nova scotia's official tree codycross

The bed or channel in which a river flows The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading

The month in which a new year starts

Cooking item used to char food Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin is not affiliated with the applications mentioned on this site. French artist, father of modern photography The Canadian Provinces, known as “the Prairies,” in the middle of the country have their own unique slang terms. GridIron Master combines chess with __ This is a very popular game which has taken the appstore by storm. Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons The one who is the fastest Lady and the Tramp is an animated __ musical The Great Mouse __ is an animated mystery film

Ancient Asian printing invented in Han Dynasty __ Peet, American actress Examining a corpse to determine cause of death Maya __, Black poetress and civil rights activist Bow pasta looks like butterfly wings Bird, usually grey with yellow head, popular pet, To sell too many tickets for a flight Cosmic order, teaching of the Buddha Desert and reward seldom keep __, __ and Jeckle were cartoon magpies with accents Tibetan-originated, long-haired dog breed Shooting a bow and arrow at a target Among the few wild horse populations left in the world, the origins of the Sable Island horse is not known.

Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal, Star-shaped flowers that are also missiles Pseudonym under which JK Rowling writes, Robert __. Medical drama set at Sacred Heart Hospital. Design on paper that can be seen against the light. Daughter language of Dutch, spoken in South Africa Borneo Island river discharges in Java Sea Blackway and Bourne film series star, Julia __

Rigor after death, rigid stature

Violent, hostile, forceful act against another Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam Ospreys migrate south in the winter.

Dutch province developed from reclaimed polders They were among the first of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples to see Europeans. Cous Cous is the national dish of this country __ Rubble was Fred Flintstone’s best bud Aka polar wool, insulating synthetic fabric A device to replace missing teeth

Pompous, useless official; Mikado character. Here are the answers to CodyCross Comics Pack.

Nationality of the author Leo Tolstoy Tim Burton directed Pee-wee’s Big __ Catholic saint of Seville Celery supposedly has negative __ content, Alleged biological warfare agent in early America One interpretation of this has the armed hand and the thistle representing the vow of the King of the Scots to protect his subjects, and the bare hand and the laurel sprig representing the conquest of hardships to be met in Nova Scotia. __ & white didemnum are sea squirts __ art, art in public places, can be graffiti Black __; Marvel leader of Wakanda nation.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Fruit used for salsas known as Mexican husk tomato Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods Upscale, fancy mineral water brand Exclusion from common privileges, social acceptance, Better Call Saul star Bob __ What Moses descended from Mount Sinai with. Something to preserve the memory of a person Gene __, actress of Leave Her to Heaven These are some of the most popular Canadian words and phrases used as slang. First 5x Tour de France winner: Jacques __.

When two people are to be married Disco brothers, sang about Stayin’ Alive

Science of animal behavior Link between Europe and Asia Capital of Vatican, __ City Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip Horrified, stunned, astounded __ back; fought hard to reclaim something. This browser’s logo is a panda, not a fox

Additional, unquantifiable business value. Middle ages chemistry to make gold Substance kills the organisms that cause disease

South America’s largest city Where to stock up on inventory items in Pokémon Go. Science of pure being, the nature of things Canine type, expert game finders and retrievers A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room Prince William is the son of __ Diana

Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind Body language, study of gestural communication 400 quarter pounders can be made from __ Study of mosses and liverworts In Nova Scotia, the trailing arbutus or mayflower (Epigaea repens L) was officially adopted in 1901, when an act of the legislature stated it “is hereby declared to be and from time immemorial to have been the emblem of Nova Scotia.”. A person with the inability to feel touch Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC Tubular, foam piece used in pools and lakes Ship featured in The Goonies Old World woodpecker Nordic country, A partner in everything, superheroes have one

Islamic holy city for the Kazakh people __ Flowers, love interest of Scott Pilgrim. Derived from the ancient arms granted in 1625, the flag features the province’s shield extended in a rectangular shape. Formerly in Prussia, gained independence after WWI __ Galley, William Kidd’s ship AKA Tony Stark; red and gold Marvel superhero. After the First World War, there was a movement to restore the original arms. Japanese honorific title used in martial arts

Except under certain circumstances, Delivered by politicians as a rule Neolithic monument in Ireland's County Meath.

