will do for me. "You love me, right? "For insulting me, Annabeth," I yelled right back at her. But just take a leap of faith! Why can't you demigods have blind faith in us Olympians? Percy turned around and, to his utter surprise, he saw what obviously was Aphrodite standing right in front of him. "L - lady!" "I - I want to have your baby.".

", "You heard me." I grunted as I slid my cock deeper in Aphrodite's pussy. "They shall be punished for this, Aphrodite." Sitting on her chair, bored out of her mind, was a petite girl with long brown hair, wearing a lacy pink nightgown, she was indeed beautiful in appearance as she was the most beautiful girl in existence. "You're fertile?" Her eyes were a different color, and her hair was several shades darker. Considering my domains, my options of rewarding you are fairly limited…". Aphrodite screamed. "It doesn't hurt that bad… it just needs some air." ", "Yes!"

I opened my eyes and let loosed a huge yawn, but when my eyes adjusted in front of me, I nearly jumped out of my bed and my skin, because right in front of me was a beautiful snoring face... That had no marks on it. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, Rick Riordan does. I can take over if you want?" I know you hear me! "If you want, Percy, I can ask Hera. "We made something wonderful, didn't we, Percy?" Let's go.". Annabeth took off her thong and let Percy put her into a position he thought seemed natural. Annabeth shrieked. "OH YES, PERCY!" Percy just kept sucking until she couldn't take it anymore, and came directly into his open mouth. I'M CUMMING!".

Aphrodite said, wrapping her arms around me. "What?" You feel so good inside of me! I said, kissing her on the lips. "Whatever, Seaweed Brain.". She was looking at her orb, randomly watching scenes of real live people going about their daily business like it was a TV. Aphrodite said. G - get me pregnant!". Aphrodite said, coming around the bed and taking my hand. Luckily she had lost her hymn awhile back, but that still didn't take the pain away from her first penetration. He exclaimed, trying to sound a little outraged, but he could tell that wasn't what it felt like. "I won't stop making love to until you're knocked up with my kid.". She screamed that last part because without wasting anymore time talking, I slammed my large and thick cock deep in her tight and warm pussy, stretching her out completely as my size ripped her apart. ", Percy was not convinced. "We'll find some time later once the coast in clear. "W-wait! "We did indeed.". Beads of sweat formed on Annabeth's forehead and her breathing had become erratic.

Aphrodite moaned as I sped up my thrusts into her tight snatch. "I'm - pregnant." "What?" "But... Why him?". In fact, she cummed so hard, that her pussy juices squirted out of her pussy and onto my thighs and balls, which kept on slapping her ass furiously. He then went fast and started gasping and moaning himself. "The marks are gone.". Percy instinctively shielded his eyes, knowing that looking at a god in its true form could disintegrate him. ", "Yes." He narrowed his eyes at the orange water, silently praying to his father to take care of the situation to no avail. I felt myself falling in love with Aphrodite, which wasn't easy for me to do. Aphrodite said, looking back at me. The goddess of love perched herself next to Percy on the boulder he was meditating on.

I give you my permission and my blessing.". came a tiny voice from beneath my covers.


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