peace in sanskrit

-2 dead; चिता दहति निर्जीवं चिन्ता दहति जीवितम्. -व्रत a. not observing vows.

-3 Profound or abstract meditation, deep contemplation.

-लोभ a. free from desire or avarice, unavaricious.

-3 compact, dense; परितो रुद्धनिरन्तराम्बराः Śi.16.76.

-वृद्धिः f. 1 increase of treasure.

-2 unconnected with a subordinate word. Sanskrit is considered to be the language of the Gods, as it is made up of the primordial sounds, and is developed systematically to include the natural progressions of sounds as created in the human mouth. -आमय a. -मल a. -2 motionless; U.6. 1 free from pain.

-वितर्क a. unreflecting. }, tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence. -आस्वाद a. tasteless, insipid, unsavoury. -19 (In Rhet.) -गवाक्ष a. windowless.

want of ornament, simplicity.

-2 narrow. ˚ता 1 want of protection. -2 A gift, present (In general); रत्नपुष्पोपहारेण छायामानर्च पादयोः R.4.84; नृत्योपहारः Me.34; K.17,41,13,183. -अन्वित, -उपपन्न, -युक्त, -संपन्न a. endowed with good qualities, meritorious, worthy, good, excellent.

-3 indifferent to (with loc. -5 full, complete.

-श्रुति a. -2 deprived of expedients or resources. 6.

1 fleshless; निरुपमरसप्रीत्या खादन्नरास्थि निरामिषम् Bh.

-आदान a. ); निर्विशेषाकृति 'having the same form'; प्रवातनीलो- त्पलनिर्विशेषम् Ku.1.46; स निर्विशेषप्रतिपत्तिरासीत् R.14.22. Students are choosing more popular languages such as French, English and even German and Mandarin. -3 deserted, abandoned. -अभिमान a.

-अध्व a. one who has lost one's way.

-7 Residence, resting-place; Av.13.1.27. पताका वज्रमुष्टिश्च सिंहकर्णस्तथैव च । मत्सरी काकतुण्डी च योजनीया यथा- क्रमम् ॥ Dhanur.84.


-ओघः, -घम् superior or abundant merits. Confidently, fearlessly, without reserve, fear, or hesitation; विश्रब्धं क्रियतां वराहततिभिर्मुस्ताक्षतिः पल्वले Ś.2.6; वृषल विश्रब्धं पृच्छ, ममापि -2 the sun.

-भर्तृका 1 a widow.

-हीन a. -विभक्त a. divided equally; symmetrical.

-वाचनम् reciting of a text for averting evil. Aham sphurana -the throb of Self-bliss in the heart . -31 The peculiar property of letters which are pronounced with external utterance (बाह्यप्रयत्न); they are eleven. -चेतन a. deprived of sense or consciousness, insensible, senseless.

-17 Land etc.

-19 To employ, make use of, apply to use. -2 inactive; निरीहस्य हतद्विषः R.1.24. Original Monier-Williams data courtesy of Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexion. -विकास a. unblown. Why we don't use these words in every day conversation is a bit of a mystery.

-13 A shop. -शब्दः an adjective. 1.24. (Some writers on rhetoric, such as Vāmana, Jagannātha Paṇḍita, Daṇḍin and others, consider Guṇas to be properties both of शब्द and अर्थ, and mention ten varieties under each head.

पणः 1 Playing with dice or for a stake. -6 Clearing up a doubt, replying to the Pūrvapakṣa; answering an objection. अङ्गदम् [अङ्गं दायति शोधयति भूषयति, अङ्गं द्यति वा, दै or दो-क.] -रस a.

Over 9,000 Sanskrit peace translation in English-Sanskrit dictionary. -बन्धना a sort of fennel. -23 The chord of an arc (in geom.). -मः 1 N. of certain zodiacal signs (वृष, कर्कट, कन्या, वृश्चिक, मकर, and मीन). -2 thin (अतुन्दिल); श्रीमान्निरुदरो महान् Rām.3.16.31. -विशेषण a. without attributes.

(-जम् ind.) 931416 Unique Words and 3500+ Years of History. 1 having no opening or cavity.