Milk produced by a “bearded” animal, Seattle’s Canadian neighbor First course, “before food” in Italian Wild cats with tufted ears Famous for its intelligence and endurance, the Toller also makes an excellent house pet. Glass __, discovered in 1st century in Lebanon Scientist, created a principle on fluid behavior __ steam turbine was invented in 1884 Apples and __ Author of the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Highest executive officer in a republic

Please find below all the CodyCross Seasons Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Dead Calm, The __, and Titanic actor, Billy Zane Because of its natural structure and inherently-sticky surface, Stilbite is used as water softeners and filters as well as molecular sponges.

Curved segment of a circle, sphere, not convex Weapon you wouldn’t want in hot potato

Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce

Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece Sailors feared harming this “legendary” bird Battleship is a __ game for two people Australian __ dogs were bred for herding cows, Jack __, American actor and a basketball fan Make or become thick or thicker Called the fuzz as well Life form individual Explosive charge for breaching fortifications. Sickeningly cute tabby cat from Garfield Successful period in comic book history, 1956-1970. Adopted in 1994 by an Act of the House of Assembly, the Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, is a bird of prey sized between the larger eagle and the smaller hawk.

A ban on trade with another nation Raining cats __, raining very heavily.

Engaged in some type of action, busy Sell-out rock music festival in Aarhus, Denmark. Espresso-based coffee with poured microfoam

Many of the original craftsmen who worked on the original Bluenose were proud to have had a hand in building the Bluenose II forty-two years later. Stillbite’s distinguishing feature is its beautiful, wheat-sheaf structures in white, grey, yellow, or brownish-red. A mineral from the zeolite group, stilbite is widely noted for its beautiful crystals, pleasing colours, and relative abundance. Computer key allows you to flee Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race

World War I was also known as the __ Angels’ boss on Fawcett’s detective show Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway Arthur C Clarke tale became 2001: A Space Odyssey. In early settlement history, the twigs of the Red Spruce were brewed into a tea which made an effective cure for scurvy. Typical height, rate, degree, nothing special

Tube-nosed seabirds with stiff wings Person who is acknowledged These are raced in Nova Scotia’s bizarre regatta Something odd or different Picture the theme of which are ships or the sea Tall four-sided pillar which ends in a pyramidion Designed by Mrs. Bessie Murray, it was registered in the books of the Court of the Lord Lyon (the heraldic authority for Scotland) in 1956. Longfin __ is native to Australia Common pet lizard with a long tail A newly established company with few employees Russian instrument, triangle with guitar neck Italian herbal liqueur, translation meaning witch Far flung weapon from Ancient Greece

Spear-thrower used by the Mayans

Wound, hurt, damage to your body Egyptian statue that sang in the morning breeze, Got its independence from UK in 1921 Bright orange cheese used in Philly sandwiches Like it sounds, the study of doses

Process that waves undertake as they change form Lilo’s monstrous looking friend

To make a record of, systematic collecting Walter __, won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie Bavarian city on the Rhine, with grand residence.

