one shot sargas ruk
Mission Reward Mod Drops Grineer He has three exhausts that only open in a set order, each representing a third of his health bar. 2000

Eventually an exhaust on his shoulder will begin to glow, revealing itself as a weak spot which you may the fire at to destroy it which causes it to explode. Ruk shows considerable difficulty in conversing properly, speaking in a forceful, fragmented manner, and often mangling his figures of speech (most infamously, his "greedy milk" declaration). This was seen during The Gradivus Dilemma, as he occasionally remarked his admiration (albeit in a condescending tone) for the Tenno supporting the Grineer.

Once destroyed, he will start using Fire Blast and the second exhaust will open at his chest.

Arm Cannon

Spawn Level Angered by the presence of Sentient and Tenno alike when the former launches an invasion on the Origin System, Ruk sieges his troops on both factions. Warframe - Loot From 100 Sargus Ruk Kills, General Sargas Ruk 'Level 100' (Warframe), Warframe solo lv100 Sargas Ruk with builds.

Following this guide will give you an edge on how to defeat General Sargas Ruk easily by following a few steps making him an easy boss to handle.

The fight itself is broken up into three stages. Introduced

A quick and easy guide on how to kill this flame spewing idiot. Angered by Alad's defiance, Ruk demanded that all Corpus territories to be handed to the Grineer or there would be swift consequences. Though some of them are lost, the Tenno manage to rescue the majority of the crew members, though smaller-scale evacuations (and thus Ruk's attempts to sabotage them) continue.

General Sargas Ruk is a heavily armoured and augmented Grineer who has been known for interfering with the Tenno dig site operations in search for Orokin artifacts. That's pretty normal, and Ruk has invulnerability but not in phases.

Hard-hitting accurate weapons such as Sniper Rifles and Shotguns work well against Ruk, allowing you to maximize damage during the narrow windows that his vents are exposed.

He also shows contempt for The Grustrag Three.

If you are new to the game, this can be a tough fight, as Sargas Ruk is invulnerable to damage for a lot of the fight, and it is all about surviving.


The third stage weak spot is on his back, and it will be exposed every time Ruk makes a ground slam attack or uses his Inferno ability, which causes jets of fire to explode out of the ground. It may be difficult for some to evade most of his attacks and one may need to have a good amount of health and a properly modded weapon and Warframe if going solo.

General Sargas Ruk is the Grineer boss of the Saturn system.


His last name might be a reference to the android Ruk in, The community's term for "Greedy Milk" as an insulting name-call towards the, Sargas Ruk's design bears a striking resemblance to the, His helmet design in particular also bears a striking resemblance to the, The explosive barrels in his arena cannot be exploded, but instead inflict a refreshing, 3-second.

In spite of the Tenno working to benefit the Grineer by repelling the invasion, Ruk blames them for the Sentient's presence. During the third phase Sargas Ruk will have an additional attack once more where he channels his ability, balancing himself on his weapon causing flames to come out in pillars where you are standing. His normal vision was replaced with a single augmentation in the center of his helmet as well. ‍+  ‍+  ‍+++  ‍−−  ‍−−  ‍−−

The second stage weak spot will be on his chest, but you will need to be very careful of Ruk’s ground slam attack, as well as his flamethrower and grenades.

Upon hearing the news that Alad V had discovered a cache of dormant Tenno near Sedna, Sargas ordered Alad to hand over the cache to the Grineer, on the grounds that the Tenno were found in their territory. Wait while he uses his flamethrower and grenades, then do as much damage as possible when the vent is exposed. Shik Tal's codex entry reveals that Ruk was against the release of The Grustrag Three, reminding Vay Hek that the Three's violent actions before their incarceration had cost Ruk some of his soldiers and that they should have been executed for their treachery.


General Sargas Ruk is slow and keeping distance from him until a weak spot opens up should not be a problem.

The first exhaust is mounted on his left shoulder. The head of one of the Grineer Artifact extraction projects, Sargas Ruk was targeted by the Lotus for annexing Tenno-controlled dig sites. Sargas Ruk is an augmented Grineer enemy who focuses mainly on using fire attacks.

- from.

1 You can do so much damage it skips all his health gate "phases" and completely confuses everyone in the game. Mission

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General Sargas Ruk has undergone extensive cybernetic modification compared to most Grineer; apart from his armor (which has three different heat exhausts mounted on his left shoulder, his chest, and his back), both his legs and his left arm have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents, while his right arm has been replaced altogether with a hybrid flamethrower/napalm cannon. When other Tenno supported the Corpus, he made remarks about Alad V's treacherous nature and about the Tenno being willing to sacrifice their own kind to Alad's experiments. According to The Lotus' mission briefing, Sargas Ruk had been raiding and annexing Tenno-controlled dig sites in the region in search of Orokin artifacts. Miscellaneous He created a forum account on the Warframe forums to argue with Alad V: His ability to cast flames made the reference much more related. 250

the 7th episode of Star Trek: The Original Series,, Sargas Ruk is voiced by [DE]Skree, who also voices, Sargas Ruk is the third boss to receive a complete overhaul, after.


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