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In a dramatic anime montage, Keiichi succeeds in getting a hit, sliding into a base while holding his skirt down, which concludes with him screaming that the punishment is too cruel.

Anime Episode

Arc Jirō excitedly asks Keiichi what he thinks about her teaching him about her hindquarters.

57 The tray is wheeled out to the Soul Brothers sitting at a booth in Angel Mort. Different music is used for the end titles. As they try to collectively contain themselves at the idea, Jirō adds in Satoko.

Again, through the ceiling, the Soul Brothers dramatically appear, and again, Keiichi enthusiastically joins them. He is later sent to live with a family on a farm and has a hard time adjusting, but comes to love and care about the family. Ōishi declares that he needs even more training. . Jirō takes multiple photographs while the girls happily watch from the bench. What is Irie doing with his hands?

After a prologue follows the opening titles with the song Happy! As Ōishi continues, "of course," Rena will not use her hands, she will feed Keiichi yogurt from the spoon in her mouth.

Lucky! Keiichi slowly falls backward in his chair with a nosebleed. He receives a phone call from outside.

before they will seek other diversions. Penalty Loving Chapter ~Joy~

Rōmaji Translation

Roosty, the boy, is captured and sent to reform school. When They Cry Wiki can only wonder what laws, natural and supernatural, Keiichi has committed against an ancient locative goddess who appears as an underaged child; Hanyū accuses him of blasphemy as he declares he can start to see through the kimono over his chest.

Original Airdate 登場する女の子たちとの絆を深め、豊富なコンテンツを楽しもう!, メインユニットとサブユニット、さらに装備や発動アビリティを組み合わせることで、編成の可能性は様々!

Dochy! This OVA makes a number of comic parallels to the serious previous arcs including the use of the haunting music of Kenji Kawai.

Director Keiichi admits that he is tired of the punishment games. She concedes losing the game and suspects she will not have to . "tracts of land" Ōishi suggests that she should have a lighter in her cleavage.

The family tries to talk him out of leaving. As she protests, and Keiichi commands, the Principle Kaieda dramatically slides open the classroom door. As anime fire appears behind the excited Irie, he suggests that the maid costume could be the original uniform for baseball.

He then realizes that Satoshi telling they both lost means he is in a dream. – Takano, "She preaches order and discipline to her students."

また、権利者様側からの画像等の削除の依頼や警告は速やかに対処いたします。, 『七大原書』のひとつである『ナコト原書』研究の為、科学と魔術によって築かれた海底アーコロジー『ルルイエ』は封鎖され、深海の牢獄と化す。 Shion's patented Insane Laugh is clearly heard which means her twin shares the same.

Irie frankly asks if her best part is her superior posterior which Ōishi agrees by describing it in a fashion that would send When They Cry Wiki to Human Resources. Keiichi's eyes open to reveal fluorescent lights.

Roosty loves his father, who is a gangster and does not think twice about shooting people. 「SSRイリーナ[孤高の吸血姫]」 Irie agrees the Keiichi suffers from the "True Hinamizawa Syndrome." A chibi Hanyū wipe that squeaks "Hanyū" reveals her standing with her back turned to them behind the offering box.

Keiichi immediately suggests that should go on Rika. Keiichi demands to know what Satoshi is doing there.


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