Another name for baseball Sport of catching fish with rod and reels

The consumer of art, entertainment The __; humorous comic strip often featuring cows. Pre-Lent celebration Ospreys migrate south in the Winter where younger birds remain throughout the Summer. Sweet topping found on cakes and cupcakes Force that holds us down on Earth Trip involving parents taking kids to be educated Village of the __, unemotional kids, horror flick, Ordained, Christian clergyman with authority, Undergo pain, distress, loss, grief, injury, Item that you can physically see and touch, __ of the Apes, Heston is astronaut who crashes, Final __, science fiction role playing game, Clothing worn by members of an organization, Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times, Derogatory term for an intellectual person, Officially announce or proclaim something, Widely known type of bear known for its temper, Aerial act where the performer hangs by the teeth, The process in which energy is emitted as waves, Hard, “fragile” candy usually made with peanuts, Actor played Cruise’s long-lost autistic brother, A partner in everything, superheroes have one, __ 1st of May, massive North Korean stadium, A nanny is hired to care for __ in the family home, __ Islands, source of Argentine, English contempt, Short legged Japanese table, no chairs used, Folded pamphlet used by companies to market, The assasination of __ Ferdinand started WWI, A unit of power equal to one million watts, Proper name for the Little Bear constellation, Era marked end of Stone Age, beginning of farming, Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds, Netflix show about a blind Marvel superhero, Snow White nemesis who hated her mirror, the __, Someone who attends a lot of social events, Ancient Asian printing invented in Han Dynasty, __ Lerche, German pastry used to use lark, Digestive organ comes in small, large sizes, Bees are found on every __ but Antarctica, Fish able to puff itself up to look large, Rock band that stood up against Ticketmaster, Sea __ is a squishy, sausage-shaped animal, Eye condition that can cause loss of vision, Main support pole for the main tent in circus, Hindu religious offering, sweet, sugar ball, The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso, Nasty word spelled backwards in The Shining, Person plays a sport of balls with holes and pins, The __ cat is known for its hairless skin, __ nut, popular cookie also called a snap, Flat woolen caps with stalks worn by the French, Species from planet Earth in the Solar System, Typically white herons with cascading feathers, Biliary system is the gall__, bile ducts, and bile, Breakfast, snack food including rolled oats, __ hope all ye who enter here, Dante said of Hell, Trade __, difference between imports and exports, Blood thirsty, parasitic insects in mattresses, All Quiet on the __ Front, won an Oscar in 1931, Skin condition when you are in the sun too long, Oldest living former French president, 1970s, Walter __, won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie, Natural form of sugar that is found in fruits, honey, The bed or channel in which a river flows, Jack __, main character in S. King’s The Shining, Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC, __ the house is giving away free tickets in circus, Pre cell, phone allowed callers to walk around, Hispid __ are bright yellow with a white lure, Surname of a man who made a list that saved people, Person who sells or gathers fares on public transport, Ground force unit with two or more companies, Grape, wine with long history in central Italy, Only living members of the genus Struthio, “Take me to your __,” say archetypal aliens, Prehistoric standing stone mostly in Celtic lands, Three __ Pigs, kid’s classic, 1933 Disney film, With Fawcett, Brit developer of polyethene, Family name of Pakistanis Zulfikar and Benazir, Narrow blade knife used for removing bones, Small leaf-shaped knife used by Filipino Muslims, Giuseppe __, led Italy to two world cup victories, Joan __ wrote The Year of Magical Thinking, Seat car named after a city in Castile-La Mancha, To remove a program or file from a computer, Based on water discharge, largest river in world, Japanese honorific title used in martial arts, Kid’s __ Awards, Nickelodeon juvenile event, Bright bird, usually yellow or orange with black, -flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color, Country located in two different continents, Someone who revises written or recorded works, Italian grilled sandwich, uncommon spelling, Aromatic delicate herb related to parsley, The __, movie role gave Foster Best Actress Oscar, An island republic which used to belong to Denmark, Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem, Charles __, major commanding the Nagasaki bombing, Rotating machine invented in African Roman Empire, Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods, Visible part of an ant colony, sticks up above ground, Glands in the body that produce different hormones, Atari’s game Centipede makes players kill __, Mega sci fi movie franchise began in 1977, Payment in feudalism for using the lord’s mill, Fictional character played by Bob Denver on TV, __ Cricket Association Ground, largest in India, Tommy __, Will Smith’s Men In Black co-star, __ type, printing press developed by Gutenberg, Barbara __, best-selling author of love stories, Dangerous mineral once used in