-24 An organ of sense. -उपभोग a. without enjoyment; संसरति निरुपभोगं भावैरधिवासितं लिङ्गम् Sāṅ.

-3 disguised. the multiplier. -अन्त a. one whose end has arrived. -3 unconscious. -11 Exculpation or absolution from blame.

-न्धा 1 A branch. -14 A division or joint (in a drama); (they are five; see S. D.33-332); तौ संधिषु व्यञ्जितवृत्तिभेदम् Ku.7.91.

-3 non-sensical. 1 void of anger, patient. -लक्ष्मीक a. -कल्पना Supposition of an invisible object or idea. (-तः) the Supreme Being. -अपवादः, -निन्दा disparagement, detraction. 1 lifeless. -अवयव a.

-अहम् a. free from egotism or self-conceit; ह्यनामरूपं निरहं प्रपद्ये Bhāg. -स्कृ m. a silk-worm; त्यजेत कोशस्कृदिवेहमानः Bhāg.7.6.13. H.4.122.

-8 Separation, division. He tried to bring about a peaceful settlement of the dispute between the Kauravas and Pāṇḍavas, but failed. -2 soundly. -3 the flight of a bird backward and forward. विश्रब्ध p. p. (also written विस्रब्ध) 1 Confided in, confided to, entrusted. -रूप a.

-2 waterless, destitute of water. -9 A pile or heap of kuśa grass. -2 a place where the sun is always vertical and the days and nights are equal.

(-जा) a sort of grape (Mar.

(-वः) sameness, equability. To do an exact match use “” example “śaktimat” will search for this exact phrase.

-5 without प्रमाण or means of certain knowledge; निरिन्द्रिया ह्यमन्त्राश्च स्त्रियो$नृत- मिति स्थितिः Ms.9.18. the modern 'minister of finance'). 1 without any title or designation; अरे आर्यचारुदत्तं निरुपपदेन नाम्नालपसि Mk.1.18/19. 1 not hurting or offending.

-लाञ्छनम् the marking of domestic animals (by perforating the nose &c.). 1 desirous of merits. -वायस a. free from crows.

-8 A particular coin equal in value to 8 cowries; अशीतिभिर्वराटकैः पण इत्यभिधीयते; ततो$रिसैन्या- दानीतान् सौवर्णान् राजतान् पणान् Śiva B.23.3. Y.2.112.

L. caput; Gr. -2 A game played for a stake, bet, wager; सपणश्चेद्विवादः स्यात्तत्र हीनं तु दापयेत् Y.2.18; दमयन्त्याः पणः साधुर्वर्तताम् Mb. -5 disagreeable. 5.39.

-8 Killing, slaughter. -व्यसन a. free from bad inclination. 1 excessively, exceedingly, intensely.

1 free from dirt or impurities, clear, pure, stainless, unsullied (fig.

-2 N. of the Supreme Being. -Comp. -4 Making peace. -2 Not known or experienced, not felt; ˚विरहव्यथम् H.1.125. -वीज, -बीज a.

-नाभि a. going or reaching beyond the navel; निर्नाभि कौशेयमुपात्तबाणम् Ku.7.7. -2 a crowded market. उपहारकः उपहारिका 1 An offering, oblation.

-कल्पना f. imputing a figurative meaning, one of the modes of interpreting a sentence. -उष्मन् a. devoid of heat, cold. harmony, lack of conflict in personal relations, a treaty to cease hostilities; "peace came on November 11th", harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; "the roommates lived in peace together", the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace", the state prevailing during the absence of war. 1 without collyrium; निरञ्जने साचिविलोलिकं दृशौ Ki.8.52. -2 Defeat, frustration; अपि च विहिते मत्कृत्यानां निकाममुपग्रहे Mu.4.2.

-18 A handful of anything. confusedly, topsyturvy. [He was born of Tārā, Vālī's wife, and is supposed to have been an incarnation of Bṛhaspati to aid the cause of Rāma (and hence noted for his eloquence).

-विन्ध्या N. of a river in the Vindhya hills; निर्विन्ध्यायाः पथि भव रसाभ्यन्तरः सन्निपत्य Me.28.


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