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She’s amazing! His Wonky Woo series published a new book “The Wonky Woo & Friends Lockdown Adventure” and it’s ready for purchase. -Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team #ThankfulAF.

It happened during a conversation between moderator Andye and Superfan Lady Tamara.

Some of the bands (and songs) on his list are below. Click here for another preview with a link to Apple Music where the release can be purchased. -Peter Gabriel’s (with Kate Bush) Don’t Give Up

Happy Birthday Jamie! Tears for Fears – Concert in Hamburg.

-David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Many feel they made it their own and rightly so as it was not the exact same but a glorious tribute. Jul 18, 2020 - 279 Likes, 36 Comments - Pascal Orzabal (@quarterboymusic) on Instagram: “ ️” ..

Their healthy, emotional state and camaraderie are more important to us than the industry’s expectation for them to fly around the world night after night.

Fans at other venues stick around but this was like an army or what you’d see at a protest. The Fan App is going through the complications of copyright laws.

It was probably the biggest tour of that year and we did around 32 shows and basically lived with TFF staying in all the same hotels.”.

2020 should be the year that Tears for Fears rest and work on the things that make them great – like their music and working together to produce such incredible content. Oct 5, 2018 - Pascal Orzabal shared a photo on Instagram: “You got any of them Green cards?” • See 61 photos and videos on their profile. Aug 26, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Cathy Bolos.

As we get ready to move into part II of the Tears for Fears Tour Season, we’re going to take a moment and remember earlier this year. It’s not going to be easy for everyone but we did visit Curt during that residency of 2011 at the Whitefire Theatre. People were crying, one larger group stayed until every set list had been distributed. Stay well, Stay with us. So if you followed our suggestion and hung out in the Piedmont VIP you probably got a bad sunburn and your legs hurt!


There was a moment in the show where Curt’s guitar cord or something was falling out and there was Bill, like a vigilant angel, to hurry and get it reconnected. That fan (we didn’t catch her name) started the conversation about it and we shared the link. Wow! Some of you may or may not believe in that sort of thing. The Pilgrimage & Rockrimage – Lady Tamara is out and about in England this week. He’s pretty cool! We were going to add a nice montage of photos from the past quarter but Charlton took care of that in his article so we’ll just reshare this lovely tweet of Curt’s amazing Thanksgiving dinner with his friends and family (angels at the head of the table). He has been gracious to share with the world his incredible artwork that makes you want to crawl into the picture and walk around. Let’s work on unity for all of us… enjoy the read and we’ll chat again soon next quarter and include information on the travel fan app. music. So many have been sharing creative photos of themselves posed like members of the band – a sort of tribute photo or recreation of their album covers and iconic pictures. They regularly share photos and video clips.

Speaking of spending time, Curt mentioned he’s down for the fan conference which is a green light for us to continue with the plans and pray that we can move forward with it. We love you, Curt!

Band Family News However, you can also watch it via YouTube. 281 likes. If you like the originals you’ll go bat sh*t bloody crazy on the later material. It gives us a lot of hope about part II which begins in just a few weeks!

As much as we don’t encourage lusting and expressing “desire” (Lady K in Atlanta, we’re looking at you and your undie flashing friend from 2010), if somebody drools or passes out over him we’re gonna look the other way and understand because Quarterboy and his music are 100% fine as…(af)!

Now, when you use Bandcamp, it’s important to make a profile for yourself.

Lots of love to all who were there and your beautiful faces! Let the photos and videos speak for themselves… still speechless. Curt Smith #curtsmith #tearsforfearstour2019, A post shared by Riccardo Artico (@albisardua) on Feb 25, 2019 at 5:42am PST,, #tearsforfears #tearsforfearstour2019 #curtsmith #rolandorzabal #myfavouritebandwillalwaysbetearsforfears, A post shared by Andrea Nencioni (@nencioni.andrea) on Feb 24, 2019 at 1:42pm PST, ❤️chiudete gli occhi…ed ascoltate..#tearsforfears #tearsforfearsmusic #tearsforfearsmusic #tearsforfearstour2019, A post shared by Glance Quick (@glance_quick) on Feb 25, 2019 at 8:32am PST, #tearsforfears #padova #gig #tearsforfearstour2019, A post shared by @ pollyanna13 on Feb 24, 2019 at 2:22pm PST, Everybody wants to rule the world @tearsforfearsmusic – #tearsforfears #tearsforfearsmusic #tearsforfearsfan #tearsforfearstour2019 #tearsforfearsconcert #shout #madworld #womaninchains #theseedsoflove #songsfromthebigchair #everybodywantstoruletheworld #ruletheworld #ruletheworldtour #newwave #newwavemusic #80s #80music #rolandorzabal #curtsmith #livemusic #musicphotography #musicphotographer #tourphotography #musicphoto #kioenearena #zedlive, A post shared by Federica Gottardo (@fede_got) on Feb 25, 2019 at 12:21am PST.


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