construction, Mysteries that remain without logical explanation, William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066, Plant that encourages kissing at Christmas, Holly __, protagonist of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, When a person is given a higher rank at work, City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe, Opposition to an idea leading to violence, Substance kills the organisms that cause disease, A __ Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s comedy, Nickname of the middleweight boxer Rubin Carter, Diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye, Kristin __, American actress from Oklahoma, Painted __ has large spines on dorsal fins, A holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, Trip involving parents taking kids to be educated, Lucky talisman, tossing game with “ringers”, Painting or drawing executed by means of small dots, Holden __, main character of an acclaimed novel, Fruit cake from Milan, end of year festivities, Trained haltered animals in circus, not horses, Something that can be used over and over again, Sea creature with angelic fins and movements, Skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold, Large bird, raised on farms, cooked for dinners, __ Women, famous novel, film in 1933, 1949, Having every part needed; complete, whole, Reinvented how we hear the National Anthem, Male bird that displays the feathers like a fan, Celery supposedly has negative __ content, Alleged biological warfare agent in early America, Beta, test version of a nearly __ product, Male of this marine species carries the unborn, __ feather star has 31 to 120 feathery arms, Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas, Author of the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, To strike with a sudden feeling, usually good, “Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords, Science of pure being, the nature of things, Cocktail, looks like South American nation flag, The King of Crete commanded the building of the __, To get another company to do part of the work, Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip, __, international cast, 1966 racing movie, Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state, Guyana’s largest river located between two giants, TV show starring the adventurer Bear Grylls, A comic book character in the Marvel universe, A place where children stay while parents work, The act of making designs with acid or the like, Popular red pepper typically dried aka cow horn, Swamp boat, driven by caged airplane propeller, The __ Queen, Hepburn missionary in colony, Container used to carry water, used by militaries, The one the groom relies on to have his back, __ and Jeckle were cartoon magpies with accents, One engaged in a mutual obligation to a lord, Popular Italian cheese similar to Parmesan, First of these lights in 4th century Syria, High redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, __ Black, sci-fi drama about a woman and her clones, Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme, Structures that perform a special task in the body, After Motown, Detroit’s late 80s music genre, To make a record of, systematic collecting, Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions, Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail, Largest feline in Americas, related to leopards, Found in milk and cheeses, helps bones grow, Showing no emotion, enthusiasm, expression, Dig Dug’s hero wins by __ and killing monsters, Mechanical excavator found at construction sites, What makes the man, according to Shakespeare, John __ is Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove, Cous Cous is the national dish of this country, A person with the inability to feel touch, Insect that digs in sand to wait for prey, Emerson Radio game console lasted just 18 months, Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan, Animated kid’s playthings, Woody, Buzz, Hamm, __ Park, blockbuster about dinosaur island, Female with the body of a bird in Russian folklore, __ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes, Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface, Sweet, creamy mixture that is used to cover cakes, Jesus’ childhood home, Arabic Israel capital, Bright orange fish with white stripes, Nemo, A person who comes from a Nordic island country, Celebration must-have items from 10thC China, Jamaican religion associated with long dreds, Bright orange cheese used in Philly sandwiches, Giant horned ruminant made from straw in Sweden, With Pharisees in the New Testament, opposed Jesus, Behind the second to last defender in soccer, US city where the Gateway Arch can be found, New __, place where Lord of the Rings was shot, British machine-gun used on the Western Front, Alzheimer’s __, degenerative disease of the brain, Solvent molecules pass through a membrane by __, The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading, Abominable __ is a SHIELD paranormal member, The Little __, 1948 Tom, Jerry Oscar winner, __ Christi “Body of Christ”, Christian festival, Futuristic movie populated by blue beings, Pearl __, event that forced the US to enter the WWII, __ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy, Several rivers flowing from Tibetan province, Tall four-sided pillar which ends in a pyramidion, The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head, Closely __ Trains, Czech