nt01 vs r888r miata

Drivers who use the RR, and have Toyo Tires stickers on their car, can earn Toyo Bucks, which helps buy tires for the next event. With the tires hot and functioning at full capacity, the only difficulty in driving the car was finding its limits. Nevertheless, its handling characteristics and grip levels overshadowed this by a long shot. Senior Manager of Motorsports at Toyo Tires, Marc Sanzenbacher, provided recommendations for tire pressure for the RR, “This tire likes to be between 32 and 38 pounds, hot.”. Thanks for the responses. I had the dealer set the alignment to the Chevy track alignment (ZL1 1LE specs) and all of the above was with this settings. I think the only issue with the rs3 is finding them, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Now that the brand’s long-awaited Proxes R888R design has reached the United States, we mounted a set to the MX-5 for a few hundred miles of testing on the street and on the race track.

I took the car through the city streets during a particularly rainy period a few days after the initial test, when the MX-5 managed to spin the rear wheels in second gear (a very rare thing to happen for any Miata), but the tires mostly behaved as long as I kept my right foot under control. The R888 will heat cycle where the R1R won't. I am not qualified to run r comps yet for driver's edge...so I am sticking to tires above 140 tread wear. Here is a side by side comparison video between Yokohama AD08R and Toyo R888R. 301-52-2740, ask for Paul. Toyo Tires’ successor to the Proxes R888, the Proxes R888R, aims to improve grip and responsiveness for the hardcore enthusiasts and racers that require a street-legal, DOT tire. All of these tires mentioned will want a decent amount of negative camber, at least -2.5*. The R1R is a very good tire. He might be at the races this weekend. Thanks, Michael. (Photo: Jane Absalom). Currently, it is the spec tire for NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge, Honda Challenge, Spec E30, and Spec Miata. If it's just for playing around with on the weekends then it doesn't matter haha. However, some of that could be attributed to a damp autocross parking lot surface versus a dedicated road course. After logging more than 1,000 miles on the Proxes R1R tires, we mounted a set of 215/45R17 Proxes R888R rubber to the D’Garage ND MX-5’s Yokohama Advan RZII wheels. The R888R will have more straight line grip as mentioned earlier. How about an RA1? For comparison, the average daily-driver SUV is equipped from the factory with a tire rated at around 500 treadwear. I’ll give up a tenth of a second for that any day!”. All rights reserved. The car used for this test was the 2003 Miata in the same configuration used at Summit Point in the earlier test. Shawn, on the R888R, took First Place in the CSP class and then finished Third overall for the entire field, which is an impressive statistic. The 305 NT01 is too wide for a 10" wheel, fits perfectly on the 11" however. In the more recent D’Garage articles revolving around the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, we utilized the popular Toyo Proxes R1R tires with great success. Following these recommendations, the MX-5 ran with -2 degrees of camber at all four wheels and started the track sessions with 29 to 30 psi of pressure, depending on track conditions. The results of the Toyo Proxes RR test was, “They were great.” Of course, Shawn thought they were great, they helped him get a Spec Miata trophy, and he earned Toyo Bucks for finishing in the top three. Keith Haring Cars on Display at Petersen Automotive Museum, Engine Tech | O-Ring Measuring and Material. Call him tomorrow. I’m talking summer days in CA as I’m sure they are crap in cold or wet days. People are getting stupid fast record times in Miatas using SM6's, and they're relatively cheap! I have 19x10 front and 19x11 rear wheels, they bolt on without any spacers. I know the r888 is really sticky but wondering if the R1R would suit me fine for occassional track days and autox. As Shawn was peddling the Miata around MIR, we were looking at data from his car live on the cloud via a Racepak Vantage CL1 data acquisition system in the vehicle. In the more recent D’Garage articles revolving around the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, we utilized the popular Toyo Proxes R1R tires with great success. You say you want to run a sub-two-minute lap around Buttonwillow Raceway? The whirring noise of knobby off-road tires is present at nearly all city and highway driving speeds, though it is quieted down compared to the previous model tire. I was going to go with R888s in 295/305 stagger setup after doing my own research, but the 295 is on national back order and I have an event next weekend. I just did a bunch of research on this and ended up going with NT01s. I think if I changed the camber plates between events. Treadwear: 100 No experience with the NT01’s but the seem to be popular enough. In the world of automotive performance and motorsports, tires are a sacred component. You must log in or register to reply here. The RA1 and R888 will wear out much quicker than the R1R. Here's a little difference between the two companies. We wanted to test the Toyo Proxes R888R in a wet setting, so when the clouds darkened, we headed to an SCCA autocross to dodge some cones and see how the tires did. You can throw all the upgrades you want at any given car, but their effectiveness is limited by the rubber that holds the car to the ground.

2015 GT - Guard | 300A | PP - DD/AutoX/Tracksprint Machine | CAM-C #729. Curious, what makes you say the NT01's are better then the R888's? The hoosier SM6 gets slower and looses grip after the 6th heat cycle regardless of how long that heat cycle actually is, doesn't matter, when they get hot then cool you get 6 times. I would have gotten 3 days. My SS 1LE's toe was completely jacked immediately after its first event, and we're planning on the ZL1-1LE needing another alignment after VIR this coming weekend. Front camber, rear camber and toe were all the way they should have been. That article covers the treadwear rating, which is important to understand because it is one of the significant differences (besides the tread pattern) of the Toyo Proxes RR and the Toyo Proxes R888R. We only ran them for a season then all of us drivers hated them so much we got SCCA to dump em. Sebring - Vs R888R, NT01. The only difference is the tread pattern and belting. The grip is incredible and it clearly communicates when it is losing grip. In the slalom section, Shawn was able to mat the gas pedal to the floor and zig the Miata around the cones fearlessly thanks to the grip provided by the sticky R888R tire. Just finished up a set of Eagle F1 Supercar 3R. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and were not frozen. While I expect their lateral grip to be excellent as well, I don’t have any track experience with them but they have done great on cloverleaf on/off ramps.


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