movie about train worker, Southern flirt falls in love with simple man, Embroidery technique, allows fabric to be stretched, Italian fried cheese sandwich with mozzarella, Vehicles used for racing in Tatooine in Star Wars, Building in a funfair made to startle or amuse, Group of seeds in a cluster from a coniferous tree, The __, woman in insane asylum in 1948 movie, Native American river boat, outdoor activity, __ Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan, These Christians see the Pope as their leader, Main antagonist in the Harry Potter series, The Bridge on the __, prison camp in Burma, __ hogfish has a yellow rear with a black stripe, Cocktail with many variations, creme de cacao, Chain bridge and medicinal baths in Budapest, Scientist, created a principle on fluid behavior, Box-shaped instrument, half piano, half bellows, Bird, usually grey with yellow head, popular pet, Dragonslayer is a 1981 Paramount __ & Disney film, Italian dish made with braised veal shanks, 2009’s Race to Witch __ is a remake of 1975 film, US government has 3 of these to balance power, Matthias __, Austrian, Mozart of Football, Cannibal who assisted the police in murder cases, The __ Show on Earth, Heston as circus manager, Single-celled __, amoeba, causes bowel issues, Dover is the capital of this American state, Arctic rodents purported to commit suicide, Irish religious female associated with Kildare, Oldest known language spoken by the pharaohs, __, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans, Italian semi hard cheese similar to Muenster, Moving without having a particular place to go, Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __, Giant __ snake is the largest of its species, Jalisco stadium, formerly Estadio Omnilife, Screenwriter of West Wing, The Social Network, Egyptian statue that sang in the morning breeze, He sang A Whole New World on a carpet ride, Cook rapidly over a high heat while shaking, A newly established company with few employees, __ hermit crab fixes its shell to an anemone, Painter Frans Hals’ now part of Belgium birthplace, Down and Out in __, expose on Reaganomics, Cows burp 50 __ tons of hydrocarbons a year, Anna __, The Devil Wears Prada depicts her, The Pokemon Charmander __ into Charmeleon, Hamburger Helper personified mascot, __ Hand, Social conflict between police and criminals, Takes the bumps and bruises for the actor, Travel book that is technically government property, The __, American movie about Chinese farmers, __ in the Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy winner, Comic lost show on ABC for non PC remarks, The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent, Plane spotting site in the Dutch side of Caribbean, __ Games, French war drama hit outside France, The __, crime drama based on Mario Puzo’s novel, __ Alps, “Iceman” range between Austria and Italy, Ticket valid for multiple journeys over a period, Optical device first recorded in Ancient Greece, Soft white fibers from plants used for clothes, __ Dixie, TV show about a doctor in the countryside, Lego The __ is based on the Lord of the Rings, Feature film directorial debut was Away from Her, Tech company, one who makes prophetic predictions, __ poker, common name for kniphofia plant, __ Girl, CW teen drama series based on book, Total __, Schwarzenegger virtual vacation flick, Greek god of the heavens, father of Titans, Borneo Island river discharges in Java Sea, Bariatrics is the study, prevention of being over__, Pavel __, Russian, “Davy Jones” Star Trek, Type of accordion used in Russian folklore music, Cylindrical oven used in Middle East, Central Asia, Proclamation that defined the Japanese surrender, Family, High School anniversary get together, Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race, Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses, Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others, From Here to __, movie with Burt Lancaster, Looking for martians, study of their planet, Process that waves undertake as they change form, The Grand __ Hotel, movie with Ralph Fiennes, __ Airlines, US company based in Fort Worth, Part of the face above the eyes and below the hair, East Antarctica sea near the West Ice Shelf, A pond that supplies water for running a mill, Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce, Massive snake known to swallow livestock whole, Densely populated province in south-east China, A charm __ = a concentrated ingratiating campaign, Chemical that kills mildews, molds and smuts, I’ve been standing here waiting, Mr Postman, so __, The Akita is a dog breed from the __ of Japan, Must be fastened when the sign is lit on a plane, Sweet stalk used in ethanol production in Brazil, Sweet, vodka cocktail named after a citrus candy, Wooden toy becomes boy, Disney’s classic movie, Weapon used in Indian stick fighting aka kerala, Attribute of a verb, not present or future, Tibetan-originated, long-haired dog breed, West Russian krai, Gorbachev’s birthplace, Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece, Village people weapon, used to pick up hay, Formation where water spills over an edge, In this field, fleshy parts of body are focus, __ Octopus has a white pupil and rust colored arms, Harry Chapin’s fatherhood song, Cat’s in the __, Hilly wine region also known for white truffles, 23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy, Low-cut shirt with no sleeves, worn in hot weather, First name of the most famous psychoanalyst, Current that sent the Portuguese away from India, Dental __, surgical fixture for missing teeth, US Christmas singing activity, house to house, A place where research or planning is done, __ dystrophy, disease causing tissue weakening, Eastern African river, starts in Ethiopian mountains, Kazuo __, British writer born in Nagasaki, Edgar __, writer whose work deals with mystery, Ancient trade network connecting East and West, Large deer, both male and female grow antlers, Placard holder in bikinis at fighting events, __ Development, TV show about the Bluth family, __ fish are white with black or brown lines, Atomic number 12, abundant element from stars, Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice, Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee, Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball, Espresso-based coffee with poured microfoam, Cocktail tastes like York Peppermint Pattie, To remember, recollect; bring out of memory, Born on the __ of July, Cruise plays a vet, Bristle tube worm has long hairs all over, Stan and Francine’s favorite drink on American Dad, To empower, authorize, permit someone to act, Fruit belong to rose family as do pears and plums, To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc, Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin, Sale of goods to consumers, not discount or bulk, Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book, Bishop also a civil ruler of secular land, Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine, Someone who “takes you for a ride”; swindler, Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings, To suffer serious mental pain, anguish, torture, Plant, red stalks, green leaves, used in cooking, Prominent part, characteristic, attraction, Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists, What knocks at least once at every man’s gate, Extinct language spoken in Ancient Mesopotamia, Bobby __, one of the greatest midfielders, __ Alps, Swiss mountains with cheesy name, __, ex boxer living with son Dink in Mexico, Robin __, won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting, French artist, father of modern photography, __ Straw, paper, plastic tube for beverages, Mandarinfish is also known as the green __, Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind, Who’s Afraid of __ Woolf?, black comedy film, Lady and the Tramp is an animated __ musical, Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas, __ USA, nickname of a record label headquarter, Old-time medicinal paste mixing honey and herbs, __ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish, Starts in Turkey, crosses Iraq to the Persian Gulf, __ Policy, government’s usage of tax money, Relating to astrology, magic, supernatural, Lee Ann __, I Hope you Dance US country singer, Long, thin strip of metal, wood, like a slat, Cross of genetically different parents, liger, Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh, Pearl-producing animal can change genders, Bundles of axons, part of body’s sensory system, Conch is a shellfish with a large __ shell, Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania, Curved segment of a circle, sphere, not convex, Author’s son wrote his final work after his death, Orange-yellow colored fruit, like a peach, Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons, One piece garment used by gymnasts, ballerinas, Princess, love interest, Disney’s Aladdin, Electric cell used for energy in cars, electronics, Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened, Besides Hebrew, passages in OT are written in __, Doctors without __, courageous relief group, Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general, Born in the country known for its three pyramids, Lone Star massacre happened with this equipment, __ Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean villain, Company synonymous with greeting card industry, German-Hungarian film based on Klaus Mann’s novel, The Incredibles is an animated __ Disney film, The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin, Medical problem appearing again, returning, Learning about excrement, obscene literature, Character in Shakespeare’s tragedy about witches, __ shark is an aggressive species in warm oceans, Something made, reproduced, sold illegally, Cylindrical missile fired from a submarine, Sole woman of Black Eyed Peas, not royalty, Bases __, pitcher’s nightmare, a slam prerequisite, Je __, senior religious hierarch of Bhutan, __ Prospekt, St Petersburg road and book by Gogol, Latina star played by Jennifer Lopez on screen, Primitive “brain” that caused Dexter’s urges, United all Frankish tribes under one ruler, __ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize, Picture the theme of which are ships or the sea, Person with detailed knowledge of a specific field, Cu, malleable, used in wiring, turns green, Receptacles used at breakfast for boiled goods, Female emperor, head of a country or empire, Rapper who released the hit U Can’t Touch This, Genius is an infinite __ for taking pains, Abdominal thrust maneuver used on people choking, Liquid inside __ can be used for blood plasma, Team that is playing at home, opposing the visitor, Insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness, Reaction causing breakdown of material, e.g.


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